Children of the Father


published on  July 12, 2014

To Be Children of God
Colorful Thought About Being Children
The Soul Tester



Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said that we all ought to be like children, for in Heaven there are no adults. Do you and I truly believe to be children of God? This is a question many of us fail to meditate upon, with the consequent risk of becoming adults.

children of God

Every adult was once a child. No man who has ever conquered the world, or who has ever built an empire, or who has ever become a Pope or an alcoholic or a journalist was born an adult. What Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte and Leonardo Da Vinci all had in common, apart from being men, is that they all played with toys as toddlers.
And just like them, our God Became a child, too.

The Family and Home of the children: Born in a simple family, this Baby was destined to open the Gates of Paradise to the lost generations sprung from Eve's womb. As a grown man, Jesus Christ called God by the name of Abba as the most intimate way of relating to the Almighty. Abba means "daddy".
His openly displayed use of such word was perceived as blasphemous by those who revered the God of Abraham as a distant entity burning in a bush; but Our Lord introduced something so revolutionary as to change all generations after Him: He Told us that we are children of God.
We should remember that Our Savior never grew up from that very first moment when He exited His Mother's Holy Temple to enter into the dirty manger that is this world. Because His purity, meekness, innocence, knowledge, obedience and grace were eternally begotten of the Father, a world most dark like ours could not have either increased nor decreased His uncreated and unchangeable virtues.
This tells us the reason why our Redeemer would refer to the Creator as Abba in His full adultness which was solely consisting of His corporal appearance – as the all-knowing divine and human duality were unchanged from birth. Indeed, when speaking to the doctors of the law, He would confidently affirm His full memory of the Heavens not as acquired knowledge in temporal time elapse, but as the eternally present full knowledge of all seen and unseen.
John, the youngest among Jesus' Apostles, wrote the following extraordinary words:

"See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God; and such we are. For this reason the world does not know us, because it did not know Him"

While it could take years of reflection to peel off the layers beneath this statement, we can simply perceive the evangelist's joy of realizing the great love that the Father Has sent upon us. You and I, as well as the Apostles, were bestowed the gift of being called His children through, in and with Jesus Christ Himself who is the Gift also.
This means that through Him, with Him and in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, a new Fellowship was born: through His Teachings and His Sacrifice on the Cross, our Elderly Brother established the new Covenant which reopened the portal to the Father's realm: our Home.
To be children of God means to know and live the Truth given to us by and in our Blessed Brother, who Was sent by the Almighty Father through the Holy Spirit in the Womb of the Immaculate Mother.
This, my dear friends, is our Family. We are now conscious of having a Father, a Brother and a Mother in the Home we are destined to live forever, world without end.

The Church for the children: In the meantime, a gift within this gift was created for us, poor banished children of Eve living in Satan's reign. Indeed, it is in the "Our Abba Prayer" that the words "Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" tell us of an obedient fellowship established upon by the Word (in order to know) and in the Flesh (in order to live): this is the Catholic and Apostolic Church founded on Peter's Tomb and of which branches shall bear much fruit. There, we shall receive the Gifts of the Word and of the Eucharist, along with the Seven Sacraments. The also called "Mystical Body of Christ" had Its very foundation in Christ's Death on the Cross, although formally inaugurated on Pentecost, when as promised, He Sent the Holy Spirit upon His Mother and Her children: the apostles.
St. Paul speaks of all Christians as members of Christ, so that with Him, they form one Body, although such term does not appear in his writings.
The Church is also formed on three levels:

The Church Militant here on Earth. The name militant is due to the condition of Its children in struggling against the world, the flesh and the devil.
The Church Suffering in Purgatory. The name indicates the state in which are found the souls of those who died in God’s merciful grace and friendship, but who are still in need of purification in order to enter Glory.
The Church Triumphant in the Glory of the Heavenly Realm. 

The unity and cooperation of the children of the Church on Earth, in Purgatory and in Heaven is also called the Communion of Saints.

As mentioned above, the Church on earth is constantly battling in the midst of this world's dark hurricanes just like a lamb among the wolves.
In John's passage there is the mention of the term "world", signifying the spirit of this soon ending realm in which you, me, and the Bride live. The world does not know the depths of this wondrous gift bestowed upon us – and which dwells inside of us – because it does not know Christ, Who is the Way and the Truth rejected and killed on the cross by it. Its spirit is of Satan, who governs it from the depth of his everlasting pit of misery and in bottomless darkness in the hope of incinerating Christ's Church into his kingdom's fires.

