When Truth Becomes Relative


The RIGHT and WRONG Issue
Written by PAUL JOSEPH C.

I, the person writing to you in this very moment while being unaware of my own heart beat and over which I have no control, am only a creature of mud.
I, just like you and all those who walked this earth from the time of its very foundations, will go back to the dust from which I was formed. This is the undeniable truth. Or at least we thought so up until recently.
Why would I say such a "negative" thing about myself? Should I not be positive instead? Allow me, then, to further tell you that my opinion is absolutely and completely irrelevant. Why is that so?
It's simple: because God, Who Is the Truth, is NEVER a matter of opinion. Can, for example, gravity be a matter of opinion? Can right and wrong be a matter of opinion?

The Relative TruthWell, my dear friend, you and I live in a time when all true things fall into the destructive interrogations of a beast that each passing day is daring to disassemble their veracity: this beast is called Relativism.
It's a lying and ferocious creature who, hiding in the shadow of human pride, seeks to sink his teeth and claws into that pure and white lamb that is the truth.
An example that comes to mind is given by a well-known actor in Hollywood who is known to have recently said:

"I want to represent magic, that you're in a Universe and that two plus two only equals four if you accept that two plus two equals four. Two plus two is gonna be what I want it to be." W.S.

Such words should not be taken lightly as they are the reflection of the philosophies and doctrines that have spread throughout our society and media like cancer cells devouring all they find in their way.

Truth can only be Truth when it's ONE, WHOLE, UNQUESTIONABLE and ABSOLUTE.
When something is ABSOLUTE it cannot be RELATIVE.
When something is UNQUESTIONABLE it leaves no room for any DOUBTS.
When there can only be ONE truth, there could never be TWO or TWO THOUSAND other truths.
And so, when nowadays the average human dares to state "What is true to you might not be true to me" we witness a convenient use of relativism for the sole sake of self-interest on one side and lack of interest towards others. This foolishly perceived-to-be open-mindedness leads the person into total blindness. 

…And can a blind person find his way home? 

The truth is never a matter of opinion or personal belief. What we think of it has no impact on its existing: it exists for both those who believe it and for those who don't believe it. And it remains whole and unchangeable for those who accept it as well as for those who don't accept it.
With all the respect for other people's freedom of opinion, how can the Hollywood celebrity mentioned above come to affirm that "Two plus two is gonna be what I want it to be" when he surely did not decide to be born? We know that he did not create his own self, or build his own heart, or assemble his own rib cage, or make his own eyes, feet and arms; nor did he teach himself how to speak while being formed in the womb of a woman who, at that time, had about a million times more intelligence then he. Did he not back then depend on his parents completely while being a vulnerable baby? Did he buy his on clothes at the age of two while still not being able to control his bowels? Who fed him? Under whose roof did he live? Did he build that roof? Did he create the sun under which he and all those before him lived and laughed and cried and worked? Did he control his physical growth from being a fetus into the forty-year old man he is today? If that is the case, can he know the time and day of his death? If he can change the truth into what he wants it to be, shouldn't he be able to change water into wine? Or stone into gold? The list of true and undeniable examples is infinite – just as infinite as the only infinite quality we possess: stupidity.

What, then, can be the consequence of blurring the truth with relativism? Its result can only be lethal both for the single person as well as for an entire society.
Indeed, without a firm parameter establishing the rights and wrongs as the absolutes to which all must adhere, there is an automatic loss of morality. How is society going to define good from evil when such concepts have become dependent on personal views? How can we denounce an injustice as being such if it's no longer universally considered so as it has now become changeable upon personal, cultural, gender-based or ethical points of view? By erasing the absolutes that kept the world intact, relativism becomes the source of social chaos, moral anarchy and dangerous legislation which, viewed to be liberal, promotes a hidden totalitarian regime of oppression. The constitutional rights granted to human beings can easily be perceived as questionable by their dependence on specific situations. 

The First Amendment of the American Constitution, for example, protects the right to freedom of opinion and speech. Yet again, if someone today dares to publicly express his own thoughts in regards to gay marriage, he will be condemned as a hateful intolerant extremist; consequently, he will first be massacred by a clearly one-side-polarized press with the intent of influencing public opinion. And second: the gay lobbies will boycott him in order to either destroy his social reputation or his political position or his financial status.
In this case, relativism has been the weapon with which the "offended" party conveniently overplays the role of "victim" by denouncing to have been intolerantly attacked by a person's free speech (now called "hate speech"). The "offender" is forced to now publicly apologize and deny the truth that he declared under the threat of being boycotted by the now outrageously angry victim. WHO is the real victim here? I certainly do not have to explain the dynamic any further if not to say that the so-called discriminated party resembles more a Mafia faction than an innocent girl who was stolen from.

These are tactics used in the most extreme regimes from Nazism to Communism, under which a person's freedom is taken away.
The kind of Communism in American society, politics and media is becoming as totalitarian as other models and yet, it finds a strategic hiding place behind the bright smile of Capitalism. This issue is progressively and quickly becoming a prevalent conflict throughout Europe as well, where new laws are being introduced by its unelected central government. 

Today's world is invaded by an ever-expanding black lake of false teachings of which illusions and lies are as lethal to our minds and souls as radiations are to the environment and our bodies. 

collage of self help books the wild voice

As seen in the image above, the overwhelming bombardment we are exposed to is constant. So called self-help books are nothing but false doctrines of self-love which promote self-obsession from which only self-destruction can be expected. Why, then, do the men and the women of our time so easily fall for such a trap? If anyone of you, reading this article, is currently consulting any of the thousands of volumes circulating out there, please allow me to ask you the following:
Have any of those manuscripts helped you achieve the so-called "next level"?
Are you finally happy and satisfied within yourself?
Has your life become that perfect dream which you were promised you would have as the cover of that one book you purchased for $30 said?
Are you reading these lines from the private jet you have come to possess as a result of learning from "Think and Grow Rich"?
Have you been able to magnetize the man or home of your dreams through the use of some strange invention called "law of attraction"? And is that bizarre law meant to only do good for yourself while maybe at the cost of others?


