Attack Blogs and Lobbies Against Maria Divine Mercy, The Messages, and Their Readers – PART I


July 11, 2014

Maria Divine Mercy is the anonymous visionary who received a Message (contained in The Book of Truth) about Pope Benedict XVI being "ousted" exactly one year to the day before his resignation.  The prophetic Messages claimed that the next "Pope" would be the False Prophet.
(For a very basic and quick overview related to the attacks against Maria Divine Mercy, please see  MARIA DIVINE MERCY & THE ATTACKERS)

A Call for Humility
Lobbies Against Maria Divine Mercy
Hate Speech against The Warning Second Coming
Stalking Behavior
Follow the Money



It is at the cost of our own discomfort and with deep sadness that we are found to be reluctantly obliged – truly forced- to report the following unpleasant "chronicles of slandering Catholics" which (as God’s Ways are always Mysterious) have also come to be an eye-opener in understanding the reason of people’s rejection of God and religion. As we often do before discussing any given subject, we find the necessity to emphasize that the following article is in no way a tool of slander, defamation, anger, or hatred.
The first purpose is to warn all those who are researching about The Warning and The Book of Truth messages, or Maria Divine Mercy to please beware of the false information released through the several blogs and websites controlled by the lobbies and corporate compounds presented below. ALWAYS refer to the original Messages present on the official website to make sure that no misquoting and/or omission affect your discernment.

The second purpose should be simply perceived as the objective report of an unjustly carried campaign against The Warning Second Coming. While respecting in absolute terms the beliefs of others, we felt the need to underline the difference between "having different views" and "hating those who have different views".
Also, we are in no way defending the visionary: although we view all Messages given to her as being true, our mission is not of "defenders" but of "reporters" in good will. The screenshots of online comments and imagery offer a glimpse of the questionable behavior of some Catholics towards Maria Divine Mercy and those who read the prophecies given to her. The names of the commentators were hidden out of respect of privacy. We additionally feel the need to warn you about the use of profanity and offensive imagery present in such screenshots.
The third purpose for presenting this page is of a loving call to self-awareness, if I can dare use such expression. Not only do we not hold any resentment towards our beloved brothers and sisters, but we affirm in full conviction and honesty that the readers of The Warning Second Coming Messages are constantly praying for you, for the Church, the Pope, and the entire world.


Saint Francis - humilityIt seems as if congregations of faithful Catholics are, in the name of some strange love and charity, brutally attacking both the messages given to us from Jesus through The Warning Second Coming and the receiver of such prophecies herself – Maria Divine Mercy.
It is interesting and shocking, at the same time, to witness that those who call themselves "followers of the Redeemer of mankind" might have learned very little when it comes to meekness and humbleness of heart.
They indeed prefer spending their time and energy judging and attacking messages they don't even believe in rather than to invest themselves in prayer and personal spiritual growth (as all of us are called to do).
Sadly, these same individuals have also come to negatively "baptize" those who read God's Given Words contained in such revelations under the title of "MDMers" – as in followers of Maria Divine Mercy.
My questions are as follows: When did Jesus Christ teach to violently attack the personal life of someone who's receiving private revelations? Or to insult both the same messages and those who read them? What has happened to love and compassion? I would like to remind all of us that not only are we not to do any such things to each other, but we are not even to judge those who hate and persecute us. Jesus Said to love our enemies…have we suddenly become each others' enemies within His Body? Undoubtedly, they will find this blog, misquote from it as they always do with others and scream "Heresy!"; but that is just another useless technical word that has little to do with the purity of heart and simplicity of spirit that we are required to possess if Eternal Life is our desire. After all, Our Blessed Lord was killed for having been called a heretic, but some of us have a short memory and history repeats itself.
It is not our style or intent to attack others, as we said at the top of this page, but a clarification of semi-criminal facts and false accusations is needed to preserve the fire from devouring the forest.
All we can and must do for each other is love, pray, forgive, witness to one another and again love.
Let's read what Jesus Has to say in regards to His Prophets being persecuted:

"If they are welcomed with open arms by priests, bishops and other sacred servants, publicly into their Churches, they have not been sent by Me.
Know Me. Know My prophets. They will suffer the same sufferings which I endured. They will be rejected by those in My Church, My followers and others who claim to speak in My Name.
Their lot will not be easy. Yet it is by their public rejection, the vicious slander spread about them, which they will have to endure, that you will recognize Me
Jesus' Message – Friday, December 7th, 2012The Warning Second Coming

If some Catholics are publicly denouncing such messages as being false and of coming from the evil one, then they surely must be graced with all knowledge, virtues and holiness: they must have all the answers to the mystery of Creation, of Heaven and Hell, of the Resurrection, of conception, of life, of the Universe, of Eternity and on the state of being in which every heart of every human being is. They must also know each person's time, day, month and year of death as well as the World's last day. They must have the answers to all things, visible and invisible. Therefore, they must certainly possess the gift of reading Maria Divine Mercy's heart, mind and soul. They must also think of themselves as holier, purer, more deserving and more enlightened than the rest of us, poor despicable "cockroaches to be sprayed with insecticide" to literally quote one of their definitions (see below under "Hate Speech Against The Warning Second Coming"). They indeed call those who follow such prophecies "scum", "filth", "cowards",and "idiots" to name a very few. In them the spirit of pride seems to have grown to such an extent that no room is left for the Sweet Spirit of God. Pride might have blinded them into believing that spreading hatred and lies about their neighbor is somehow pleasing to the All Loving God.

