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 published on  June 12, 2014

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'Mental Structure of Fundamentalists is Violence' – Pope Francis
The Radical Rebel of God
When It's a Crime to Oppose Francis I
False Accusations from Lobbies
Network of Lobbies Protecting Bergoglio and Slandering the Faithful
Other Radical Actions taken by new Vicar


The intent of this article is not to attack, insult or slander Jorge Mario Bergoglio personally and/or those any individuals who are currently working for the Pope Francis team or those who support him. The WILD VOICE does not wish to spread malice towards this pope or his lobbies, but rather pose questions and raise alertness through relevant information in a spirit of peace and for the good of all (using our own discernment and objective examination). Our research is accompanied by Scriptural references and revelations given in the Book of Truth which we find to be accurate insofar as we believe.



pope francis false prophet


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:
It is good to know that the truth wins – always.
It is in the spirit of peace that we welcome the truth – always.
And it is with
love that we declare the Truth, Whom Is Christ – always.

We will expose, in this post, the invisible radical dictatorship of the new papacy. That is the totalitarian system hidden behind the mask of tolerance and love displayed by pope Francis, one of the tactics used by many of those world leaders (throughout history) who have brought about evil.

The absence of Jesus Christ's name has become a constant characteristic in pope Francis' interviews. We know that what he thinks, what he says and what he does is infallibly perfect.
His interest in the environment, his words on social issues, and his thoughts on the world economy are constantly being thrown at us as the interests, the words and the thoughts we faithful should adopt. The salvation of the soul and the reminder of everlasting life are, instead, of no prominence in his personal papacy. Abortion and homosexuality were conveniently mentioned on a couple of occasions in his failed attempt to satisfy those nerve-wrecking ultra-traditionalists who, just like an army of eagles, are ready to blog against his spiritually poor statements.
Terms such as 'ultra-traditionalists' or 'traditionalists' are of political connotation and cast a haunting shadow on those who simply believe in the whole Truth. If some Catholics (like the ones shown above in this page) call other fellow Catholics 'traditionalists' or 'rad trads' in a disdained way, they certainly cannot declare to believe in an ultra-fundamentalist and fanatically suicidal Man called Jesus Christ. They certainly cannot accept the ways of other ultra-extremists and fundamentalist religious practitioners like St. Peter or St. Paul, either, who were respectively crucified upside-down and decapitated; to not even mention all those who suffered persecution in the most horrific ways for the sole personal gain of torture and death.
All of this was suffered in the name of God.
Although we – of The WILD VOICE are Catholic people who have attended the Novus Ordo Mass, we must agree with those who profess Vatican II to be the beginning of the Church's decay. There is absolutely no doubt about such fact as we look at reality.
One of the worst results from such calculated damage provoked by masonic forces (and which brought about a watered down version of the Mass and the heretical habit of receiving the Holy Eucharist in the hand) is the coming of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the pope. His liberalism has never been witnessed before. His tone is imposing when his fundamental beliefs in humanism are exhibited to create further hatred toward those who fundamentally believe in the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
Recently, pope Francis has released an interview with 'La Vanguardia' in which we noticed that the name of Jesus was actually mentioned: one time.
In the article we read the following:

Pope Francis: It's a contradiction. Violence in the name of God does not correspond with our time. It's something ancient. With historical perspective, one has to say that Christians, at times, have practiced it. When I think of the Thirty Years War, there was violence in the name of God. Today it is unimaginable, right? We arrive, sometimes, by way of religion to very serious, very grave contradictions. Fundamentalism, for example. The three religions, we have our fundamentalist groups, small in relation to all the rest.
La Vanguardia:  And, what do you think about fundamentalism?
Pope Francis:  A fundamentalist group, although it may not kill anyone, although it may not strike anyone, is violent. The mental structure of fundamentalists is violence in the name of God.

Just as in the case of the quote "You ask me if the God of the Christians forgives those who don’t believe and who don’t seek the faith. I start by saying – and this is the fundamental thing – that God’s mercy has no limits if you go to him with a sincere and contrite heart. The issue for those who do not believe in God is to obey their conscience", pope Bergoglio seems to establish the standard. 

First, let's see what the word 'fundamentalism' means:

fundamentalist according to bergoglioThe meter through which a person is being evaluated as a 'fundamentalist' appears to be personal, in the case of pope Francis, depending on his sensitivity and his personal beliefs. Let's not forget that Jesus Christ once Said:

"Blessed are you, Simon Barjona, because flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but My Father who is in heaven. I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven."