"For this reason the world does not know us, because it did not know Him"

True Peace for us children: When Christ Tells us, His children, "I give you my peace, My peace I give unto you", He did not mean for us to be in peace with our own sinful selves, or with the sins of the world and all its evils, or with our going to church while ignoring the needy, or with our daily robotic praying while remaining superficial or selfish. This is rather the insensitive passivity born from our defective tendencies to self involvement, to a false sense of security in a mental faith rather than a fruitful practice of it, and to the forgetfulness of our role in serving God through, also, a horizontal love toward our neighbors as the outcome of an interior grace manifested in the suffering for others' precarious spiritual (and physical) needs. Not to mention that such attitude results in the omission of charity: and for a Christian soul, charity is a pure vessel to witness unto others for the solely purpose of sharing the Truth of Christ as the only mean to salvation (which we often mistakenly believe to be for us only, privileged chosen souls who are already saved by an "idea of salvation" which has been conveniently molded upon our own needs).
That true peace can only germinate within us by taking up our cross to then follow Our Teacher on the road to holiness, which comes at the price of our stillness in not committing what all those around us – of the world – instinctively commit on any given Friday night or maybe daily, by living with the person they unlawfully consume with because divested of the seal in the Sacrament of Marriage. These, of course, are only two common and practical examples of an endless list of what today's secular society deems as normal, if not requirements needed to be considered a "healthy individual".
Peace, my dear friends, comes at the price of denying our sinful pleasures as well as our own standards, our own thoughts and our own opinions, as we only have the standards, thoughts and opinions of God while being unaffected by the standards, thoughts and opinions of others. This is called obedience to His Laws, which according to Christ, is the only way you and I are ever able to declare our Love for Him. While tasting the salt and sand of penance in our mouths, the serpent wraps his unctuous skin around us in order to create a new movement as to break our firmness in faith.
My dear friends, peace and joy are the fruits of obedience and self-denial of our sinister desires, vainglory and pleasures of mind and body; it is one of the fruits of holiness, and to be holy as the Father in the Heavens Is Holy, we must be separated from the world, its spirit, its temptations and sins as well as from our own selves.
This means that I, no longer I shall live, but Christ in Me as I am now dead to myself.
It means that no longer I eat, sleep, talk, think and walk, but it is Christ who now fully lives and operates through me, merely an instrument of dust with its mortal organs and faculties.
It means I shall be united with Him;
It means I shall let go of my own identity as a XXI century individual;
It means I shall see with His eyes and share the pain of His suffering in witnessing the sins and injustices of the world and of myself.
It means  that I shall ache with loneliness while fenced within the protective boundaries of a now new nature, which instills in me an almost instinctual rejection of former passions through God's grace.
It means that to be united with Christ we are to only serve one Master, all others excluded (unless their authority and/or requests meet the Verb's).
This unity will comfort us when being in His company and isolate us from those brothers and sisters who, by failing to comprehend the sweetness of such intimacy, will be divided from us through His spade.
It means I am now alive because I'm entwined with Him as He descends into my depths and lifts me up towards Himself at a point of meeting. 

What John is speaking of is inherent to a world which cannot know those who don't let themselves be known by it, as they no longer belong to death but found new life, in Christ Jesus, by way of Resurrection. Is this the First Resurrection that Our Lord Spoke of? We, then, might consider each morning a new resurrection as we come to life, pick up our cross, follow God and be dead to our own selves until, each night, we rest in peace. And so it goes on and on and on, day after day, in the joy of freely giving up our own will to do the one of the Father. This is the way to Eternal Life as we are living already our life eternal, from this very now until the never-ending ecstasy. We are alive because of our living in Christ and not in the world, as He Is alive in you and in me and within the very depths of our being, sharing all our joys and challenges whether we are aware of Him or not.
We, then, shall forget our own names to all be called by the same title: Christians.
After all, if Our Lord's language of love is now our language also, we shall be as blessed as Peter when they said to him "…for thy very speech betrays thee".    


If you have suffered through my writings, which contain nothing new to be revealed but only that which is confirmed, I would not be surprised if you asked "What has this to do with being children?"
To that I would answer that it has everything to do with it.
First, I would like to briefly recapitalize our history: 

God Created us from the nothingness of time immemorial and for reasons unknown to us other than what we know already: He Does not have to make things outside His Own Will.
One day and long ago, our race betrayed and offended Him by letting Satan's mud stain His Image and Likeness which was stamped upon our garments. After Adam and Eve were banished from the Terrestrial Paradise, Our Creator started speaking through the Prophets because of His generous Love for us. After what could either be thousands of years or a blink of God's eye, He Sent His only Begotten Son to die for us, just like a Lamb to the slaughter, in order to reopen the Gates of Ecstasy Forever Eternal.
The Father, Abba, Is indeed very serious about our soul as to let us, unjust and ungrateful children of this earth, murder Him. Christ Came, Taught us, Performed miracles, Transfigured, Instituted the Eucharist, Founded His Church, Was betrayed, unjustly Judged, Tortured, Killed. He Resurrected three days after His Death and Ascended into Heaven in Mind, Body and Soul.
For two thousand years the Catholic Church as well as all those who honor Him from without It, have maintained the Word alive in the world.
And here we are, in 2014, still loving Him.