How little have we learned? How little have we understood Our Lord's Most Sacred Words? Who do we think we are? Why, then, should we kneel in Church as the Mystery of Transubstantiation occurs in front of us? Do we do so just because we're told to? Or do we do so because of the true realization of being sinners who are only unworthy of being in front of God Almighty, Whom we still fail to encompass in all His Glorious Mystery? Have we truly and sadly come to believe that, by having memorized a few canon laws, we are assured Glory in Heaven?

Before entering this section, we feel the need to make a few additional clarifications in regards to some delicate points.

God the Father1) We know that Our Lord does NOT require, oblige, nor punish those who refuse to/cannot/do not believe in the Messages left through Maria Divine Mercy. THIS has been made clear enough times already. He is God and He knows all things and reasons. Rather, what appears to be hard to digest for some faithful is the condemnation Our Lord Makes towards those who oppose these Messages by declaring them to be coming from the mouth of Satan himself. What is very interesting, though, is that the very same people who make such statements seem to truly be the ones speaking with the same tongue of that infernal creature they themselves claim to be the author of these Divine Revelations. This was told to us years ago and to our own surprise: Catholics hating other Catholics because of these messages seemed to be  an impossible scenario to picture in our minds, but sadly it truly became a reality that some of us are already beginning to deal with.
So, why would God be so Enraged by such behavior? Apparently, for some, His Infinite Mercy Has now come to completely erase that Righteous Judge whose perfect assessments can only be the logical response to the hatred and lies they themselves spread about Him and His Choice (the prophet). We can only imagine if anyone did to each one of these individuals the exact same thing they are doing to God: to spread lies in the name of slander and profanity.
God, the Most Blessed Trinity, is trying to warn and prepare us for the most challenging battle the world has ever witnessed from its very foundations. It's an extremely delicate Mission in which a woman was chosen to carry a heavy cross by covering the important role God Has Given to her: that of the End Times Prophet

2) Faith is personal belief. To believe is to be living the Word of God. To believe is to obediently apply the Teachings of the Triune God found in the Book of Books.
Here is the definition of the word from Wikipedia: "Faith is confidence or trust in a person, thing, deity, view, or in the doctrines or teachings of a religion. It can also be defined as belief that is not based on proof as well as confidence based on some degree of warrant. The word faith is often used as a synonym for hope, trust, or belief".
We just read that faith is not based on proof. We may also state that faith and proof contradict one another in their very core and purpose: while proof is the evidence needed to establish the validity of "something", faith is in no need of proof. At the same time, faith has often been supported by proofs in regards to visible things and supernatural phenomenons while proof remains dependent on evidence, which is its foundations.
Now, certain individuals who claim to live by their faith, have been very prompt to violently mock and condemn messages that not only have proven to be exact in predictions (up until this point), but that contain the Truths of Faith constituting the Word of God.
Our Creator Is in no need of "disbelieving believers" but rather of "true believers". Simply, "We believe" and not "We believe ONLY if and when proven".
Further, "belief" (being personal, intimate and unexplainable in reasonable terms) should never be violently attacked by others who also hold a belief. Since when are we Christians to publicly slander a Buddhist for believing in what he/she lives for? Should we then insult those who believe the Catholic Church to be evil or Christ to be false? Should we condemn an atheist because of his lack of faith which we, ourselves, cannot come to understand or explain in its mystery? Not to mention that If God loves ALL His children (no matter the choices they make through the gift of free will He equally Bestowed upon ALL human beings) who are we to judge?
Rather than focusing on complex canon laws that clearly are often misinterpreted, shouldn't we refresh our memory on the basic teachings of True Christianity? We could begin with trying our very best not to judge the creatures who God Created equal among themselves; after all, if we insult His Creation we consequently offend Him directly in His Perfect Choices.
One thing we surely know: Love is never achieved through hatred.

3) A clarification should be given in regards to the general distorted perception that those antagonizing the Warning Second Coming messages seem to suffer for. Speaking for the men and women who belong to our Crusade Prayer Group (who are currently unaware of this work): not one person, to my knowledge, has expressed any hatred or has pursued any slandering campaign against Pope Francis. I, in all honesty, have expressed my position in regards to Pope Francis through a few images and statements that only exposed true facts in a very direct and honest manner. If this – in the eyes of those who disagree with such position – represents slandering, then they might be confused between an attempt to bring awareness to others by exercising the First Amendment in a peaceful way and an evil attack through profanity, insults and lies. There is a definite difference between the two. If there are cases in which some of the members of the "Remnant Church" have displayed real slander towards this papacy, then I'm not aware of it and I will apologize on their behalf.
If we look at the facts in all objectivity, it seems a bit contrived to falsely accuse those that they disrespectfully call "MDMers" of slander when they themselves use profanity towards the faithful who disagree with their opinion. Such blatant and unfairly manipulative distortion of truth on their part can only raise the suspicion that some of these groups were founded with the specific agenda of destroying the Book of Truth. THIS IS VERY SUSPICIOUS. 