Since the word 'fundamental' comes from the word 'to found', Jesus established the fundamental of the Church on Peter, who is the foundation of it. Therefore, is the foundation of the Church a sign of a fundamentalist Jesus Christ?
How can the 'mental structure' of a person be of any violence when it does not kill or strike? It is typical of an extremist to accuse those who practice their freedom of opinion, religion, speech and press (in a manner he finds inconvenient) of being extremist himself. To declare 'violent' a group of people who never killed or struck anyone should be considered to be violent in itself, if we take Bergoglio's words as genuine. And by labeling such an innocuous group as 'fundamentalist' he automatically becomes a fundamentalist himself. We are in front of a proto-fascist, agnostic, and clerical totalitarianism masked by an all tolerant, all forgiving and never-ending merciful god whose enemies are those who don't adopt anti-christian dogmas.
An example is in his strong opposition against those who adhere to the truth of the doctrine, as we can read in the following words:
"In ideologies there is not Jesus: in his tenderness, his love, his meekness. And ideologies are rigid, always. Of every sign: rigid. And when a Christian becomes a disciple of the ideology, he has lost the faith: he is no longer a disciple of Jesus, he is a disciple of this attitude of thought… For this reason Jesus said to them: "You have taken away the key of knowledge". The knowledge of Jesus is transformed into an ideological and also moralistic knowledge, because these close the door with many requirements. The faith becomes ideology and ideology frightens, ideology chases away the people, distances, distances the people and distances of the Church of the people. But it is a serious illness, this of ideological Christians. It is an illness, but it is not new, eh?"