Ladies and gentlemen, this condensed truth is the story of God and His long-lost children.
This, along with His next-to-occur Second Coming, is to take us all into a Kingdom of unfathomable beauty where He, the Father, His Son and His Holy Spirit, will dwell among us.
For those of you who do not believe this, it is more than understandable: Jesus Said "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed" as to understanding the doubts of us men and women – and of this time especially.
But for now, I would like to invite you to play a fun little game with me. We'll call it "The Soul Tester"


the soul testerIf you could choose between these two images, which one would you pick?
And where would you rather be, or live in?
Taste, of course, is taste. And the fact that I, personally, prefer the feeling of the second location remains just that: my personal choice. I would like to make a note: the first rendition shows an average building made today and by the hand of men, while the second one is a reproduction of what men could never make out of nothingness: mountains, rivers, trees, grass and animals. Those were on this planet long before man appeared to start raping its soil, waters and air. God is the author of this landscape which, undoubtedly, transmits a deep sense of peace and awe.

Now, for those of you that might prefer the first illustration: I would like for you to think back at the time of when you were a child. Which image would you have picked? Without any so-called logical adult reasoning, which was boring to us back then, wouldn't have you chosen the nature image, even though there's no building where to sleep? We adults can be so preoccupied with planning for a future that may never come, or with having a roof over our heads at all times, or having to reach a certain social status. Shouldn't we think of our time of death, instead, when we will realize that all we accomplished will remain here on earth? Probably, the regrets will be about not having lived enough with our hearts open to the beauty of creation and, above all, to the greatness of its Maker.




Here are two larger images. I would ask you to not scroll down until you have looked at the first one really well. It is the same collage posted at the beginning of this page as to symbolize childhood and what attracts the imagination of those pure angels before the world begins consuming their innocence. Once you're done looking at this first composite, you can scroll down to admire the second one, under which there will be some thoughts. See you in a bit…

children of Godhorror movies

Now that you had the opportunity to look at both, you can scroll back up and try to look at both collages at the same time (even if only partially) just to truly make a comparison.
What do you think? As someone who has watched dozens of horror movies throughout his life, I still have to admit that the comparison is absolutely shocking. In the second image, so many of us will be able to recognize famous movies and/or images that we have seen before but which we would not be able to place in time and space.
This is the subconscious bombardment under which we are constantly exposed. The thousands of images we see everyday on television, in movie theaters, on billboards, on buses, on buildings, on subways, on magazines, on the Internet and in all other possible places is, to say the very least, incredibly overwhelming to our brains, our state of being, our thoughts, our conscious and subconscious minds, our language, our memory, our hearts and souls.

Sometimes it is a good thing to wonder why adults enjoy watching things that reanimate our worse fears and most horrific nightmares. Why are we so attracted to darkness? Have you ever wondered? There are reasons, my dear friends, and they all reside in the human mind (which is so prone to darkness) and in the human soul (which is either barricaded in self-protection against the obscurity entering through our minds or left wide open just like a castle being invaded during a battle as its fortifications were demolished).
The constant use, in the Media world, of imagery portraying evil, murder, rape, violence and all other forms of sinisterness has undoubtedly paid off: homicide, hatred, mental illnesses of all kinds and crime have increased exponentially during the last few years and the numbers are certainly not going down anytime soon.

children playinggun violence media

Now, do you think that a child would enjoy the view of those horror movie billboards? His or her reaction could easily be that of tears and screams as their vulnerable core is being violated by ugliness, death, despair, blood, deformities, possessions, murder, violence, rage, isolation, death, anguish, desperation, insanity, hurt, fear and as many more words of darkness as the number of miles between Cairo and Paris .
All this accounts for one thing: EVIL.
We see that word so much these days, my dear friends. Its four letters have been played with by reversing the word into LIVE, but we know (or at least we should know) that there is no life in evil. No life, no love, no kindness. Not one inch or one dot or one atom of goodness is contained in evil. Evil is eternal death and only death can come from it.
Evil spreads like an oil drop into water; it grows like the spider web built for the sake of trapping other creatures to then feast on them; evil is just as contagious as a deadly disease to which we shall not expose ourselves unless proper precautions were taken.
Evil, inspired by those demons residing in the deep darkness of Hell's pits, are of cunning nature and perverted ideas. They know that the only hope they have in being able to accomplish their task – it being of global control and of global soul-holocaust – is by corrupting the souls of those humans who – thirsty of power, filled in greed, and driven by unlimited ambition – are willingly selling their souls to the king of lies. It is because of their allegiance to Satan that evil has grown to almost reach its peak in the history of this world.

mundane modern lifeThis is in disobedience to God and His sacred Laws. This is what adults do. This is what bad children do (or try to do). The good child, instead, obeys his parents: he's moldable and pure. He wants to please his father and believes what his mother tells him.  There is no wanting darkness for himself or others but, rather, light and peace.