4) The Messages in the Book of Truth are not slandering, hateful, contradictory, false, or misguiding. The focus of its content (and therefore OUR focus) is not really this Pope. We ask those who are angry at us to please stop quoting out of context only those phrases of Just Wrath in order to warp the entire Work of the Lord. The Book is of Love ONLY. Love, joy, salvation, justice, suffering, teachings, hope and, of course, Holy Wrath as well.
God is Love. God is Mercy and Just Judge. Consequently, LOVE is both MERCY AND JUDGE.
His Wrath, which is Sacred (as we should already know from Scripture) is still being tamed by His Mercy since the Earth is still rotating around the sun. Additionally, let's never forget that God Has all the reasons in this world to be angry at humanity in this time. If, even for one minute, we stopped being self-involved and began to look at the state of this world, we would begin to see and feel a trillionth of all the evil God Has to endure for our sake each passing minute; therefore, since His Wrath is Sacred and Perfect, we should NEVER judge It. Never.
As said above, this Pope is not the main focus of this mission. There are many more subjects written about on those pages: the One World Order, the problem of sin, the Antichrist, our disobedience, prayer, love, wars, the kingdom, the chastisement, the persecutions, sacrifice and about one thousand more. The False Prophet issue is just one (important) piece of the story, which only those who angrily reject these messages are obsessively and propagandistically speculating on for self-interest of suspicious nature. By doing this, they have cunningly shifted the blame from the Church (in its current crises) onto Maria Divine Mercy in regards to a possible Schism. The Schism is being formed (or will form) as the natural consequence of the changes that are occurring (and that will officially be approved) within the Catholic and Apostolic Church. Indeed, from the very beginning Pope Francis had a strong opinion about the so called "ultra-traditionalists" and "traditionalists" who, as a consequence of his controversial statements and actions, have moved away from him INDEPENDENTLY from The Warning Second Coming messages. We may be called "heretics" for doubting the credibility of Francis I (or for believing his teachings to be erroneous) but as Pope Innocent III said: "It is necessary to obey a Pope in all things as long as he does not go against the universal customs of the Church, but should he go against the universal customs of the Church, he need not be followed"

5) Speaking now directly to those who attack the messages: we do not play victim, as many of you declare. If someone brutally insults another person who then, consequently, expresses his/her hurt, how can the "attacker"  continue to further destroy the "victim" by now accusing him/her of manipulatively playing the "role of the poor targeted person"? Shouldn't the offender rather apologize?   And after that, when the "targeted" person tells the "aggressor" that he/she loves him no matter what, how can the "accuser" attack once again by telling the other that he/she is being a hypocrite? If trying to obey the commandments of Jesus Christ means to be hypocritical, then is Christ hypocritical in His Teaching of "loving those who insult you, hate you, persecute you…"? When do the insults end? Why must you have the last word of unmercifulness? Why this coldness?

6) Speaking again to those who don't approve of the Warning Second Coming messages: we know most of you mean well when you say that we are misguided. We appreciate it and understand it to be often coming from a place of genuine concern. I, personally, cannot speak for the entire community of Catholics who read God's messages given to Maria Divine Mercy, but if you happen to go to the Facebook pages of groups that post these Messages you will definitely notice that the focus is on praying and spreading the truth in preparation for the End Times. The comments are of love and peace and awareness. You might also have noticed that the only "voice" that has come to responding to the various attacks spread on the web is "The Wild Voice". In this, our website might be guilty of possibly disobeying what Jesus Has Said in some messages: that we are not to defend Him or the Prophet and that we are not to engage in fights. But since our intention is in the spirit of what we consider righteous to the best of our understanding and intentions (and without engaging in an enraged fight), we obey what the Mother of the Lord has also said a number of times: the Truth must be defended and upheld. And we hope that this page is exactly what She meant: to defend the truth in peace and for the good of all.
We, writers of this platform, hope and pray that this page is in full compliance with God's Will and Directions and not contrary to His Ways. Pray for us, brothers and sisters.
We also dare to ask those of you who publicly accuse this mission of being a sort of "cultish coup d'état" to please try to express your opinions in a more peaceful manner. Our differences should never be a cause for war and since God doesn't hate anyone (including those who crucify Him) who are we to hate those who have a different view? 

Reflections are good.  