the wild voice pope francis false prophet bookOn page 220 of the book 'Pope Francis – Conversations with Jorge Bergoglio' we read the following interesting phrase "For me, hope is in the human person… I believe in man. I’m not saying man is good or bad, just that I believe in man." Contrarily to the Catholic Creed's confirmation of faith in declaring our belief solely in God, the pope of the Vatican seems to have veered from the very foundations of Christianity to believe in man. While not discarding the important role of men in Creation, we know that the Bible teaches that faith shall never be put into anything that belongs to this world, including men. For example, in Psalm 118:8 we read "It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. In Colossians 3:23 we see the quote "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men." Micah 7:5 says "Put no trust in a neighbor; have no confidence in a friend; guard the doors of your mouth from her who lies in your arms" and Psalm 118:9 "It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes."
Obviously, since there can not be hope in anyone but God alone – Who is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – Jorge Bergoglio reconfirms his humanistic belief system which elevates man, and his characteristics, onto a pedestal.
Another statement of Pope Francis which appears to be rather fundamental in its radical nature is:
"The most serious evils currently afflicting the world are unemployment among the young and the solitude in which the elderly are left."
On October 9 2013, by stating that the worst evils are unemployment among the youth and the solitude of the elderly, pope Francis conquered another step towards his global success among the world's secular societies. Certainly, there could be nothing better in the world than a pope who shows compassion for all people, which is good and holy; nonetheless, it becomes confusing when unemployment becomes the most serious evil in the world while horrors such as homicide, wars, abortion, torture, oppression and apostasy are widespread evils of certain graver degrees. Unemployment is, per se, not 'an evil' but rather the consequence of a complex series of factors within a social, economic and political system (whether it is corrupt or not). Since the pope is the 'agent' of God on earth, he's normally involved in the more intrinsic evils such as the ones concerning the corruption of the soul within the person; these regard a warped morality, a dysfunctional behavior and misleading patterns which, through sin, can lead the soul into darkness and eventually, into Hell. It is not in the practical discomfort of a precarious condition that a person can be led into possible eternal damnation but, rather, it is in that invisible battle – and its outcomes – which occurs within the spiritual realm of the person's inner being. As we all know, Christ did not die on the Cross to fight against the evil of unemployment, but for the sins of the world that are committed by both the employed and unemployed, and by both the rich and the poor. Here is the entire statement:
"The most serious evils currently afflicting the world are unemployment among the young and the solitude in which the elderly are left. The elderly need care and companionship; the young need work and hope. However, they have neither the one nor the other, and the trouble is that they are no longer seeking for them. They have been crushed by the present. Tell me: can one live crushed by the present? Without any memory of the past or any desire to look to the future by building a project, a future, a family? Is it possible to continue in this way? This, in my opinion, is the most urgent problem facing the Church."
In the very last few words, Bergoglio presents such 'evils' as the most urgent priorities for the Church while, on September 19 2013, he stated that "We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. This is not possible." He continued by saying that "The teaching of the church, for that matter, is clear and I am a son of the church, but it is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time."
Our commentary is not needed so clearly these words were put. We would only like to mention that issues like gay marriage and contraceptive methods are never even mentioned on the altar of our churches. Never do we hear about such subjects since today's priests' only focus is mercy and its infinity.
Moving on to further statements, during an interview on March 31 2014  one student asked the Pope where his preference for the poor comes from. Bergoglio responded in these words:
"Because this is the heart of the Gospel, and I am a believer, I believe in God, I believe in Christ, I believe in the Gospel, and the heart of the Gospel is the poor. And because of this, I believe that the poor are the center of the Gospel of Jesus. This is clear if we read it,' he affirmed. Later on, a student expressed to the Pope that, despite not being a believer, she feels inspired by him because of his work. Pope Francis emphasized to the students that 'people need to try to speak with authenticity.
My authenticity is that I am speaking with brothers: All of us are brothers, believers, non believers, of this religious profession, of another, Jews, Muslims; all of us are brothers. Man is at the center of history."
It is absolutely wrong to say that the heart of the Gospel is the poor. The heart of the Gospel is Jesus Christ, Who Humiliated Himself beyond our reasoning to become a man who will die for this unworthy humanity – which still fails to honor Him to this very minute.
The Heart of the Gospel is Jesus Christ, not the poor.
The Center of the Gospel of Jesus is clearly Jesus Himself, not the poor.
The Center of history is Jesus Christ (as we even count the years based on His Birth alone) and not man.
We believe in God and not in man.
Clearly, Bergoglio puts man above God in a fundamental humanistic key covered by false humility and charity. Words like 'We cannot insist on…' or 'It is not necessary to…' or 'This is my opinion…' or 'The most serious evils are…' and 'My authenticity…' are not typical of the humble man, especially when instructing the faithful through his own views. These are the words of someone who wants to change a doctrine by prioritizing his ways, his thoughts, his opinions, his views and his words in the same manner any atheist or communist would.
This, brothers and sisters, is the Gospel according to Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
As we spoke of this pope's opinion on fundamentalism, we made a clear connection with the Church as the 'fundamental' inheritance that Christ left to men. It is very interesting to note that on 9-11-2013, Bergoglio states the following:

vatican statement - the wild voice

There is no need to explain the above as the words speak on their own. We can only say that the pope of the Catholic Church believes that the Immaculate Mother of the Redeemer is as imperfect as the Mystical Body of Christ. This revolutionary view is not his first attempt to attack the perfection of Mary's soul -(see 'New World Pope: Analysis of Statements and Events – Lies! I Was Deceived!')

Let's not forget the statement he made at the presiding board of the CLAR (the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Religious Men and Women) on 6-6-13 in regards to the veneration of the Virgin Mary through the Holy Rosary:

"I share with you two concerns. One is the Pelagian current that there is in the Church at this moment. There are some restorationist groups. I know some, it fell upon me to receive them in Buenos Aires. And one feels as if one goes back 60 years! Before the Council… One feels in 1940… An anecdote, just to illustrate this, it is not to laugh at it, I took it with respect, but it concerns me; when I was elected, I received a letter from one of these groups, and they said: "Your Holiness, we offer you this spiritual treasure: 3,525 rosaries." Why don't they say, "we pray for you, we ask…", but this thing of counting… And these groups return to practices and to disciplines that I lived through – not you, because you are not old – to disciplines, to things that in that moment took place, but not now, they do not exist today…"

These words were the source of, yet, another intervention which had to be made by the PR of this papacy in order to repair the damage made. In relation to these doctrinal ambiguous statements in regards to the minimization of the Blessed Virgin's role in our faith, here is a message from The Book of Truth, which once again is in perfect alignment with current events:


Mother of Salvation's message on Sunday, November 10th, 2013 – given to Maria Divine Mercy

