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The WILD VOICE is a global not-for-profit (self-funded) collaborative platform open to all individuals of all backgrounds in search of Truth.
The WILD VOICE sells no products or services; it has no clients, customers, or employees; and it does not seek nor accept paid advertising or donations of any kind.
This platform is fiercely independent, non-personality driven, not issue centered, and not affiliated with any other website, group, or organization. The views, opinions, and ideas expressed are only those of its individual independent contributors.

We are not a church, a ministry, an apostolate, a movement, or anything of the like.  We are not news reporters or political activists.
We are only sinners and make no claim beyond that here.
We simply hope to encourage all to seek the Truth.  You need not believe or automatically trust anything written herein.  The WILD VOICE would actually much rather you take the time to validate any information on your own and fairly evaluate all commentary using your God-Given brain and in prayerful discernment.
The contributors of this information and commentary are Catholics.
We are not 'sedevacantists', 'conservatives', 'traditionalists', 'rad-trads','schismatics' or 'conspiracy theorists'.  We are not 'followers' of any preacher, visionary, or guru.  We are not SSPX, FSSP, ICKSP, CMRI, or SSPV.  We are not 'prophets', 'integralists' or 'fundamentalists'.

We are Catholics.  We follow Jesus Christ.
We are sinners.  We are Christian.
This work operates on the strong belief that we are in a primarily spiritual battle rather than a culture or information 'war' and that this is what ultimately matters most.  We hope our efforts are always understood to be more a 'call to prayer' as opposed to a 'call to arms'. 


Because we write of controversial topics in extreme times, we, all members of The WILD VOICE, hereby declare that any possible future rumor, accusation, suspicion, and/or incrimination which depicts us to be in any way dangerous, threatening to public safety and/or threatening to anyone's life and well-being (including 'Pope Francis' and all political and religious leaders and groups), to be absolutely false. The least we can expect is the diabolical move of wrongly accusing us, the soon-to-be viewed "extremists" and "fundamentalists" of society, of crimes we never committed or of intentions and designs we never had.  We are faithful people who follow the True God, the Real God, the Only God Whose Name is Love.  We pray for all souls with fervent love and compassion.  The WILD VOICE has no enemies except for the evil one who wants to work within each of us and through the world around us.  We must remain peaceful and united in the Holy Spirit of Truth as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.


"For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places." – EPHESIANS 6



In an unstable world of senseless wars, moral confusion, heavy corporatism, mass slavery, extreme materialism, excessive poverty, media brainwashing, intense corruption, epic disillusionment, and loss of God, a voice from the wild whispers words of reason and truth.

This is the TIME. This is the NOW.
Open your mind. Open your eyes. Open your heart.

Our mission is to help unite all people living today under one giant army of independent thinkers who desire to enter the final battle against the enemies of Life.
No matter your race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, financial status, political affiliation: let's meet each other in the field of justice and truth under One Triune God. The enemies are trying to conquer the world by dividing us into newly coined human categories and false moral codes through social engineering, media propaganda, corrupt politics, excessive multinational power, and severe economic slavery controlled by the global banking cartels.
Now the final step is being achieved: the falling of the Catholic Church under Satanic forces of such multitude none of us can begin to fathom. Once the false papacy allows the formation of the New One World Religion, the completion of the NEW WORLD ORDER will be achieved.

evil in the world
ake no mistake: we are about to enter the darkest age the world has ever known. We may not feel it yet, but it's upon us and around us like invisible lethal gas ready to spiritually kill all who are exposed to it.

Welcome, then, to reality.
The truth hurts but the Truth saves.


Having long been involved in the study of those truths regarding the forces working behind the scenes in our society, in 2011 some contributors to this platform came across messages given to a visionary known by the name of Maria Divine Mercy.  Although we found these messages to be absolutely congruent with our faith and studies, we kept our spirit in discernment while prayer and investigative work continued.
Only in April 2014 we felt the need to begin building a platform: such 'wait' was not due to any personal doubts in regards to the given messages and prophecies, but rather to patiently allow enough initial evidence to take place. We have felt a responsibility to try to support the mission of these messages and bring greater awareness to the times we now live through by the following means:
1) Reporting true information founded on proofs**

2) Supporting true information through Biblical Resources*
3) Spreading love and unity in the Spirit of the Holy Trinity*
4) Incorporating current prophecies we believe to be exact*
5) Offering deep observation of our reality in both the seen and unseen.

            ** If any provided information is not completely proven by tangible truth, we reserve the right to notify such as 'theory'.
            * Points 2, 3, and 4 above are representative of what The WILD VOICE believes to be accurate through the faith of its members.


In clear respect towards all people and in defense of our credibility, here are a few points:

1) For the Atheists and Agnostics:
Your opinions and contributions are absolutely valuable to us. We truly hope that our use of Christian resources won't, in your mind, effect the credibility of our information or cause you to immediately dismiss this work. Our data is truthful on its own and independently from Scriptures and Prophecies. Knowing that "belief" is personal, we wanted to firmly clarify our position of "believers" who found further confirmation of truth in such sources in which you are not required to believe (we do invite you to see our Letter to Atheists).

2) For all non-Catholic Christians:
We find it to be an understatement that your presence and contribution on the platform are most valuable to us. The differences of tradition and dogmas between us do not represent an issue of any sort whatsoever for your participation – you are welcome here.  We in fact would appreciate your knowledgeable input and passionate and charitable contributions in the Spirit of Christ, Whom we all share in peace. We, all true believers in Christ Jesus, are together in this mission and divisions shall no longer weaken us in the last battle against evil (please see Letter to Protestants).