God Bless you all ~


Those fighting against Maria Divine Mercy

Many are the voices of Catholics who rage against Maria Divine Mercy and the Messages given to her.
Brothers and sisters of ours in the Mystical Body of Jesus: if you are reading these lines, we beg you to please be kind to God's Work and all people.
We ask you from the bottom of our hearts.
We ask you as the sinners that we are.
We ask you because – as we believe these revelations – we fear Christ's Judgment for us, for you and for the whole world.
Remember? Love is the answer.

Here is what Jesus Tells us in a message:

"My attempts to prepare the world, through the Book of Truth, will be fought by My enemies, everywhere. The worst attacks will come from satanic groups, many of whom pose as Christians, so they can vent their anger, by pretending to defend their faith. Such is the manner in which Satan uses his willing victims to attack My Work. How wretched their souls are and how sorrowful I Am, as they continue to betray Me, fling mud at Me and spread lies about My Word, in an effort to steal souls from My Merciful Heart"
Jesus' Message – January 21, 2012

Friends: let's remember that we are ashes, that we are children of mud, that our claim to fame is sin.
That we know nothing about how this world truly works and what is to come in our future.
What happened all of a sudden? How have we lost sight of Jesus' teachings? Why is God's Voice being rejected?
I'm now putting my own self in the position of someone who doesn't believe in the "Book of Truth":
If in my personal view some people were being misguided, would I have the right to condemn them? Or, should I show compassion? LOVE is the magnet that attracts others to ourselves so that we may bring them back to Jesus. Condemnation, on the other hand, only pushes others away because there is no love in it. 

"Because of the secrets contained within these you will, when they are revealed, be ridiculed, sneered at and made to look like a fool" 
Jesus' Message – January 21, 2012

The Devil will always attack the Truth and those who uphold it, as he hates everything that is of (or comes from) God. He will accuse the truth of being a deceit because his objective is to silence it in order to mislead people into errors.
We ask God to protect all of us from the evil one, who is trying to divide and cause havoc. He's the ONLY enemy. Satan and his demons are our only enemies and sin is the only thing we must hate.
We –all of us, poor banished children of Eve– must learn to love each day, because we begin every day. We are beginners until we die.

We hope that all can understand the reasons that we are introducing this "sad" view. Although we DO NOT encourage animosity and hatred but rather love and compassion, we thought it fair to show (once and for all) a few examples of how Satan works against these Holy Messages. The following is a presentation displaying just a very few examples of evil attacks showcasing slander, insults, profanity, humiliation, verbal abuse, hatred, psychological threats, arrogance, manipulation, deceit, misquoting, mockery, false accusations and judgment in ways that are rarely witnessed among Catholics. What seemed impossible just two years ago (as Christ revealed this on several occasions) has now become a reality some of us have unfortunately become accustomed to.

One last thing I need to repeat: PLEASE view the following examples as Satan's doings only. A reason for posting the following screenshots is for all of us to remember that we are ALL arrogant, mean, proud, stubborn. I am a sinner as well as all other human beings; therefore, NONE of the following represents a judgment against singled out individuals whose names would otherwise be defamed, or an attack towards our brothers and sisters whom we are called to always love…seventy times seven. And lastly, may the following lines refresh our memory: "Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places"


AGAINST "The Warning Second Coming"

Note: for respect of privacy, we have hidden the names of the users



Slander facebook pageHere  is a first example from Facebook. It shows the first trait of evil: SLANDER through insults, profanity and denigration. The exchange occurred on the slandering page, which is one of many and part of a larger network of websites and blogs organized to purposely deceive the faithful. As we can clearly notice, the "victim" who is  being framed, states facts in a most respectful and polite manner. It is not hard to see the truth as it is highlighted in this screenshot. Brothers and sisters: we must be prepared for the coming persecution. We will not let the evil shown unto us stop Jesus Christ's Final Mission: we are joyful and peaceful even as Christ, His Prophet, and the rest of us are being slandered.
Our Beloved Lord once Said: "Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me"


Attacks against Book of Truth

Hateful fb postWe certainly do not enjoy making this page as such material has brought great sadness to us; but our complete silence could cost God more souls who would otherwise trust in these Holy Revelations. God's Power has been visible to us all in that our army has grown considerably in recent times – as the messages, once again, predicted. Nonetheless, many brothers and sisters who used to follow these Divine Revelations have tragically fallen for the lies and the seductive power of Satan. We must pray for them – always.  

Before continuing, we strongly feel the need to remind you that our denouncing of such acts is, in no way, meant to create anger, fear, animosity, intolerance or rivalry

The first purpose of this post is to inform people of what is happening due to the Revelations given to us in fulfillment of prophecy.
The second purpose is to bring to light the false accusations, unfounded claims, distorted information and unfair slander that, tragically, casts a shadow on the Truth and which can deceive many of those souls who are guided toward these Messages.
The third purpose, finally, is to instead become charitable and compassionate towards our beloved brothers and sisters by praying for them. This is what Jesus is Asking for, as He Reminds us that we MUST love all people – no one excluded. 