An example: The Law of Attraction

Who established such a fantastical concept to be a law? A scientific law is a statement based on repeated experimental observations that describes certain aspects of the world around us. A scientific law always applies under the same conditions and implies the causal relationship involving its elements.
The law must be confirmed and broadly agreed upon through the process of inductive reasoning.
Scientific laws differ from scientific theories in that they do not posit a mechanism or explanation of phenomena: they are merely distillations of the results of repeated observation. As such, a law is limited in applicability to circumstances resembling those already observed, and may be found false when extrapolated.
On the credibility scale, theories can yet be found to be a step above a hypothesis, which stands for an educated guess based on observation. Usually, a hypothesis can be supported or refuted through experimentation or more observation and while it can be disproved, it cannot be proven to be true.

The word attraction, in this case, stands for the ability to control what comes into your life by using the power of your mind through positive thoughts.

Question: How could this unproven and fantastical idea be defined as "law" when it could barely qualify as a hypothesis? Not having reached a confirmation and an agreement upon it through a proper process of inductive reasoning would automatically, truly and logically, categorize such concept as the "Hypothesis of Attraction". Additionally, its extremely approximate system of application falls right in between coincidental occurrence and a newly baptized form of superstition that finds its roots in ancient sinister cults of Gnosticism. 

the secretAt this point, I might be accused of being intolerant, closed-minded, ignorant and judgmental as the mere result of an objective and logical reasoning I must make use of – especially when such unfounded idea is undeservedly being referred to as nothing less than "law". This fairy-tale blatantly speculates on the weakness of the human heart and on the delusional tendencies of the human mind, which are respectively in constant search for self-gratification and total control of external events.
Make no mistake: this so-called "Secret" is truly no new secret; indeed, the very first act of delusion and weakness that can be remembered is found in the Third Chapter of the Book of Genesis, in which a man and a woman were seduced by the idea of Secret Knowledge. The bite they took out of that attractive secret became their downfall and the cunning reptile, just like a money-hungry businessman, cashed in on their naivety. The only difference is that today's Secret businessmen and founders have cashed in hundreds of millions of dollars from the dreamers' wallets.

Since I now dared to use a biblical reference, it would be understandable if any of the defenders of the Hypothesis of Attraction said: "Well, you are a Christian and you follow laws too. Therefore, we could apply what you said to your beliefs as well".
I apologize in advance for having formulated an unasked question of my own invention but, in all honesty, I needed a way to make sure that a possible question finds its sure explanation between these lines. The laws God gave, pertaining human behavior and given to us as a list of duties and prohibitions, work just like the laws of a country work. Since they establish the rights and wrongs of individuals (and consequently of societies) based on universally accepted moral codes, these rules are expected to be obeyed.
And while these laws have nothing to do with a scientifically tested and proven theory, no one could disagree with them through the process of inductive reasoning – unless we go back to the very first subject we analyzed on this page: relativism. And it is again in relativism that the Law of Attraction falls into illogicality with its legs while feeding people's illusions with its breasts. And the most lethal fruit of such illusions is the egotistical entitlement to establish – through erroneous beliefs – that right and wrong, truth and falsity, good and evil or male and female are a matter of personal opinion by making true laws invalid due to their now outdated illiberality while inverting all firm rules of morality into a frivolous and unpredictable double-edged knife. This Secret is one of the many signs of the approaching threat of moral anarchy towards which the average individual seems to be very attracted, while remaining ignorant to the consequent tragedy called destruction of human rights.
This is a clear example of the deceiving nature of relative and multiple-possibilities-based doctrines found outside of the one, absolute and whole truth along with its righteous moral and natural codes.
So far, this Law of Attraction seems to have been very successful at attracting selfishness in its entire spectrum: self-loathing, self-love, self-obsession, self-righteousness, self-gratification and self-glorification. After all, its sole purpose is to attract one's dreams, aspirations and desires to himself only, first and foremost through useless and logorrheic mental repetitions meant to constantly correct the mind of their practitioner. In this way, the person starts to live "inward" as if inside a box of unsolved problems which, shall be luckily solved through pure coincidence, will be followed by new challenges requiring constant adjustments in order to become a Master of Attraction. As if this was not self-destructive enough, the victim of this never-ending search of the perfect mastering of this art will simultaneously enter a most complex and painfully masochistic exercise of self-flagellation: such consists of the unceasing act of self punishment executed by the "learner" himself who now begins to delight in reminding his own brain that it has not yet learned the "trick", the "key", the "right combination" which is that Secret that must be learned in order to become that beautiful multi-billionaire who will always find a parking spot for his Ferrari and whose twelve mansions are spread throughout the Five Continents.
Of course, the engineers of this torture device of utmost genial fabrication truly found out the secret to self-realization: it's always achieved through the gullibility of brainwashed, unhappy, miserable and eternally stuck people who just don't like who they are and where they're at.
Those cunning inventors are surely not driving themselves nuts through self-imposed psychological "shock and awe" attacks on their own brains.
First: they know very well that the law of their own making is simply laughable science-fiction. And second: their brains are too busy marketing their business, counting their money and buying their own mansions on five different continents.

They surely did figure out what truly works ~


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