My dear child, my role as Mother of Salvation is to remind you of all that I have told you down through the centuries. Love one another as my Son loves you. Show compassion for everyone and especially for those who persecute you. Listen to what I revealed to visionaries at La Salette and Fatima and study them in great detail. Very little of what I instructed was carried out by you. My warnings were dismissed and the consequences of ignoring what was given to you will now become a reality.
When Heaven reveals messages to humanity, it is like communicating to a large stone fortress. Some of my revelations seeped through and were followed. Many were simply discarded by those of little faith, and the fortress became impenetrable against the intervention from Heaven, given to you to increase your faith and to keep you safe in God’s Arms.
My role as Co-Redemptrix means that my power against the devil has been strengthened, in a way that has not been granted to me by God before. So now is the time when all devotion to me will be carefully dismissed, by the enemies of my Son. When veneration to me is rushed through and when the request to safeguard countries against Communism is twisted, then my wishes will not have been carried out. I will, from now on, be a rarity in the official patronage normally afforded me, the Mother of God, in my Son’s Churches on Earth. My power against the beast will be avoided by the removal of my image, my Holy Rosary and other devotions to me from many Catholic Churches. Then, the temples of God will remove all traces of my Son, Jesus Christ, in preparation for the beast, who will come and sit on the throne in the highest temple of God. Then the true meaning of reconciliation with Jesus Christ will be adapted when they will say that it is no longer necessary to ask God to forgive you for your sins, if you lead a good life. People will start to believe in their own views as to what makes them good in the Eyes of God. But you must never ever forget that salvation, a Gift to every single sinner in the world, can never become theirs unless they ask God to forgive them first. This is the kernel of the Covenant, which was gained for the human race by my Son’s death on the Cross. Jesus Christ won, for the world, the salvation from sin and the Gift of Eternal Life. In order to receive this Gift you must ask God to forgive you for your sins.
Salvation is yours, only through reconciliation with God.

Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation


Although our words may seem a bit harsh when describing the nature of this new phenomena within the Vatican's highest ranks, we could find no better words to portray what is the truth of the difficult situation in which bishop Bergoglio is putting the Catholic Church.
It might not be coincidence that the fourth ranking person in the Vatican power list, lay journalist and now Pope Francis' marketing magician Greg Burke, posted this image on his twitter page:

the wild voice pope francis the rebel of god

Please note that the translation Mr Burke provided is inaccurate. In fact, the French words in the image mean 'The Rebel of God'. Interestingly, this reminds us of the page we created about Lucifer who is God's rebellious angel.

Pope Francis False Prophet
Here below is a screenshot from an article mentioning that Fox News columnist Adam Shaws was immediately removed from his role upon having simply expressed his opinion on the pope's inability to guide the Church. This is in total opposition of the spirit of the First Amendment of the US Constitution: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
A curious fact is that Greg Burke also worked with Fox News (for about ten years and prior to becoming a Vatican full-time employee as well as the builder of the legendary 'Francis Effect'). We would like to remind you that these are only details which, again, might be pure coincidence.

pope magog gog


pope in wind

Mario Palmaro and journalist Alessandro GnocchiOn October 9th 2013, Philosophy of Law Professor Mario Palmaro and journalist Alessandro Gnocchi published in the daily newspaper 'Il Foglio' a tough but clear-cut criticism of the pontificate of Pope Francis up to that point – a text which has been interpreted as a 'charge' and 'admonition' of the Pope. The article caused a stir, found much approval, but fell off the rails because of its 'too hard' criticism. This is not all there is to the story: even on the day of the article's publication, both men were terminated after ten years of collaboration with Radio Maria Italy. Program Director, Don Livio Fanzaga, justified the drastic decision because criticism of the Pope is 'incompatible' to the position of a facilitator of Radio Maria. The station had clear principles: it is loyal to the Pope, his teaching and his pastoral guidelines. So it had been under John Paul II and Benedict XVI, and it has been also under Francis'.

The daily newspaper 'Libero' gave an interview to the two fired Catholics and here are some highlights:

What the Pope has said or done, that two Catholic journalists don't like?
There are two problematic aspects: form and content. Francis adopted a behavior and a style that is leading to the unraveling of the papacy in its formal structure, which tends to lead towards a dissolution of the Pope to one bishop among many, and not the "sweetness of Christ on earth", of which Saint Catherine of Sienna speaks.
At the level of content not only ambiguity is found in the interviews of the Civiltà Cattolica and La Repubblica, but objective philosophical and doctrinal errors.