Hate speach against Maria Divine MercyAttack on Maria Divine MercyAs we scroll and click through these screenshots, we cannot miss the harsh language used against these messages. Of course, we expect hatred to be sent towards our website as we have undertaken the step to expose the simple truth of what is being produced in the world of the web. We would like to also mention that some of the websites out there should be discerned before being consulted: they appear to be prosperous money-making machines which sell large amounts of books, DVDs, cruises, conferences' tickets, and all kind of merchandise (which have nothing to do with God and all to do with business). Selling Jesus Christ for three silver coins while criticizing His newly given heavenly messages reminds us of the following words He long ago Spoke:
"For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' and behold, the log is in your own eye?"

So many people, today, have come to believe to know all things spiritual and doctrinal while possessing the authority to deny messages of a future they cannot foresee. Do these people, who accuse such messages of coming from Satan, remember the following passage?

"The Jews answered him, “Aren’t we right in saying that you are a Samaritan and demon-possessed?”

“I am not possessed by a demon,” said Jesus, “but I honor my Father and you dishonor me.  I am not seeking glory for myself; but there is one who seeks it, and he is the judge. Very truly I tell you, whoever obeys my word will never see death.”

At this they exclaimed, “Now we know that you are demon-possessed! Abraham died and so did the prophets, yet you say that whoever obeys your word will never taste death. Are you greater than our father Abraham? He died, and so did the prophets. Who do you think you are?”

Jesus replied, “If I glorify myself, my glory means nothing. My Father, whom you claim as your God, is the one who glorifies me. Though you do not know him, I know him. If I said I did not, I would be a liar like you, but I do know him and obey his word. Your father Abraham rejoiced at the thought of seeing my day; he saw it and was glad.”

"You are not yet fifty years old,” they said to him, “and you have seen Abraham!”

“Very truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was born, I am!”  At this, they picked up stones to stone him, but Jesus hid himself, slipping away from the temple grounds."– John 8


Lying comments about Maria Divine MercyAnother trait so typical of Satan is to accuse through MISQUOTING the Truth by turning it into a lie. As we will show in the next two examples, you will clearly notice that those who, for some mysterious reason if not solely for money, are fighting daily to destroy God's Work, will go to any length in order to deceive others. Whether these individuals work for a lobby who hired them in order to suppress the Truth, or whether they are faithful people who have become blind to the Light of God through pride and arrogance, we must remember to LOVE THEM and PRAY FOR THEM ALWAYS, ALWAYS and ALWAYS. And we shall know that, as they will hate these lines of mine and manipulate them into falsity, their accusations will declare our compassion to be an act of hypocrisy and self-victimization. This has been already witnessed by many of us, followers of the TRUE Word of Jesus Christ, Lord and King of our Hearts and of all that is visible and invisible.

Again, on the same Facebook page someone posted a comment which was deleted later on. In quotes, you can read some of the Words Our Lord Gave to Maria Divine Mercy. In the screenshot (highlighted in blue) appears what can be defined as a true lie: the phrase "ONE OF My most important commandmentS" was changed into "MY MOST important commandment" therefore altering the entire meaning of such statement. Can such an obvious error occur as a consequence of mere distraction? It can. But what if such mistakes start to happen EVERY SINGLE TIME a phrase or a quote is taken out of context and modified through the OMISSION of some parts from within?

Here, indeed, is another example of how Satan will deceive: through OMISSION of Truth or Parts of Truth.

Hate speach against Maria Divine MercyThis image displays two parts: the first is the screenshot from the hateful blog showing a comment written by one of its authors. The second part (which, right below the first, was inserted by us later on to show you) is the comment I wrote, which never appeared on that page since it was never approved by the blog. The reason seemed obvious: my answer framed their lie by stating the truth. Below my never-published explanation, you can see a reply (which appears already in the first part without my writing above it). The OMISSION problem, in this case, lies in the censoring of the middle part of a statement that Christ Had Made:

The originals phrase, instead, states:


Needless to say, the meaning of the entire quote changes in its totality.

Our dear brothers and sisters: this is a transparent example of bearing false witness in a very calculated fashion in order to spread calumnies that can originate serious issues in our Mission to save souls.   NOTE: TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE UNCERTAIN ABOUT THESE MESSAGES: WHEN READING QUOTES POSTED ON THOSE SITES, PLEASE REVIEW THE ORIGINAL MESSAGE ON THE BOOK OF TRUTH ONLINE TO MAKE SURE NO ALTERATIONS WERE MADE.



Our dear friends, we are blessed because we were given the Gift of Discernment directly from God the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth. We MUST use this Gift at all times to see through this dark night as we commit to entering the so awaited Kingdom of God. It is important to understand the ways with which the Beast works. We have seen slander, misquoting and omission. Yet, there is more. Indeed, one of Satan's favorite ways to hide his hatred while ridiculing those who honor the Most Blessed Trinity and the Mother of the Lord is achieved through MOCKERY. Here below are a couple of shocking examples of this atrocious mockery.

