Christ's Messages to Actors, Singers, Celebrities, and Other Entertainers



published on  July 12, 2014


It should be made clear before beginning this page that our objective is not to insult or slander any specific person, celebrity, actor, singer or entertainer and/or their personal views and beliefs in any way. This page is not serving the purpose of spreading hatred towards any person, category or social class but rather to bring to light these issues in a spirit of good-will and peace.
Additionally, it is with spirit of love that we ask our readers to pray for all people belonging to the world of entertainment, as Jesus Christ Has Said in the two messages included within this page. We are all imperfect. We are all sinners. We are all the same in God's eyes – no one is ever perceived as 'more deserving' in God's Eyes, no matter how holy one person may be. Therefore, if any of you happens to spread the images and comps present here below, please do so in a spirit of peace and charity and not with the purpose of condemning, slandering or judging our brothers and sisters.
Lastly: the use of celebrities' quotes is only to serve the purpose of reconfirming that the worlds of politics, media, entertainment and sports are often (if not mostly) dominated by those dark occult forces concealed from the public's view and knowledge. 



The following two messages given to Maria Divine Mercy are a plead to help our brothers and sisters who belong to the world of entertainment. Christ's Words truthfully expose the dark umbrella under which spell are to be found those men and women who lost themselves in the promises of vainglory through worldly riches and success. We, too, would be falling for the same exact traps were we to be put in the same tempting situation. The collage below is not meant to attack (or expose) particular individuals but, rather, to give a generic view over the philosophies spreading throughout what we call 'showbiz'. The messages of Jesus Christ are of love; therefore, we are called to only give love by praying for those unfortunate ones who built a fortune upon themselves.

illuminati hollywoodAnd now, ladies and gentlemen, madame and monsieur, here are the loving and true words of the One Who Came to die for us on the Cross: JESUS CHRIST, The King of our lost hearts. 


Jesus' message to Maria Divine Mercy from Saturday, June 4th, 2011 – Book of Truth

My dearly beloved daughter, conversion, as a direct result of My Messages given to you, is spreading the world over. Rejoice, for I told you that My Word, when read, would ignite souls everywhere, including those lukewarm sinners. When I gave My Word to the world, thousands of years ago, to My beloved apostles, they made a deep impact on mankind. Today, apart from the followers of God the Eternal Father and I, His Son, Jesus Christ, much of what was taught has sadly been forgotten.
My communications through you, My daughter, is to try and simplify My Teachings. More importantly, the reason I speak now is to remind, teach and instil My Most Holy Word in the minds of My children, so that they can be saved from the clutches of Satan.
My daughter, I have filled your soul, through the Gift of the Holy Spirit, with the power of discernment. This power is given to you, not just so that you can understand these Messages, but to reveal to you the evil of sin. Now, when you witness sin, you feel sickened to such an extent that it will make you feel agitated. I Am giving you now a taste of what I suffer when I see My children infested with sin.
Many of those you see in your day-to-day life, through the media, the movies and on TV confuse you. Sin, when present in souls, manifests itself in a way that is clear to see through certain signs. You, My daughter, can now, through My graces, immediately discern sin in someone. The first sign you will see is arrogance and pride, where one man considers himself more important than another. Other signs presented to you stem from the sin of pride and greed.
One of the most rampant sins in the world today is sexual perversity. When it is presented to the world, it will always be camouflaged by humour. This is a clever way of trying to convince others that it is a natural part of your human make-up. You see, My daughter, every person in the world likes to laugh and needs a sense of humour, which is a Gift from God. So when sexually deviant behaviour is promoted, it will usually be presented to make you laugh. This is when it will demean, not just women, but where it will influence young children so that they will accept evil decadent behaviour as normal pop culture.
Satan likes to recruit young souls. So he uses modern means to target these precious little lambs of Mine. They, My little children, will unwittingly emulate their disgusting behaviour, which will be fueled even further by peer pressure.