We speak to each other as fellow journalists: We discuss the classic case of a non-message as two baptized Catholics who had been hearing what the Pope had been saying for months in regards to taking innovative steps away from the Church's traditional doctrine. After all, it is our job to write and comment on them while providing not only a basic rule of information, but also the Church's law. The interview with La Repubblica's co-founder Eugenio Scalfari, as well as the one with La Civilta' Cattolica, are only the most recent, glaring examples: they went around the world, they led to calls for revolution, they amazed thousands upon thousands of Catholics and no one has something to say?
In contrast, there is a unanimous choir of jubilation, extending from certain conservative Catholics like Enzo Bianchi and Hans Küng all the way to the open church haters like Marco Pannella.
You have criticized the interview granted to Eugenio Scalfari. The interview was not right or the interviewer?
The choice of Eugenio Scalfari to interview the pope was unprecedented and left many Catholics stunned. He is not only a non-believer, but a historical antagonist of catholicity. The daily newspaper La Repubblica is the symbol of a radical chic culture that has made divorce and abortion the supporting pillars of a new nihilistic society in which there is no room for Christ and the Sacraments. It would have been different if Scalfari had met Francis privately to talk about his own views in regards to a possible personal conversion.
In connection with the Pope's interview Civilta' Cattolica, you say that it puts the propositions of the teaching on abortion and mercy in opposition. What does that mean?
The first form of charity is the truth. The good doctor does not conceal from the patient the severity of his illness, in order that he can cure it. God wants to forgive us ceaselessly, but he expects us to repent after having acknowledged that we have sinned. A church that is silent on morality and not clashing with the world would be lacking in charity toward sinners. It is easy, for Francis, to say that the death of 300 African refugees off the coast of Lampedusa is "a shame"; it is much harder, instead, to state that 300 aborted children is a far greater shame.

pope abortion
And for this reason (and others) you have the 'Normalists' criticize the Catholics. These 'Normalists', just like the secular press, wish to realize a revolution against the Church's Magisterium: so what has changed in reality?
We have a very simple reason for describing these individuals as 'Normalists': what they do is nothing but conceal the errors of Pope Francis – from the conscience of ethics and bioethics to the issues of religious life. With all respect to others' good will and good intentions, we admit that they bring an enormous damage: in fact, by saying that everything is all quite normal, that there have been no changes and that there is 'catholicity' in his words (when such is not true), they end up professing that these bare statements of the Pope are perfectly Catholic. These poor ones are given the illusion that the media is moderately stronger than Bergoglio and think that their subsequent corrections reach those addressees. In reality they do not understand anything about how the machinery of mass media works today. They are not able to correct the Pope, but the Pope is the one who absorbs it.
But even if the Pope should make un-Catholic statements, then why do the Normalists do these things as if they don't see them at all?
Because the focus of the problem is no less than the Pope. Since Catholics consider the pope to be the Church leader, they have never been in the position of actually having to criticize his words. To make it more understandable: if, instead, the interview in the Civiltà Cattolica had been involving a theologian (or even a bishop) those same words would have been criticized since their very publishing as found to be unfitting and wrong.
But aside from the interviews, haven't you also criticized the interpretation of the Pope to the Second Vatican Council. Is not that too harsh a criticism?
We stick to the facts: with the Second Vatican Council the Church declared to be open to the world and to want to respond to its expectations. A revolution that has produced questionable results in these last decades: the seminaries are empty and in many of them – probably most of them – un-Catholic teachings are commonly divulged by teachers who are actual non-believers (as desired by Carlo Maria Martini).
You have portrayed Bergoglio also as having an exaggerated feeling with the mass media. Are you not thinking that it rather strengthens the image of the Church?
For this purpose, the answer is always Marshall McLuhan: the media creates an illusion that is the facsimile of the Mystical Body, and which he calls 'a stunning appearance of the Antichrist'
But in yesterday's homily, on October 11 2013, the Pope insisted on the fact that the devil is a reality and not a metaphor. He said that 'whoever is not with Jesus is against Jesus and that there are no half-measures'. Does not that contradict your image of a 'progressive Pope'?
During these months, Pope Francis has said many Catholic things, but that's normal: he is the Pope. In our article, for example, we have compared what Pope Francis says about conscience with what Pope John Paul II wrote in his 1993 Encyclical 'Veritatis Splendor'. One says the exact opposite of the other and, no matter how much one tries to see some common ground between John Paul II words and Pope Francis' thoughts, the two remain in total antithesis. No one has commented on what we have written. No one has refuted us even a single line. A friendly gentleman even told us publicly to go to confession [he laughs]. Of course this gentleman did not know that we had already confessed all such thoughts to a priest; afterwards, the confessor said that he shares the same exact opinions and feelings about pope Francis, but that he can not share them. This gentleman should also know how many letters and phone calls we have received from Catholics who simply could not take it any more and thanked us for what we have written.
These considerations have gotten you fired at Radio Maria. Was this decision to avoid this adventure, or had you already factored it in before?
We had thought about it, but we could no longer remain silent. We are still friends with Father Livio Fanzaga after the incident; as the program supervisor, he determines its direction which includes the rule that no one is to criticize the Pope, even if he talks about football. Therefore, our comments were obviously considered to be out of place. We, though, believe in the right to express our own position. We don't believe (and didn't know) that censorship was to be imposed on legitimate questions: this imposition does the Catholic world and the Church no good. Even if what we stated was the source of somewhat bitterness, we found the action taken upon us to be unfair: in fact, after working at Radio Maria for ten years – during which we had total freedom of speech in regards to hot topics – being fired within two hours from the printing of the article was shocking. Their rashness in not even taking a moment to reflect truly hurts.
Do you think that this expulsion was decided somewhere else?
That should be asked to Father Livio, who is a good priest and a good man.
However, can you stay at a Catholic radio station and yet criticize the Pope?
Of course, provided that the criticism is not contrary to the teaching of the Church. If Paul of Tarsus had not criticized the first pope, then we Catholics today would be circumcised, because Saint Peter wanted to raise the standard. If Saint Catherine had not rebuked the Popes, the Pope would still be sitting in Avignon today.
The Pope seeks dialogue with many people, including various militant atheists. Do you expect his phone call in the attempt to have you back on Radio Maria's broadcast?
We think that it would be much better if the Pope dedicated himself to his office in order to guide Christ's flock along the path of true faith and to make sure that they know the Church's Catechism, so that those who are far away from God may be converted.