Hateful memes against MDMThe first image is a collection we have made of the mocking images and vignettes posted on a deceptive blog under the category "Humor"

Again: although it is sad and discouraging to learn how some Christians make use of their time, we must remain strong and persevere in Faith. We believe that, while we suffer mockery and slander at the mercy of other people, we must rejoice because Jesus once Said: "Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you."Matthew 5:11-12

 Should we not be full of the Lord's Joy? And so, as we continue to pray and hope, so must we continue to remind ourselves that these screams of mockery and slander and lies do not come from God, the Eternal Father Whom Is Love but rather from the pits of Hell, where furious demons live off those weak hearts that so easily fall for their seductive ways. And so, before moving on to the next example, we shall say with all our love for God: "Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts,by the power of God,thrust into hell Satan,and all the evil spirits,who prowl about the world, seeking the ruin of souls. Amen"

Book of Truth doll


Here is another screenshot from the Facebook page of the same group.

The red rectangle was made by us to highlight the writing posted underneath the unfortunate image while the blue rectangle contains the commentary we added later on (as well as Christ's Words). We inserted the blue part so that if anyone wishes to divulge this image, a proper explanation is included.

Something we believe important to be said about this last image is that, in order to reach this incomprehensible violation of the person's dignity, the author has made use of the Sacred Image of Jesus Christ's Face and therefore committing a blasphemous act of desecration. 



PLEASE BEWARE: for all those who are researching about "The Warning Second Coming" messages, please beware of the false information released through the several blogs and websites controlled by the same lobbies and individuals. ALWAYS refer to the original messages present on the official website to make sure that no misquoting and/or omission affect your discernment.
Also, PLEASE BEWARE of all the lies spread about Maria Divine Mercy, including:

The invented ways of establishing how she receives her messages
The false reports of money-making conferences
The erroneous misinterpretations of these revelations through calculated manipulation

Here, I would like to make a personal note: Since some people stated that the seminars of "The Warning Second Coming" are money-making events, I can testify the exact opposite. I attended one meeting about a year and a half ago and everything was free of charge. Prayer books were given out for free and entrance was for free. We prayed the Divine Chaplet Mercy and the Rosary. After that, there was a discussion about the messages and a Q&A. 

So, again, try to discern and judge by the fruits. Let's see what Jesus Says about those who, in His Name, spread slander through numerous blogs, Facebook pages, websites and mocking images:        

"To those of you who claim to know Me, be assured that your love for Me must be proven. It is not enough to say you love Me. You must love your neighbor first. How do you love your neighbor? By treating them with love and respect no matter how they offend you. Woe to those of you who slander another in My Name. You are lost to Me. Without humility in your heart, you, when you judge and curse another in My Name, spit in My Face. Remember you do not represent Me when you slander and show public hatred for others"
Jesus' Message – January 7, 2012 

These Words, of course, apply for ALL of us. For every single human being living today.

Below you can see another page from the same blog. The image on the left shows all our comments, thoughts, arrows, highlights, prayers and reflections. On the right, we decided to post the original page without our commentary. 

blog postblog post originalBriefly: what's being falsely claimed here is that ALL followers of The Warning Second Coming (who are very devout, prayerful and loving individuals) are making petitions for the death of this Pope. This false statement is solely based on only ONE isolated comment made by only ONE person that we have referred to as "Victim" in order to protect his privacy. And even if this person, in good faith, made an arguable choice (that we personally do not agree with), it remains solely HIS personal opinion to which he's fully entitled. Indeed, the authors of this article seem to ignore the fact that the comment right below his (which was left by another supporter of The Warning Second Coming offers both a loving advice and an intelligent correction to such statement.
This sneaky tactic, deployed in the attempt of demonizing an entire group of people while using one isolated accident is called Propaganda.
It's dishonest, dangerous, manipulative, diabolic, deceiving.

Please, click on the first image above (on the left) as we ask you to pray for Mary Divine Mercy, her loved ones and those who also wrote this misleading article:  

As an answer to such unchristian action, we yet again wanted to expose the unfair, misleading and slandering abuse inflicted on Maria Divine Mercy, her family and friends.


Mocking image of The Book of TruthAs if the slandering and mockery were not enough, our brothers and sisters in Christ decided to profane what to us is a true Gift from Heaven: The Book of Truth. 

I said "to us" because belief is absolutely personal and exceeds the walls of Mother Church. Medjugorje, for example, has not been approved by the Catholic Church and many are the faithful people who do not believe in such apparitions (and this is just one example).

If the Mother of the Church is Our Beloved Lady Whom, Full of Grace and Love, Represents the Example to be followed by all of us, then how can some Catholics express their personal disagreement on spiritual affairs with such hatred and intolerance?

Here are both the "mocking" and the "original" versions of the Book of Truth. It doesn't take much commentary to help our readers grasp the level of disrespect and vulgarity used and abused in this image. 