The photograph on the left is a simple, common representation of the daily world seen by the average person, the school teacher, the factory worker, the secretary or the policeman. This is the world made by adults for the adults, or as we often mistakenly name them, for the mature people. This, on the left, is the view of maturity, the world of grown ups, the embodiment of man's ambition: jammed freeways, geometrical office cubicles, dark underground tunnels to transport people and barbed wires to divide the lands of this world. Is this the vision you and I had while reading of some hobbits in Middle Earth or when playing in some park's playground among two hundred year old trees? Those who built these roads and laid these fences were once children; those who designed such structures once played with some toys while dreaming of being astronauts; and those controlling the system from the top of a global pyramid were once fed by their mothers' breasts while wrapped in candid white sheets and warm love. What changed, we might ask? Why do we become so cold, detached, self-obsessed, dark, proud and materialistic once we grow out of childhood? What is that draws us towards ugliness, division and darkness? What is the appeal of gossip, of money, of worldly ambitions and of social status? We, surely, were not born with all such and, while never perfect, our innocence once distinguished us as noble creatures who would only dream of a higher form of happiness reigning above the small illusions of this "adults' world". We can only remember the long and boring conversations among those grown-ups and our parents: politics, money, work, gossip, clothes, health, food or sports were just a few of the subjects discussed on a street sidewalk while our free hearts would, instead, take our attention to a bird right next to us or to the dark clouds which, being reflected in a puddle, would make us wonder if a whole world was to be found in its unexplored depths. Back then, time was never an imposition or a money-making opportunity to be used for our own glory but the simple present enjoyment of just being. The knowing of our smallness made us great as we felt contained within a larger place of unexplored places which stimulated our creativity in always unpredictable ways. Our hearts built thousands of imaginary worlds no one would ever know but ourselves and the One who Made us: God, the Maker of all things and, therefore, the very Origin of our fantastical journeys to places and times now buried by the daily pursuits of our mortal earthly existences. Isn't this our prayer? Aren't these the places where we want to live? Prayer, my dear friends, can only be from one's heart in hope and joy; prayer builds the bridge between us and the Father who, in His infinitely tender heart, died for us on the same day His Son Jesus Christ died in the flesh on a man-made cross. This God does not think like us, selfish adults in a gray world. Just look at a few examples of His infinitely colorful imagination:

Collage of creation - the wild voiceAll this He Has Made for us, His children. Look at His Creativity: this is the work of an Infinite Genius. No coincidences nor Big Bang Theories could even begin to create one feather of a chicken under a splendid star called Sun. If we compare the collage above with the one here on the left, it is easy to notice that God has created the world for children. The vivid colors and endless variations of shape and structure present within it makes it closer to the 'children compositions' we posted onto this page. What makes God's touch incomprehensible in its greatness is the mysterious ability to make LIFE. Only God can create out of nothingness; only God can make one elephant and five thousand ants coexist within a few square feet of land while a lion's roar travels through miles of hot air under a red-painted African sky. What can we say about this miracle of creation? There are no words nor the mere understanding to describe the breathtaking mind of our Father in Heaven. We, children, must contemplate on His beauty and generosity. We must remain humble and small in the same way we did when obeying and respecting our earthly parents. We must never let go of our innocence, a treasure so rare to be found in today's gluttonous society. We must not run from the Lord, my dear friends; in this imperfect garden we live, we have the illusion and opportunity to escape from our God's Presence by cooping ourselves up into the darkness of a remote corner here on earth just like Adam and Eve did in the Eternal Eden. But one day soon we will open our eyes and, in the midst of that dark forest, light will be cast on the thick trees' shades: Christ will be standing in front of each one of us, staring into our eyes; there will be no more dark bar or luxurious cruise to escape to, but the only path in front of our very feet will lead to Him only as He will be waiting for us to run and hug Him as His children. Why will this happen? For one reason: because He Is madly in love with each one of us – world without end. Amen ~



14 comments for “Children of the Father

  1. Janiera
    June 3, 2015 at 8:12 AM

    This is a great article! While I do believe in God, but not organized religion I do agree it is important to fill yourself with more light and peace than anything else. As a horror writer and all things horror lover, I do have to say that how you take in horror does not effect how you treat other people as it is easy to recognize what is fake. It's important not to submit yourself in darkness all the time, but you can enjoy horror on a regular basis while keeping yourself the same.This comes from being surrounded by great people and other positive images.
    Thinking like a child all the time would be wonderful, but it is also very naive. There are forces out there that are dangerous, thinking like an adult is actually a great way to keep yourself safe, make sure the bills are paid and stay rooted in reality. Thinking like a child applies best for me how to treat others. Does child judge a gay person because their gay? No. They judge them on heir heart. If we thought as children more often on how to relate to each other, the world would be a much better place.