October 10th, 2013, Libero

We would like to add that Pope Francis told Eugenio Scalfari the following story:

"I celebrated Mass in a church in the outskirts of Rome. A young man came up to me and said: 'Francesco, I am an atheist but I'm seeking to believe. I just can't find it in me. What can I do?' To this I replied 'You don't have to do anything: just know that Jesus is always looking at you"

The statement was immediately removed along with the final phrase at the bottom of the interview and in which Pope Francis declared "I will change this Church." Apparently, the newspaper was forced to censor several parts of the interview after Francis' words raised a strong concern among the true faithful.




One of tactics of radical regimes is 'conspiracy' against those who are blamed to be 'conspiratorial'. There are powerful lobbies working with the Vatican and against all those who might question the current papacy, including the Messages given through Maria Divine Mercy. Those who – like us at the Wild Voice – read God's messages given to Maria Divine Mercy know that our lives are already at risk: although we do not live in fear, we are being discriminated against as a minority and have even had our lives threatened by some of these groups.
Let us be strong and loving, always. Since we, in our faith, love all people of all beliefs and of all nationalities, we ask to those groups who hate us –and all those who are of other denominations and creeds– to show love, mercy and compassion.

As just one example, there are people who have created many profiles over Facebook – as well as numerous blogs – with the sole purpose of destroying God's Work: that same God who minted us from the nothingness of the yesteryears.  These multi-faced online identity's (created by many employees, freelancers, independent agents and activists) comments can be seen on hundreds of hateful pages all over the internet. They work around the clock to comment, post, slander, mock and denigrate. The language used can be so harsh, at times, as to threaten people's well-being as well as their reputation and peace of mind. Out of respect we will not name them, and we always pray for those working against God's Messages.