Never, in the course of the last three years, would I have imagined the day in which I would see The Book of Truth being ridiculed by other so-called Catholics through the portraying of a dog urinating upon it. NEVER. I only spent ONE day on the hateful Facebook page, and as a consequence of my comments, one of the page users posted this image to my shock.

It only took a day to witness the anger, hatred, insults, mockery, blasphemies, distortions, and other evils of which I'm only reporting a speck of on this page.

Obviously, one of the promoters of this disgustingly twisted "copy" has been demonizing the followers of these Prophecies for a while by trying to destroy the life of the woman behind these messages as well as the Light Ever so Present within them. At one point, the harsh judgments and repeated insults went to such extent that, the same person who previously posted the "dog cover" as a response to one of my comments, officially declared my excommunication from the Catholic Church as well as eternal damnation for my soul.

Down on the left is the screenshot:

excommunicatedOf course, I do not take such statements seriously as they are almost an innocuous manifestation of frustration and anger. I tried to be kind, his words remained merciless. 

I also know that, as a sinner, I'm all deserving of being whipped and put in my place as God's Graces can sometimes be like precious stones enclosed by rough and dirty looking rocks (those being harsh words). In this way my pride "shall be broken with a rod of iron and shattered like earthenware" – Psalms 2:9 with personal adaptation 

 I would also like to add that having been insulted repeatedly and heavily has not made me angry in any way, as it became yet another realized prediction made by Our Lord in His Messages. Not only: His Words Kept on coming to my mind, granting me peace, love and a strong willingness to contain my dark "facades". Jesus doesn't take sides: He Loves everybody. Although He Keeps Saying to us that to accuse His Words of coming from Satan is an extremely grave sin translating into Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, He still Loves those who are insulting Him. And since I try my best not to become arrogant or boastful in my own faith (knowing that I'm a sinner who is only undeserving) the least the Lord Can Ask of us is to love these people. He Knows what it means to be insulted when upholding the Truth: Christ Knows ALL pain and Needs us to share in the Cross. He Died for us all and He still Suffers. How loving is Jesus? How kind? How Loyal Is He to all His children? One of the reasons why we love Our Lord is that in His Meekness and Humbleness He Loves those who still scourge Him or pierce His Sacred Heart. And aren't we ALL doing this? Yes, every single day.  Therefore, brothers and sisters, let's pray for those who insult us because they fail to see the Truth of the Light of God.




Image of a stalker looking through a keyholePerhaps the most egregious actions taken by those working to undermine the messages given through Maria Divine Mercy have come about when these people began playing “private detective” and publicly disclosing the personal information of the woman they believe to be Maria Divine Mercy.
Although the alleged identity is now in the public domain (because of these individuals' wrong doing) that name will not be mentioned here.
Out of respect of privacy and concern for her well-being, we will only refer to her as “M”. Likewise, out of the same respect of privacy, we will not refer to the offending individuals here by name, but instead only refer to them collectively as “The Investigators”.

It should be noted that the vast majority of "The Investigators" choose to remain anonymous in the same way that Maria Divine Mercy would have preferred to remain anonymous.

What "The Investigators"
Have Done So Far 

Since November 1, 2013, "The Investigators" have published online:

  • The full name of M
  • Her Maiden name
  • Her address
  • Her local parish
  • The number of her children
  • The names of her children
  • The full name of her husband
  • The names of various businesses she owns (or has owned)
  • Details of her private financial condition and history (both professional and personal)
  • Business court cases involving her family members
  • The names and details of possible business associates and friends
  • Private correspondences
  • Photos of M
  • Photos of her possible business associates and friends
  • Photos of her children
  • Digitally manipulated photos of M
  • Digitally manipulated photos of her children
  • Digitally manipulated photos of her possible business associates and friends
  • and much more…

How Far Will
"The Investigators" Go?

Sadly, "The Investigators" will not stop “digging” into people's personal lives and are wickedly quick in gloating about the fruits of their labors. They show no discernment or even common sense in their efforts and it is unknown how far they will go. Will they next have the woman followed? Record her telephone conversations? Publish her social security number and account numbers of her banks? What will they do? What could they do? They have displayed not even an ounce of restraint or whisper of tact – quite the opposite, actually.


Would anyone want this to be done unto them? Would you want your name, the names of your children or your private financial information to be made public to the world by strangers?

Jesus said Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

It does not take a priest, or a theologian, or an Archbishop, or even a Saint to understand these beautiful Words of Jesus. He says what He means. He Means what He Says. Did any one of "The Investigators" pause, even for just a moment, to think of His Words before excitedly rushing to their keyboards?

Perhaps "The Investigators" truly believe in their heart of hearts that they are doing “God's work” by publicly exposing their brothers and sisters to embarrassment, ridicule, potential financial loss and even possible bodily harm. If that is the case, then the scripture that might apply best is John 11:35 – "Jesus wept".

Potentially Dangerous 

Do "The Investigators" understand how gravely serious their actions are or the dire consequences that could develop because of their "holy work"?

