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Putting Pope Francis into Perspective

Pope Francis chronology

Pope Francis Quotes and Headlines – A Chronological List UPDATED    DECEMBER 2020 originally published:   October 31, 2014 Below is a very abbreviated and incomplete chronological summary list of deeply troubling Pope Francis quotes and headlines since Francis rose to…


the wild report

In an age when we are constantly and strongly encouraged to only get excited by the 'new' and the 'now', The WILDVOICE  invites you to some reflection. Curated below is just a small sampling of headlines and mainstream news items…

Pope Francis wears Rainbow Bracelet

pope francis rainbow

July 27, 2014 Pope Francis, who was voted Esquire Magazine's Best Dressed Man of The Year, jumps yet again into celebrity and pop culture, now wearing a Rainbow Bracelet, along with other celebrities, such as Kate Middelton, Julia Roberts, and many more.…