Warning to those in the Music Industry
I warn now all those in the music, movie and the arts industry. If you continue to contaminate My children, you will be punished severely. You, My misguided children, are puppets in Satan’s armoury. He uses you by first seducing you through the allure of wealth, fame and opulence. Then he invades your soul. After that he will drag you into the depths of depravity where his demons will enter your body so they can act out their own horrible lusts and sexually depraved acts. All along you will think that this is just harmless entertainment. Don’t you know that your souls are being stolen? Don’t you care? Don’t you realize that if you commit these acts of obscene sexual depravity you will be lost forever? As you lustily crave for more excitement, when the last act no longer excites, you will become insatiable. After that you will self-destruct. Why do you think there are so many of you, who are living in this false façade, that is celebrity culture, committing suicide? Taking drug overdoses? Feeling depressed? Despair tearing through your hearts? Don’t you know that Satan wants your soul, quickly? The sooner you die in mortal sin the quicker Satan can steal your soul from God the Almighty Father, your Creator.
It is difficult for My children who are caught up in this lie to understand. But think of it like this. Even when you are in sin, there is still the Light of God present in you. Many sinners and atheists do not realize this. They continue on their downward spiral of sin moving closer to Hell. Yet, it is only because of the Light from God that they remain sane. Without the Light of God, this Earth would be in darkness. This darkness, once experienced, will terrorize you. Your sinful acts will not only be repulsive to you, but you will want to run and hide. For even then, if the Light of God were to suddenly appear, you would not be able to withstand the glare or the Power.
Without God’s Light there is total darkness of soul. Because you, My children, have never had to do without this Light, you would not be able to survive if and when this Light extinguishes.
Nurture your soul – it is all you will take with you into the next life
The Warning will give you a sense of what this feeling will be like. Should you be in mortal sin during The Warning, have no fear for it is only that – a warning. Sadly, so shocking will your sins be when you see them in their raw and ugly state, that it could affect you physically with shock. Don’t wait until then. Do something about your spiritual life now. Consider the dignity of your soul. Nurture you soul because it is all you will take with you into the next life. Your body is of no consequence. However, if you use your body, given to you by God the Almighty Father as a Gift, in a sinful manner, so that you cause others to sin, it will be your body that will cause the downfall of your soul.
Think, My children, of your future happiness. For your time on Earth is only a fraction of the time you will experience in your existence. Failure to look after your soul will guarantee your isolated abandonment into Hell, in which no life exists other than eternal pain and torture.
Every day millions float swiftly towards the gates of Hell
Every day millions of souls, at the moment of death, float swiftly towards the gates of Hell; powerful people, leaders, rich, poor, singers, actors, terrorists, murderers, rapists and those who have had abortions. The one common denominator all of them share is this. None of them believed that Hell exists.

Your loving Saviour and Teacher
Jesus Christ

jim morrison doors quote

Jesus' message from The Book of Truth, Thursday, August 29th, 2013 – Book of Truth

My dearly beloved daughter, those of you who pray My Crusade Prayers diligently, know that I bring relief to the world from the snares of the devil.
The old serpent falls and stumbles losing much power when you strive to say My Crusade Prayers, daily. And while the times of great trials continue, your prayers will create many setbacks in the plans created by Masonic powers in the world, which are designed to create havoc in order to control the weak and vulnerable. Just one Crusade Prayer, said from the heart, is enough for Me to destroy the power of arrogant political leaders, who do not have a conscience.
Egoism is a curse and a liability to mankind’s ability to live in harmony and peace. The obsession with personal ambition brings nothing but division, as man strives to dominate those he feels he needs to, in order to gain much.
Those of you who follow, blindly, the orders of those in positions of power, who direct you into committing acts, which you know are abhorrent in the Eyes of God, then you, too, will be found as guilty as those who tempt you to carry out such wickedness. The men and women, whose power over others has been created because of corrupt acts and other means, will have much work to do, if they wish to enjoy My Glorious Kingdom.
I will fell the egotists and proud amongst you. I will throw you onto the ground, until you become as humble as those you trample upon.
I will cut out the hearts of those hardened and stubborn souls who care nothing for anyone’s needs, except their own. They will be taught that if they cannot love, then they shall not have it. Instead of love, they seek only idolization. These poor souls who have been elevated before you in the world, in every form, are victims of Satan. Instead of applauding their boastfulness and accepting their insatiable need for public adoration, you must pray for their souls as many have sold them.
Many souls in positions of influence over others, including those in politics, the world of music, the media, the entertainment business and those in high finance, are to be held in your hearts, as many have become slaves to themselves and their needs, which serve only their own lusts and desires. They infest the innocent, who emulate them and copy their lifestyles, which have separated them from God.
I, Jesus, condemn the world of false idols created by those who want nothing but power, wealth and the ability to influence others.
The spread of atheism has been caused by man’s pride in his own ability. It has been caused by man’s belief that mortal man, because of the Gift of human intelligence, has all the answers to the true meaning of your life on Earth.
Young souls have been lost to Me because they idolize false idols in the form of worldly goods, fashion, music and the world of entertainment. It isn’t that they must not enjoy life – because this brings Me happiness – it is their lack of love for Me and their own bodies which grieve Me. They were born pure and perfect. Their bodies are a Gift from Heaven. They desecrate their bodies and have no shame in performing obscene acts in order to draw innocent souls towards them. Many of those with such power have sold their souls for their diabolically inspired gifts. The only reason they were given these gifts was to provide pleasure to the world, as a talent given to them by God. But, Satan tempted many and promised them, in return for their souls, a glorious and glittering life of wealth, adulation, fame and pleasure.  When they received these gifts, they then used them to infest other souls. And so, it continues, until millions of other souls become slaves to Satan. Many souls who follow false idols become drawn to drug addiction. They have no shame, no modesty nor real love for each other, as each tries to vie for the greatest attention.
So much time is spent in the battle for self-glory, which is caused by an obsessive love of themselves, that God plays no role at all in their lives. Many of them reject God openly through the desecration of the Holy Crucifix – so little shame do they have. Know that they would suffer a terrible fate, were I not to intervene. These are just one group of lost souls, which I will garner and then provide them with the Gift of salvation, because of your prayers My beloved followers. I will take them through this special prayer, into My Refuge.