There are “religious” zealots in this world. No news there. You need only visit one of "The Investigators" blogs and read the comments to get a clear picture of the level of vitriol and hatred thrown onto M. This is already dangerous. It becomes ten million more times dangerous when the victim of that vitriol and hatred has had her personal information, her photos, her family names, and her address made public to the world. Is this hard to figure out? For the sake of being crystal clear to "The Investigators" who may read this, please let me spell this out to you in an attempt that you understand and act accordingly: You are fostering hatred of a person. You must be responsibly aware that there are "impressionable" individuals who may be induced into committing unpredictably dangerous actions as a consequence of the inciting hatred you have spread on various sites. You are providing personal details of the person you have incited hatred against. Do you understand? They could harm this woman or her family, God forbid.

Frighteningly, it may be the shocking case, that "The Investigators" are actually instigating and hoping for the above scenario. On one of the blogs, after listing M's personal information, "The Investigator" closes with:
M. and John have a beautiful, intelligent and talented family. Pray they are sheltered from harm as a consequence of these revelations. And that she comes clean soon.
I am rendered speechless by this blatant, warped, and sarcastic false charity.

Legal Ramifications

I would also hope that "The Investigators" have most carefully considered the potential legal ramifications of their actions. It may in fact be the case that in these times you are able to publicly incite hatred against a group of individuals and disclose their private information to the masses via the internet.

But, then again, it may not.

There are several causes of action which could be taken against "The Investigators" and it would seem on the outset that most of the cases would have true merit, in both the civil and criminal courts, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Invasion of privacy
  • Publication of private facts
  • Misappropriation of name
  • Misappropriation of likeness
  • Cyberstalking
  • Defamation of character
  • Slander
  • Libel


The lobbies and individuals working against the Messages given through Maria Divine Mercy persist with the ever-present implication and sometimes direct accusation that these Messages are a money-making “scam”.
This accusation can here and now be effortlessly refuted with: facts, scripture, and a personal testimony.

The Facts:  It is true that one may choose to purchase copies of The Book of Truth or The Crusade Prayer books through for about $16. However, it must be noted, equally understood, and heavily underscored that ALL of the Messages and Prayers are also available to read for free online. Further, the Messages, Prayers, and Medals are also freely distributed by many people online and in person through many channels. One need not even join a mailing list or subscribe to anything to read any of the Messages and/or Prayers. There is nothing different in the printed Book of Truth or Crusade Prayer books than that which is always available free-of-charge online.  Further, the website does not contain any third-party advertisements whatsoever.

Holy Scripture:  The overwhelming majority of online sites spreading misinformation and attacking these Messages make money or at least attempt to. Some of the most vocal and powerful opponents of these Messages could even fairly be called empires. There are “gift stores”, "google ads", buttons to click to “donate”, countless books and dvds for sale, steep speaking engagement fees to be had, cruises and "retreats" offered, mailing lists and “secret clubs” to join, etc.
There are two important and very familiar scriptures that pertain to those spreading this particular false accusation of “money-making” made against the Messages:

"He lifted up Himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her" – John 8

"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?"  – Matthew 7

Personal Testimony:  Since I am unknown to you, I do not presuppose my own testimony to carry nearly as much weight as the above, but it is important that I write it here for the record. I attended one of the (very few) “conferences” related to The Book of Truth about a year ago. At that conference, nothing was for sale. In point of fact, all of the Crusade Prayers had even been photocopied and bound together and were given freely to everyone in attendance.
No money was requested or even mentioned. There was no “offering” or “collection” of any kind.
There were no pleas for help or financial assistance or anything of the like. Further, I provided my email address on a voluntary sign-in sheet and have yet to receive even one solicitation or advertisement of any kind. The “conference” simply consisted of a group of devout, calm, diverse, smart people praying the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and the Crusade Prayers – followed by a brief talk and question/answer period.
No money.

In protection of the Catholic and Apostolic Church, Of Maria Divine Mercy, and of the Remnant Army we dare to say:

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
and do thou,
O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan,
and all the evil spirits,
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls. 


For a fitting allegory to this situation, we invite you to read "God, The Sinking Ship, and The Five Percent"

The Ship, God and the Five Percent



Click here for "Attack Blogs and Lobbies Against Maria Divine Mercy, The Messages, and Their Readers" – PART II

e pray that God Is Pleased and Accepting of the content presented within these pages. As Christ Says: "You do not need to defend Me"and based on His Direction we try to the best of our ability and discernment to obey His Will always in the fervent attempt of bringing the Good News: The Truth to all who want to come into His Light.

We, of course, are praying for all souls with fervent love and compassion because we are all children of God. We pray for all to come to the Truth in simplicity and joy the same way children would. We have no enemies except for the evil one who wants to work within each one of us and through the world around us. We must remain peaceful and united in the Holy Spirit of Truth and within the Catholic Church made of the faithful followers of the Lord.

Oh Mary, Conceived without sin, Pray for us who have recourse to Thee ~ Amen


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