A Love Letter from the Devil


July 19 2014

We Love You

Words of love

Today is your day. Today and tomorrow belong to you. And you are here for a reason.
You know that. We all have a reason to be here. God has put you here to do something for Him and for others as love is the base of all things.
So many people suffer in this world. So many are the ones who are in need of help and feel lonely, powerless, demotivated, misunderstood. God knows what that means because God understands all things.
He knows that you, also, are one of those who suffer in this human condition under which laws you were made.
The world can be so unfair, if we truly look around: poverty, inequality, intolerance, racism, violence, abuse, rage, wars, famine, corruption. You,too, are a victim of all this and you know it – but what can you do about it? While not possessing the actual means to change all these things, you surely have the ability to change the reality around you by altering your perspective. How could you possibly be of any help for others when you, yourself, are in a place of struggle and difficulties?
You were given talents, ideas, physical attributes, passions and vitality to build something to be shared with others: something that only you can do and use to uplift those in need like, for example, your friends (when they are down) or your family (if they struggle financially). You must use what you have to materially help your neighbors.
But in order to do so, you must work hard on what you're trying to create: it takes time to build and much patience is required to endure the process.
If, for example, we look at all the admirable actions that celebrities have taken along the years, it is easy to see the numerous examples of goodness: charity works, schools being built, human rights being fought for and the support of those political candidates that help change a nation.
Think of those talk show hosts without whom millions of people would have been left without guidance or hope. Their voices in support of the weak, the abused, and the cast out have changed society in a deep way.
Imagine if all those star reaching entrepreneurs had not been given (by God) the opportunity to grow, to expand, and, therefore, to help society grow by giving jobs to the unemployed and by bettering a country's economy: their founding of humanitarian organizations, as well as their providing us with all those essential products that our world so needs today, would have been a mere utopia. Think of cell phones, computers, foods, deodorants, cars, air fare tickets, furniture, movies, television programming, satellites, medicines, clothes, as well as thousands of other goods and services.
All these people were just like you: a person with one idea and God's given talents. If God bestowed upon you certain gifts, you must use them and prosper from them in order to help others. But again: you must, first, take care of yourself.
How can you help others if you cannot help yourself? It's unrealistic, if not irresponsible: when we are not in the 'right place' and are juggling with all these balls, rest assured that we will drop them all at once. Think of the damages we could cause while trying to help someone when we are not happy ourselves to begin with. In order to properly help and understand others, you need to humbly experience and understand life by first helping and understanding ourselves. Often we end up judging our neighbors due to our lack of comprehending their situations while often, we end up hurting them through misguiding advices sprung from our inability to relate to others. In many cases, the negative mentality – or situation – of the other person can even affect us and drag us down, therefore stopping us from reaching the goal we have to accomplish for our good and, consequently, for the good of others. 

So, don't let life and its agents drag you down. Believe and keep that optimistic attitude needed to build positivity in and around yourself. Life is a gift and all that is love must fill it.
Look at those who set an example of how God rewarded them for doing the great works they set out to accomplish.