Crusade Prayer 117 ~ For those who have sold their souls ~

Dearest Jesus, I consecrate the souls of (list them here) and all those who swapped their souls for the price of fame.
Rid them of their infestation. Turn them away from the threat of the Illuminati, who devour them.
Give them the courage to walk away from this wicked bondage without fear. Take them into Your Arms of Mercy and nurture them back to a State of Grace, so they are fit to stand before You.
By Your Divinity, help me through this prayer, for Satan’s adopted souls, to prise them away from Masonry. Free them from the shackles which bind them and which result in a terrible torture in the chambers of Hell.
Help them, through the suffering of chosen souls, through my prayers and through Your Mercy, to be in the front line, ready to enter the Gates of the New Era of Peace – the New Paradise. I beg You to release them from captivity.

Your Jesus

 Below are some rather disturbing collages that represent and testify to the Truth of Jesus' Words:

Marilyn Manson collage of photos

Marilyn Manson: a Freemason, priest of the Church of satan, and rock star known for his controversial and anti-christian message


"Sin, when present in souls, manifests itself in a way that is clear to see through certain signs"
Jesus' message from Saturday, June 4th, 2011 given to Maria Divine Mercy

Celebreties covering eye 

"By Your Divinity, help me through this prayer, for Satan’s adopted souls, to prise them away from Masonry"
Jesus' message to MDM from Thursday, August 29th, 2013

 mason black and white checkerboard entertainment

Above: Heath Ledger, Britney Spears, No Doubt (Gwen Stefani), Angelina Jolie, Kylie Minogue, The Kardashians, Tina Fey, Dr. Dre, Katy Perry, Leona Lewis, Pink, Nicki Minaj, Willos Smith video 'Whip My Hair', Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Megan Fox, Lily Allen and band KPOP.  

Actor James Franco has a band called ‘Daddy’ which released a video displaying massive satanic and Illuminati symbolism. James Franco went to school at Yale, which houses the Illuminati sect 'Skull & Bones'. He, in fact, was reported to be dating a girl in the Wolf’s Head secret society. All those secret societies are Illuminati and satanic affiliated – just different masks on the same demon. Here is a collage of some film frames from 'Love in the Old Days' which you can find online. The entire clip is a true satanic ritual and begins with the theme of the candle and flame, which is the Illuminati symbol representing the “enlightened” ones. Lucifer, in fact, is the light-bearer, the devil and the spirit of darkness.  Also, the top left photo was taken on the set of the video: James Franco is in the center and Kenneth Anger is on the left.
Kenneth Anger, who has a long history steeped in the occult and satanic worship, is the man playing the priest in the video. He's also the man in the photo below and showing his 'Lucifer' Tattoo. One of Anger’s films, 'Lucifer Rising'  included actor and musician Bobby Beausoleil, who was affiliated with the Manson family. Beausoleil murdered Gary Hinman and wrote 'Political Piggy' on the wall with Hinman’s blood.
James Franco satanic video
collage satanic music


12 comments for “Christ's Messages to Actors, Singers, Celebrities, and Other Entertainers

  1. Jennifer Thompson
    August 27, 2018 at 1:01 AM

    Everything happens for the reason it's supposed to. I stumbled upon this and my prayer was answered. I can't thank you enough, my faith has been tested more times in these last couple of years than they have been in my entire life here. I believe it will only get worse the closer I become with God, in the final years to come so I am saving this message from Him.

  2. John
    December 27, 2017 at 9:13 PM

    These messages are not from Jesus, they're a trip of your own religious ego. But I do understand your passion to want to pray for these people.

      December 30, 2017 at 12:13 AM

      Janet I am sorry that you do not believe the Messages from Jesus, but glad you understand there is a need to pray for all souls in this time. Perhaps, in humility and for the love of Jesus Christ, you will even say this prayer:

      "Dearest Jesus, I consecrate the souls of (list them here) and all those who swapped their souls for the price of fame.
      Rid them of their infestation. Turn them away from the threat of the Illuminati, who devour them.
      Give them the courage to walk away from this wicked bondage without fear. Take them into Your Arms of Mercy and nurture them back to a State of Grace, so they are fit to stand before You.
      By Your Divinity, help me through this prayer, for Satan’s adopted souls, to prise them away from Masonry. Free them from the shackles which bind them and which result in a terrible torture in the chambers of Hell.
      Help them, through the suffering of chosen souls, through my prayers and through Your Mercy, to be in the front line, ready to enter the Gates of the New Era of Peace – the New Paradise. I beg You to release them from captivity.
      Your Jesus"

      May God bless and guide you and Happy New Year!