3) For those who belong to other Religions:
Your contribution and opinions are, of course, absolutely precious to us. The intent of this blog is not of "converting" you. We, of course, respect your choice to hold the faith you have in what you establish to be true in total sincerity. Although we do make use of "spiritual parables", quotes from the Holy Bible and also from current prophecies (which we understand might be arguable in your view) we hope you will still make use of the information provided.  We also hope this work stirs deeper reflection for all, always.

4) For the Catholics who reject the Messages from The Book of Truth:
Needless to say, your contribution and opinions are most welcomed on our platform. We come from the same Body and share the same Faith. You, of course, are not required to believe in the revelations given to Maria Divine Mercy (as Jesus Christ Says in those same messages many times). We, though, do invite you to try and read them with an open heart and spirit of discernment while absorbing the true information here and resulting from an objective and analytical breakdown of current and past events. Additionally, since most of the knowledge gained on this platform is the result of decades of research prior to the revelations mentioned here above, the information provided is honest and credible to the very best of our knowledge and abilities.
For the lobbies of groups who have specifically made an entire 'mission' of destroying these Messages at all costs and who relentlessly attack anyone who may read or share them, or for anyone who has been influenced by these workers, please see Maria Divine Mercy And The Attackers.

5) For those who read and believe in the Messages of Jesus Christ (in The Book of Truth):
You are, of course, most welcome. Please know that you may find some of the imagery and topics troubling. The information presented here is often targeted to an audience of nonbelievers and those believers who are totally unaware of or ambivalent to the urgent warnings from Jesus Christ. The basis of this work is diverse, but often strongly guided by Jesus' Message on November 20th, 2010. Also, please know that The WILD VOICE is in no way way speaking for any other party: all those mentioned herein have not contributed to this work. This platform is not a "ministry" per se. It exists solely to provide information for those who wish to view it.


SAINT EPIPHANIUS OF SALAMIS (d. 403) – "I would not dare to utter the whole of this if I were not somehow compelled to from the excess of the feeling of grief within me over the futile things they do – appalled as I am at the mass and depth of evils into which the enemy of mankind, the devil, leads those who trust him, so as to pollute the minds, hearts, hands, mouths, bodies and souls of the persons he has trapped in such deep darkness…And I am afraid that I may be revealing the whole of this potent poison, like the face of some serpent’s basilisk, to the harm of the readers rather than to their correction. Truly it pollutes the ears—the blasphemous assembly of great audacity, the gathering and the interpretation of its dirt, the mucky perversity of the scummy obscenity…In any case, neither will I be able to pass them by; I am forced to speak out. For since the sacred Moses too writes by the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, “Whoso seeth a murder and proclaimeth it not, let such a one be accursed,” I cannot pass this great murder by, and this terrible murderous behavior, without making a full disclosure of it. For perhaps, if I reveal this pitfall, like the “pit of destruction,” to the wise, I shall arouse fear and horror in them, so that they will not only avoid this crooked serpent and basilisk that is in the pit, but stone it too, so that it will not even dare to approach anyone…I should not be ashamed to say what they are not ashamed to do, to arouse horror by every means in those who hear what obscenities they are prepared to perform."


We delete comments rarely, unlike many other websites. This is a choice.
We could easily do so for the sake of our reputation, or to keep the Truth undisturbed from the accusatory comments we are constantly invaded by.
We choose to keep this unpleasant battle visible for all, so that those who are truly called will respond to the displayed attacks against Christ's Truth, for their hearts recognize where evil comes from.
Satan attacks. He always did and he will until the very last second preceding Christ's Second Coming. He does this because blinded by his own pride, which was the reason of his first downfall as well as the reason of his second one: when he will be thrown into the Lake of Fire by the Lamb.
We, to our own suffering, keep all these offensive and MISLEADING comments so that the truth may be visible to those who have eyes to see and a heart which seeks the same Lord Who Resides in them.

We take this risk, but it is the only way for this work to defeat Lucifer's pride – by striving to respond to his mean and cunning accusations with love, patience, kindness, and true hope. The cases of deletion may occur when comments contain:
1) Words of blasphemy against God
2) Slander and false allegations about third parties or individuals we are not involved with
3) Death threats or other serious acts of intimidation done against others
4) Spam comments containing external links, large blocks of text, or extreme repetition
5) The use and abuse of profanity
6) Comments that instigate and incite hatred towards a specific person and/or group of people based on religious beliefs, race, nationality, or opinion.
We cannot be held responsible for such vile acts, especially if the posted comment is both false and hateful. For this reason, a filter has been provided in order to automatically block dangerous words that could pose a threat to the safety of the slandered subject(s).

Please, be free of any pride, ill will, or dishonest intentions when visiting us, for if any ulterior motives lay behind your actions, they will be used by the Lord for His Own Glory + + +
You may do as you wilt with your soul.
At the End of all Roads we shall meet the Judge.
In Christ Jesus – Love and Peace always.



"He said, 'I am a voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord', as Isaiah the prophet said." – John 1:23 – Isaiah 40:3 – Matthew 3:3 – Mark 1:3 – Luke 3:4


The Wild Voice banner
fter much searching, we came across this very powerful and unique image which, in a very impactful way, embodies the several symbolic elements of the evil we stand firmly against.  Some viewing it for the first time may even be drawn to it. Some will find the image shocking, even 'satanic' and be troubled by it. The image surely brings to mind 'satanic groups', 'the New World Order', the 'illuminati', symbols, a 'controlling elite', etc. This platform openly deals with these elements and what is truly behind them.  Very simply: it represents the deceit from the APPLE of Adam and Eve to the ILLUMINATI of today. The ONE ALL SEEING EYE of LUCIFER is of the SNAKE IN THE GARDEN: the BEAST in the END TIMES.
To better understand these symbols, please see:  WISE AS SERPENTS – A Crash Course In Symbols

Thank you all for being here.

May we say the Truth always and only ~

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