  2. Britanica
    August 31, 2014 at 5:52 PM

    I love what you did with these comparisons. I agree completely. God wants us to be as children. That means loving from the heart, seeing from the heart, feeling from the heart. Not being blind to the senses but allowing your own spirit to be greater than the flesh.
    Children don't understand what it is to look at a skinny person and a fat person. They see the difference but that doesn't effect how they feel about these people. So many people judge a book by its cover. It is a shame. They also will get enjoyment out of violence, hate, crime, greed… All that is evil in the world is glorified and praised, and all that is good is hidden in the shadow and ignored. Just looking at the news you will see what I mean. Fear is greater than love according to the world that doesn't know what love is. If you understand love, the spirit, the mind, the body, the soul… When you look around this world, you will question things. We are only ever truly free from ourselves when the spirit governs the mind and the mind governs the body.
    Any other order, and we struggle.

  3. Patrick Bundy
    August 13, 2014 at 5:17 PM

    It is sad but true. As children, our worldview is positive and untouched by the evil that consumes this Earth, but as we age, we are exposed to that which is ugly and we change accordingly. We lie, cheat, steal, rape and murder because our innocence has been shred to little fragments of imagination by the time we hit adulthood, and from then on, the world appears to be a very dark and sinister place. Yet, as I like to put it, where there is darkness there is also light. By which I mean that even though the presence of darkness may seem overwhelming, if you really look for it, there is light everywhere we go. You even highlighted this point, by putting the good imagery of life next to the evil that we are suckered into, making it almost like a choice that we have to follow the light or sink into darkness.

    With this being said, we need to appreciate that even if we do choose to look for the light, there is still evil that will try to penetrate and influence our souls. I must admit that even I have been lured into watching lots of horror movies, and even enjoyed them, as they produce that sense of thrill and adrenaline that I crave. Although, what I tend to forget is what kind of an effect these movies can have on our minds, and the terrible things that we are constantly being fed through imagery.

    I do go out of my way to improve myself and hope to enhance the lives of those around me. Alas, as an imperfect specimen, I do have my days when I get angry, frustrated, upset, depressed, stressed and above all tedious of the world we live in. It's a natural thing after all. I am getting better at catching myself when I'm falling into these negative states, and attempt to view the good in every situation. It does help occasionally when stressed or angry, to take a step back, breathe and look for everything that is good about a particular situation. Even getting fired can be a good thing, as it allows you room to grow, expand your horizons as a person and perhaps the opportunity for a better income.

    Thank you for this post. I love to read content that really gets my mind working, and I think that this has been some valuable fuel to my fire.


  4. Jennifer Owens
    July 26, 2014 at 3:38 AM

    I will respond humbly by saying thank you for your awesome enlightenment. Food for my soul. Thoughts that make me think, rethink and ponder all I was taught as a child, especially the "grow up" threat that we all heard.
    Thank you. Thank you for your time in writing this. You are, in my opinion, truly God inspired. I really don't have the correct words to tell you how this has affected me in such a positive way. Please keep writing; you have so much in which to help people. I have learned, from your example, the proper way to answer a reply. I kept thinking as I was reading yours that I would have messed it up horribly with my opinions. Thank you again for what you are doing.
    PS: I picked nature, I always do.

      September 11, 2014 at 10:36 PM

      Dear Jennifer,

      I apologize for my belated reply, but one good observation was drawn from such delay: on the day of your comment (July 26th 2014) we barely knew each other. Today, on the thirteenth commemoration of September 11, your name is family to me. Time can be strange, at times, and yet: to think of its absence into an eternal present can be even stranger.

      — Everything is a mystery —

      What can I say to you if not a large "THANK YOU" for the words you wrote.
      I also THANK GOD for having sent us – all together and at the same time – in this exile at home away from Home.
      As children of the Father, we were MADE BY HIS HAND to be EXISTING ON EARTH so that, THROUGH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, we may have AN ETERNAL LIFE.

      This goes beyond all human comprehension. And this is also another reason for us to say that we are the little children of our Almighty Father ~


      ~ Paul ~

  5. July 20, 2014 at 9:46 PM

    Such a well thought out post with very adamant opinions regarding God and his love for us, his children. I agree that God loves us very much unconditionally. Your post was very inspirational and moving. Thank you for sharing!

      July 21, 2014 at 3:35 PM

      Thank YOU for bringing these words alive into your heart: without a reader, these would only be forgotten letters in a remote corner of the web like dead leaves falling from a tree.

      May God Bless you ~

  6. Anette Cecilie
    July 18, 2014 at 2:13 AM

    I did not know that Abba means “daddy”. I sometimes wonder why we, as children, are so pure, innocent, truthful and fair; and as we grow up, most of us change into something very different. We cheat, lie, hurt others, steal and generally do bad things to other people. Why does this happen? Why can’t we stay in that “baby” state forever? What would happen if we could do it? Would the world be at peace?

    Thank you for explaining what the Communion of Saints actually means! I did not know it is formed of those 3 levels.

    Regarding the “Soul Tester”, I would choose nature anytime with my eyes closed! We can never compare heavenly nature, with clear waters, tall trees and beautiful animals running free, with the first image. And yes, we are all sometimes preoccupied with planning for the future and often forget to actually live in the present. I am guilty of this as well.