Another important aspect of your life: be kind and don't judge.
You know, Jesus taught this a long time ago. And, for those who don't believe, you know how important this is. We all have been judged at some point and the hurt that was felt inside ourselves was immense. Therefore, as we know that we shall not do unto others what we do not want others to do unto us; we must show fraternity, tolerance and love.
We shall never impose our ways but always show respect.
We shall never make others uncomfortable but always embrace their ways – as we are all different.
We shall never offend others by hurting their feelings.
For example, mentioning a political party when we know the other person disagrees with our views is an anti-democratic way of living – not to mention it shows ignorance since we do not know the past, the thoughts and the struggles of the individual.
The same ignorance and disrespect are shown when we share our opinions on morality, or right and wrong, or creeds, or sexual preferences. These are evil agents that destroy peace and harmony among one another: they divide instead of uniting; they create hatred and intolerance rather than love and they ignite pain in those who feel hurt by our lack of sensitivity towards issues which are very delicate.
Who are we to judge? And this goes for everybody – no matter their race, religion, background, nationality or age – the Christians especially must embrace all their brothers and sisters in complete tolerance, which means to love only and to judge never.
This means to be a good person, a loving person, a true Christian, to follow Jesus is to love thy neighbor as thyself, which is to never hurt, judge, correct, pick on, denounce, embarrass or undermine them. We are all different people, each one created uniquely and individually: each one has a certain path and, since we were created free, we must let others be free to make their mistakes and never hurt their feelings by telling them what to do, how to do it, or how wrong they were. All people – including Christians – are imperfect (or sinners, as it's known in religion) therefore by trying to teach others, they become arrogant and proud. And if Jesus said to be humble, instead, we must always accept others, their defects, their ways, their opinions, their actions and visions. Who are we to judge? Who are we to tell somebody what is right and wrong? Jesus would never be intolerant by imposing so harshly, because the Lord loved all people. Always. We, therefore, must understand others' problems first and respect their own way of living; if you look at politics, religion, race, sexual orientation and nationalities in terms of right and wrong, then you judge, right? Can one nation be right and another be wrong? Can a person be completely right and another be totally wrong? Can a sexual orientation be the right thing and another be completely wrong? Or a certain sexual act? Or opinion on morality? And who are we to judge? God, only, is the judge – therefore, we must always respect and love others, which means to also love and accept them in their ways and actions without ever saying anything that could cause discomfort, suffering or even anger through our discriminatory and proud words. What is personally wrong to you, for example, might not be for the other depending on their life experience, culture, sexuality, or religion: all factors which you will never know about since you are also a sinner.
Think of the peace and love in our world if we all loved, tolerated, accepted and understood each other without these divisions and close mindedness. Never point the finger at others or denounce your neighbor by what he or she committed – if you think you can, cast the first stone. Therefore, do not stand outside an abortion clinic to protest as the pharisees would; do not try to correct someone (as a mean teacher would) if that person is living his or her sexuality freely; do not report a person to the police if you saw him steal from your neighbor's home  because, not only he might be in extreme conditions of poverty, but to incriminate someone is to condemn him/her like the hypocrites did with Christ. How about those who still believe that contraception is evil? Do you realize that God would never wish for anyone to die of (or spread) a deadly disease? Or to cause a couple who is not mature enough to provide a horrible life for a child? God looks at the love between people and not at man-made devices of no importance, not to mention that such issues should only preoccupy yourself: you should know that others must be let free to do what they want without ever feeling harshly judged by the personal opinions or religious beliefs of those who should be the first to know that judging is always wrong.
If we look at gay marriage, for example, we must look at the happiness it brings to all those men and women who are loved by an all loving God. No one is better or worse in His eyes, therefore Christians have no right to make their brothers and sisters feel unwanted, discriminated against, or deprived of the basic human right to freedom, happiness and equality. If you call gay marriage – or gay sex – an 'abomination', you are sinning against God and your neighbor for gravely casting a judgment of which consequence can be of serious and unpredictably tragic outcome.
These terms, divisions, categories, angry and intolerant words are the evils which have caused divisions, wars, hatred, anger, murder and pain in the world.
Women, for example, must be protected from the abuses of men who have violated, abused, raped, hurt, humiliated, discriminated and submitted them throughout all history.
Just like LGBT people, they have been the victims of all men who thought (and many still think) to be all righteous, all perfect and all powerful.
Women today are finally independent, emancipated and protected by equal rights which grant them the right to choose if they can abort, divorce their husbands (or commit adultery without being stoned), wear either pants or barely anything, cuss on the streets, do all drugs and drink all alcohol they wish to, leave their kids at home so that they can still pursue their more precious careers and be equal to their men in role, attitude and leadership. Of course, since they are women, they should still be entitled to the attention, courtship, privileges, provisions and understanding that women enjoyed in the past when voting, working, divorce or out of wedlock pregnancies were illegal. Think how hard it was, back then, for these poor women: they lived in a society which put their natural needs and wants last without any possibility to dream. So, so often married to violent, beastly men, they were forced to submit to a life of suffering and discrimination.
Just like those kids who, growing up, were the victims of bullying because of their so-called effeminate nature: all the pain and evil inflicted upon them have caused countless suicides, not to mention their desire to be someone they would have rather been. Today, finally, young children have the opportunity to truly be who they are by changing their sex in a society where, thank God, we have come to realize that there are (as far as we know for now) at least 58 genders. What an incredible goal we have reached in the name of freedom, equality, peace, love and tolerance. Even President Obama has been working very hard on this most important issue, as well as others: equality for all genders, gay rights, gay marriage, financial support for gay couples in difficulties, gay adoptions and the introduction of contraceptives in Catholic schools where kids were not taught to live in the real world but, rather, in a fantasy which could have damaged them at a later time.

The world has changed and just a few walls are left to be tore down: after that, imagine how wonderful this place will be.
Focus on yourself and build a life of great success to become that person God meant you to be by sharing your gifts with others as well as the prosperous results they bring. And, while doing so, brothers and sisters, keep on letting go of those old barriers which have brought so much division among God's people. No more intolerance. No more judging. No more evil. No more division. No more racism. No more evil. No more wars. No more discrimination. No more religious bigotry. No more impositions. No more insensitivity. And no more censorship of human sexuality. 
No more tolerance for the intolerant.
No more inequality in the new world to come.
No more failed models of what is right and what is wrong.
~ We rejoice in life ~
We rejoice in the respect toward the environment and the protection of all animals by promoting vegetarianism – as well as those laws needed to prosecute whoever displays violence by eating, or hunting, them. 
We promote human rights for women as well as gay, lesbian, transsexual, questioning, and bisexual people who must be protected against the evils born out of the history-long dominion of heterosexual men. 
God Bless you all,
Love and Light,

Our dear friends, this is what Satan does. This is how he speaks. This is how he works. This is how good he will sound to the untrained ear. This is also what the False Prophet will preach, for he serves Satan. This is the trick of the wolves in sheep's clothing for they know these are the words the world loves to hear, including the weak lukewarm who still succumb to the illusion of a God whose mercy is the very eraser of His Judgment.
In these words there is neither suffering to be endured nor a cross to be carried. Neither is there a judgment to undergo nor any firmness of what was established to be good or evil. Right and wrong, therefore, become one substance in which the oil will no longer be separated from the water it stained. Consequently, duties and obedience to God's Authority are lost in the noisy winds of Lucifer's cunning flattery of men which is nothing less than the very destruction of humility. Humanism, the centrality of the human person is what False Prophet and heretical anti-pope Francis I divulges through blasphemies coming from 'unclean spirits like frogs; for they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them together for the war of the great day of God, the Almighty.'
words of love and inspiration  


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