  3. Ryan
    June 6, 2015 at 4:06 PM

    Praise be to God.

      June 12, 2015 at 8:52 AM

      God Bless you, Ryan +++
      For the Seal of the Living God's video, please click on this link: SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD
      May the Lord remain with you until the New Beginning +++


      • December 3, 2017 at 9:13 AM

        Unfortunately, this blog spends far too much time trying to be politically correct. Like many other similar posts, the people that might actually read the entire message and receive it will fall away before getting to the meat. There is an unfortunate saying the goes something like “spare me the labor and show me the baby”. There are a number of Verses in The Bible that make it very clear that if Christ is not number one in your life then you are unworthy of Him. I realize that no one is worthy but that would be taking Christ’s Words out of context. Trying to sell Christ will never work. If God The Father has prepared the soil, the recepient will hear. Christ knowingly and purposely did not want the multitudes to hear and repent. Also, God The Father knows how to keep those He does not want to hear to stay deaf. It seems like many today think they are doing God a favor by coming to faith and obedience. I am not the judge and I thank God often for that fact. I have witnessed a soul whom The Lord has prepared to receive the seed of faith. Any other way simply will not work. I have also prayed for certain celebrities as I’ve been led. Numbers 16:29 and the story that surrounds it is very much worth the read.

  4. July 20, 2014 at 9:54 PM

    This article makes me think of so many different things. For example, I have read and seen many conspiracy videos about celebrities and the Illuminati, not to mention the videos of Randy Quaid and his wife fleeing to Canada because they claimed to basically be running away from the Illuminati because they were trying to control them and “whacking” some of Hollywood’s most beloved celebs. The thought of this being real is downright frightening!

  5. Lena Steiner
    July 18, 2014 at 3:29 PM

    Stars, singers, actors, media .. are the tools of Satan. Instead of praying and loving God, we love the actors and becomes their fans.
    Man has forgotten his God, his creator and the one who will punish him after his death, he forgot the creator of nature, the one who gave him day and night, who gave him the sun and the moon, the one who created a brain in his head to thinks, the one who gave him the means of existence.

  6. Andi Morina
    July 18, 2014 at 3:20 PM

    If you looking for in the biography of these stars (almost all) you will discover that they are people failures of society, and when he becomes star he think he is a guide for the society that must be followed in what he said, the clothes he wears …
    We are losing our values ​​more by losing our guides , our guides are in religion and not in the TV and cinema , our values​​: patience, goodness sincerity, devotion mercy, love .. All these values ​​that we are forgotten are in our religion, This is what we must learn for our youth instead of letting them become fan of a singer.

      September 3, 2014 at 8:13 AM

      I absolutely agree, Andi.

      "Every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world. You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. They are from the world; therefore they speak as from the world, and the world listens to them" – 1 John 4:4

      God Bless you ~

  7. Freddy Gonzalez
    July 18, 2014 at 3:11 PM

    I congratulate you for this article, I understands the point of view of religion against the stars and people who seek showbiz: the fact in the world there are millions of patients who do not have money to pay for their medication – millions of people who can not find something to eat – millions of people are destroyed for lack of money …
    In part against billions are given to a person who sings two hours, billions are given to a football player because he is a star, billions given to a great actor because he is a star …
    This is not justice, the man created by God on earth has the responsibility to help the poor people and especially to orient the world's wealth for the weak, the poor, the private …
    I know there are people who will tell me that it's his money, he worked for his money .. but no, it was God who gave him the money. And even if he denies this truth after his death when he begins his punishment will discover that all was given by God must be spent for the good cause but unfortunately it is too late.

      August 5, 2014 at 1:49 PM


      What you say is absolutely true. All comes from God: our bodies, our minds, our souls. Our families, our friends, our enemies, our emotions, our talents and our entire lives. The earth on which we walk, work, eat and sleep. The air we breath. The water we drink.

      ALL COMES FROM GOD. Not one hair falls without God knowing of it.

      The world has never been fair because of man's allegiance with Satan through sin; therefore, the darkness present in our hearts spreads outwardly like a spider web intended to trap other souls. This is why we must bring light where darkness reigns by fighting against the principalities and powers of the underworld and not against flesh and blood.

      May the Lord Bless and Protect us from this very moment until His Second Coming ~


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