    The first collage of images that symbolize childhood is amazing! It made me feel like a child again! The second is a bit scary as I don’t watch horror movies at all. And yes, we are bombarded with such images and others, all the time, and this changes us, turning us into something very different. I love watching comedies and even cartoons and hate horror movies. I am a generally happy person and I attribute this to what I watch and listen to.

    Thank you for this, Paul!

      July 21, 2014 at 3:32 PM

      Thank Be to God, Anette, and thank YOU for the generous words and the passionate response.

      I am so very guilty for not living in the now, too. If we could only perceive God's Glorious Eternal Now for one instant, we would cry unceasingly from this very moment until our last breath…But we must endure until we, too, will be embraced by His Mighty Love, where no more darkness will ever be.

      In gratitude,

      God Bless you ~


  7. Emma M
    July 17, 2014 at 6:21 AM

    So much food for thought here, so much hard work in your post. I truly enjoyed reading your thoughts and opinions, showing that although we do not agree on all things, there are so many points that I have to stand side by side with you upon.

    Firstly, I do believe in the Christian God but he is not the only God to exist and I can not follow the Bible blindly and word for word when it is so Narcissistic in the very manor of "You shall have no other Gods before me!". This shows that there is a belief there is more than one God but that we should place Yahweh above all other Gods. The Bible is also very historical because it reflects the corrupt lifestyle of man 2000 years ago. The Council of Nicaea decided what books would be entered in to the Bible 325 after Jesus was born, could you write about a man 300 years after he existed and truthfully say you knew him and his actions?

    The following edits and translations from the 'Talmud Jmmanuel' text were based on Politics of the time, which is why the Bible leans very heavily towards man being the keeper of women. I mean, how can our ever loving God and Lord Jesus who stopped so many wrong like the Temple's taxes, want this to happen;
    Ephesians 5:22, "Wives, submit to you husbands as to the Lord"; and similar advice for slaves in 1 Peter 2:18: "Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the cruel."

    Now, I don't see how a pure God thinks anyone is slave to another and nor can woman be unequal to a man. A woman and man are the polar opposites, made to compliment each other like hot and cold, wet and dry, winter and summer, dark and light. All of these can not survive with out their polar opposites. All in the world needs balance to survive.

    This as I say previous, is not to say that I do not believe but I do not believe everything in the Bible. When I hear Man's voice coming from it with a political agenda to keep either women or a particular minority down, I will not accept it as the word of any God.

    The collages you placed together are horrifyingly beautiful in their polarity and I had strong emotions at both. In the first collage I felt peace, love and calm and a longing to live that way again but that has always been in me. My favourite place in history is the time the UK were merely tribes, pre Roman. Lives were simple and natural.

    Those awful and dark images did give me a jolt and immediately felt like they had stolen the joy the first images had given me. As society we are becoming darker and it is becoming a horrid place to live but we kid ourselves if we think that the time of Jesus was any smoother. Remember, the enemies use to dash young babies against the rocks in those days and much more. Jesus would not have come in times of peace or there would have been nothing for him to teach.

    I like the Indian Proverb about the two wolves, one evil, dark and angry and the other caring, loving and peaceful. The young boy asks which is stronger and the old man says "Whichever you feed the most". I live by this and try and live in a way that is in balance with the world. I don't go to church, I hate and despise religion as a method to control with corruption of men. I do think people need to find faith again, in each other if nothing else.

      July 17, 2014 at 10:33 AM

      Dear Emma,

      Thanks so much for your deep and insightful thoughts so well expressed. So inspiring it is to receive such lengthy and loving response that my desire is to try an attempt to kindly expand on your words:

      Much debate has taken place over the years in regards to the possible manipulation of Holy Scriptures in favor of 'sexism', 'political power' and 'control of the masses'. Such research – although absolutely fair – can generate some doubts within our minds. The limits imposed by my deep ignorance will never allow me to prove that the Bible was, indeed, re-written in specific parts and for 'ulterior motives'.
      At the same time and just like you, Emma, I admit having to struggle with the acceptance of many sections and teaching contained within Scriptures. This is not because I reject their truthfulness, but because not being perfect I am unable to claim full knowledge of God's Created laws of nature. I am small, but my imperfections and sins render me just as rebellious as a disobedient child: this is one of the reasons why we are called 'children of God'. My personal struggle with those teachings is everybody's personal struggle as we try to free ourselves from those 'bad habits' we are so addicted to.
      This is so hard, isn't it? This is the Cross that our Lord Spoke of when saying "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?"

      As a Catholic, I must confess to you that such statement does not sound all that 'lovingly soft' to my earthly self; it can almost feel constricting in its attempt to box me within the narrow walls of a jail cell. If God is Love, how can He say "You shall have no other Gods before me!" or "Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord" or "Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the cruel"?