Sources have confirmed that many of these groups who are conspiring against God's work through Maria Divine Mercy –through platforms specifically created against her– belong to Vatican lobbies and are managed by numerous employees. Their only purpose and focus is to slander God's Name and the one of a woman who has never responded once. Some of the people posting and/or commenting on these pages not only might be anti-Catholic but, by their clear hatred towards the faithful, they could as easily be masons, Satanists and/or atheists – some of these individuals are being paid and have been trained to cut and paste the same canon laws, passages, and insults from documents provided to them. Christ Tells us the following:

"The worst attacks will come from satanic groups, many of whom pose as Christians, so they can vent their anger, by pretending to defend their faith. Such is the manner in which Satan uses his willing victims to attack My Work."
Jesus' Message from Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 – given to Maria Divine Mercy, The Book of Truth

The words we see them use daily are 'despicable', 'cockroaches', 'scum', 'filth', 'cowards', 'idiots' to name a very, very few. Is this the spirit of the church of Jorge Mario Bergoglio? We truly hope not.

Not too long ago, one of the slandering blogs founded by this lobby (which was created to promote the questionable pope while hourly attacking the faithful who dare to ever raise suspicion about this papacy) presented a deceitful article which declared that those who follow Maria Divine Mercy are praying for the pope's death. The information given was absolutely manipulative and ridiculously based only on one person's personal opinion and imprecise manner of expression which was in fact rebuked by those who support the messages given through Maria Divine Mercy.
This is the actual screenshot of the title:


In the following shot, an article exposes the extremist system we have been under since Bergoglio has taken charge of the Vatican and the Catholic Church. Indeed, as Reverend Dwight Longenecker calls them, the 'sinister conservatives' are now guilty of wishing for the death of the current vicar. What is even more obvious is the direct connection between the lobbies spreading false accusations through the blogs mentioned above and Cardinal Maradiaga's dangerously intolerant and totalitarian statement contained in the article below.


It comes with no surprise that the hard work of those who are on a payroll to create division and hatred is paying off. This game is not easily visible unless the faithful wake up to the deceitful and warped machine behind a honey-covered false reality.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is just the beginning. We, therefore, ask for the help of all those who believe in God, in Christ, in the Truth, in justice, in righteousness, in love and in peace to join forces with us, Catholic people, who are still believing in the True God and in the freedom He Bestowed upon us. We are about to be thrown to the lions by being accused of actions which will not come from us but, rather, from those who work for this pope by spreading calculated lies (and, maybe, even by committing future actions) for the purpose of blaming the ones who will not adhere to the heretical teachings of bishop Mario Bergoglio


Bergolgio's defense system against the truth is made out of a large network, as we have said. In the collage below we display only a tiny fraction of the horrific screenshots created by some of the various pages and blogs (with names removed) working against the messages given to Maria Divine Mercy in The Book of Truth. It quickly became abundantly clear that the people managing the various profiles pages all belong to one group.

maria divine mercy true or false

There is no love, no compassion, no joy, no peace, no mercy, no God, no Christ, no Holy Spirit in all the above. Just hatred, slandering, mockery and darkness govern the content of such imagery and words. Maybe we are being too fundamental in our beliefs to be able to perceive the harmony transmitted by these comments and drawings, but something tells us that real believers – real Catholics – would never be involved in this kind of malicious work. We, in fact, do not remember witnessing the birth of large numbers of groups and blogs producing thousands of images in defense of Pope Benedict XVI when he was portrayed as an evil being over and over again by mainstream media.

Not only nothing of Christianity is present in the works of of these lobbies, but not even an inch of the precarious love message of Bergoglio appears. Everything is mean. All words are used as knives to injure others. The tone is arid. The spirit is dark. Are these the devout followers of the all loving, all poor, all humble and all happy Pope Francis I? If this is the case, we are not surprised. Not to mention that all blogs and pages dedicated to sharing Maria Divine Mercy's prophecies are frequented by loving, humble, patient, and kind Catholics whose words, instead, are filled with the Holy Spirit. Not a bad word, or a tone, or a slander, or an insult can be seen.
What does this tell us? It tells us that the Love present in the Book of Truth through the messages and Crusade Prayers given by the Holy Spirit TRULY COME FROM GOD. By the fruits we must judge, and so we do.
We, at the same time, are hoping that those who persecute us will soon come to understand the mistake they're making – in hating others – in the name of a god who is not the Trinity. 

We love you, no matter what; We will remain faithful to God's Word until the end of times and hope that you will join us, too. If not, we will continue to pray for you. Always. 

Where there is God, there is no hatred.
Where there is God, there is love.
Where there is God, there is peace.
Where there is God, there is no slander.
Where there is God, there is harmony.
Where there is God, there is not darkness.

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