      These teachings do not sound good to my arrogant and controlling nature because I was born a sinner. And I commit those same sins because, unfortunately, I am in love with them and enslaved by their appeal. And, worst of all, I find myself to be unwilling to give them up. This is the true source of our 'inner conflict' with laws, religion, obedience, orders and submission.
      I am no different from you, dear Emma. I am also no different from those corrupt political leaders and hypocritical religious men who have committed horrendous atrocities. In fact, if I look deep inside myself in this very now -in order to objectively make a self-portrait- so many are the ugly traits that define this person that is me: I'm selfish, impatient, often unkind and self-absorbed into thousands of isolating thoughts of self-importance. Even in writing these words to you, Emma, I fear my language to be a display of false humility which may cause you to dislike me.

      We are so complex, aren't we?

      We think that our own individual opinion of what is good and what is evil should set the standards for all people; we tend to forcefully impose our own ideologies over what others embrace as their own ways; and we often declare, in full certainty, what is right and what is wrong in our own personal view: but how often have we had to take our words back after having been proven inaccurate?
      I might believe to be better than Adolf Hitler, but evil is in all of us, waiting and wanting to erupt. Some of us control it and some of us are controlled by it in full submission.

      If I look at Peter's words through my own personal and imperfect eyes – which are only filming MY own life through MY own set of those standards, opinions and ideologies fitting what is MY own idea of what the world should be – I risk missing the true message underneath. We know that it is within a common, insignificant, dirty and rough-looking rock that a diamond is to be found: I must dig deeper – and beyond those layers that are so unpleasant to MY eyes – in order to find the treasure.
      Christ is the Treasure and this is what Peter is speaking of: Christ was wrongly accused, betrayed, hated, condemned, tortured and killed. He endured the suffering caused by the unjust ways of selfish and greedy men who only desired power. It was in the unattractive and disturbing view of a King dressed in pain, poverty, nakedness and bloody wounds that the treasure was hidden: Salvation.

      Peter, just like Christ, lived in poverty while never claiming any religious power. Just like his Master, he was put to death on a cross for having committed no crime. He certainly lived by his very words as he accepted, and submitted to, the wrong sentence of a pure evil nature that he was well aware of.
      What can I say about this? Do I understand it? It doesn't make sense (to me). And why? For what? What is the point?
      We know that this is evil and wrong. Evil does not come from God because God is Love. Yet, Peter tells us to 'submit ourselves to our masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the cruel'. Here I again instinctively reject such statement because my reason tells me to do otherwise. I'm a sinner and I always have MY own agenda, wants and dreams. I am also proud: I have the innate desire to be the winner and the popular one, which mean glory for ME only. So what are the important things in life? Living MY life on MY own rules or losing my life by obeying God's Words?

      Peter would also tell us that If we are only kind to those who are kind to us, we are no different from the corrupt, the greedy, the selfish.
      But if we take the unfair beating in peace and surrender, or if we forgive those who (in all objectivity) have committed evil acts, don't we spread love and peace by touching others' hearts?

      If you are not bored with my writing, yet, I would love to share a short episode which occurred to me.

      The other day I was walking down the street and deep in MY own thoughts when, suddenly, someone bumped into me. Now both annoyed and irritated, I looked at the other person and what I saw changed me for the rest of the day: it was the serene face of a smiley man staring into my eyes and apologizing in all kindness. In that instant (and in contrast with that glowing face I was now admiring) I immediately felt the heaviness of my own serious countenance. Uncomfortably aware of my unpleasant attitude, I could not help it but smile back in deep gratefulness for his love and patience. My gloomy expression was transformed into the reflection of the kindness of this stranger whose small gesture greatly effected my next 12 hours. And, as I smiled back at him, he increased his own brightness as if being happy for having cheered me up. After having accomplished this 'task', he started walking again, leaving me with the burning desire of asking for his name or of buying him a coffee.
      Was this bump just an accident? Or, after having seen my grouchy face, did this man hit me on purpose as to help me see the beauty outside myself while realizing my own sadness?
      I will never know…God is a Mystery…He can bring good out of mysterious and often unpleasant ways.
      The man hitting me could have chosen to react in the same way I did: moodily, impatiently and selfishly. We both would have remained in a state of irritability and an inch of darkness would have been added to our day; and who knows? I could have treated the girl at the coffee shop I entered 30 seconds later rudely, which would have effected her in a negative way. I, instead, donated to her the smile that the man on the street donated to me: in that moment, her sunless demeanor vanished to leave room for a radiant smile.

      LOVE spreads like a wildfire…but so does hate.

      The simple smile of a stranger – who I might never see again or get to thank – is still staying with me today.

      If we submit ourselves to those who do wrong to us as this man did with me, a sparkle of love will change both.

      If a woman submits herself to her husband out of love, it is to mirror her husband's equal desire to honor her. Also, a woman's submission stands for accepting a man's protection while surrendering to his love.
      God would NEVER put women below men in the way we believe to understand through language and points of view; contrarily, we should rejoice in knowing that God Chose to create one – and only one – creature who were to be above all others who ever walked the earth. This creature was a WOMAN and her name was MARY: the perfect Mother of the Lord who is above all men. God, indeed, Told His magnificent Archangel Gabriel to kneel in front of the Queen of creation:


      God Decided to grace a female with the highest position among all human beings. Often (but not always) men of little love have cunningly warped the meaning of God's Words to suit their own selfish desires,as you said. The tragic consequence of such is the misconception of a dictatorial, vindictive and unloving God.

      Do you remember being a child and crying every time your parents denied you what you thought was going to be good for you? What you desired? What you fully trusted and hoped to be the solution of your happiness? What about all the annoying rules, the limitations, the unfair orders and ridiculous demands which seemed so mean (if not often abusive) in your eyes? Every child is the same. Back then, you and I did not understand the reasons behind those requirements; but today, through logic, maturity, learned life lessons and time we have come to fully comprehend that which once seemed so harsh: to shape us into better people for our future. It was done for our own good as well as the good of those who have to live with us, day after day. Those many long cries of immaturity – as well as the whining sounds of complaint for not having been given all which we somehow thought to deserve and be entitled to – have been erased by the foggy times of our memory. We now know that if our parents had granted to us all we requested, we would now be spoiled, immature and arrogant childish adults living in bitterness.

      The long cry of suffering and obedience…
      The self-imposed and self-sacrificial act of loving – and of submitting to – the arrogant powerful people…
      The submission to the man we should desire to serve as he, himself, desires to do the same for the one he promised to love and honor until the end…
      This is hard for all of us, men and women of this world, as it goes against our sinfully proud and selfish nature. But the obedience, the submitting and the serving we are asked to perform are the very virtues of God Himself:

      The Father Chose to Send His Only Son to Die for ME and for YOU, as if you were the only human being in the entire Universe.
      The Son Submitted Himself to the wrong ways of powerful evildoers by not even defending Himself from the false accusations that led Him to His Death.
      The Son Served us by curing the blind, accepting the rebuked, consoling the lonely and forgiving the prostitute.
      The Son obeyed His Father's Will in total humility and meekness.
      The Father Forgives us every minute of the day and night, even though we are only undeserving of such Mercy.
      Christ Desired the excruciating pain of being whipped by ferocious soldiers for their own Redemption as well as yours and mine.
      Christ Carried His heavy Cross for several miles and all the way up a mountain for you, me, all of us, each one of them and you only.
      He always Loved and instantly Forgave those angry scavengers who rejoiced in planting 9 inch nails into his fresh Flesh.
      He died on a cold afternoon, nailed to a cross and stripped of all dignity while his heart embraced every life of every person that His Father ever put into existence.
      That is where He Met you: it was on that cross that He Lived your entire life with you, through you and in you.
      It was in that slow time segment towards an incomprehensibly dolorous Death that He Experienced all that you are experiencing, even in this very moment, as He Whispers His Love within the recessions of your heart.

      God Bless you,

      Paul Joseph C.

      • Emma M
        July 30, 2014 at 12:46 PM

        Dear Paul,

        I could never be bored of someone who expresses themselves with such compassionate and thoughtful words. I was unaware you were Catholic, not that it matters for our relationship as two people discussing our topics just rather that as I have relied in another post, I am Pagan but was raised in the High Church of Wales which is exactly the same as The Church of England with some tweaks and is Protestant. I mention this for no other reason than to explain my ignorance for some things I will be unaware of at not having any Catholic back ground.

        Coming back to my reply to your original post and your kind reply I see that maybe I see the words "submit" and "master" in a different light to those who would not think of abusing them.

        Submitting to a husband's love and affection is as honourable and loving as life can get but as the way others would direct those words are hard and unloving. The same with the word "master". If we do look at the Bible, the Israelites were freed by Moses whilst in slavery, removed from their Masters. How can the Bible then state to obey your master. Of course, it could mean that the only master is God himself and that no other man is the master of another.

        On your experience, you sound human, you were not in a particularly happy mood and a stranger's actions lifted that away slightly. I am glad that others think like that as I am someone who can't help but smile at strangers, I can talk to strangers as if I knew them all my life and yet I have been left slighted and hurt for smiling at someone when I get the reaction "What you smiling at idiot?!". I only feel slighted until I have processed that feeling and realize it is because that person needed that smile more than one that would receive it in kindness.

        I myself have my weaknesses and am afraid the above may paint me as someone who never has a bad day, which would be wrong, I am as fallible as the next but I live in hope of one day being more spiritually aware. I may never get there and it would be egocentric to simply concentrate simply on that task, so I try and do good where and when I can, whether it be making sure someone homeless gets a cup of tea, food, warmth and a contact number to find help or a neighbour who needs a pint of milk.

        I also have a neighbour who lives on his own, around 30 years older than I but when doing his garden, I always stop to chat to him. He knocked my door the other evening with a bag of runner beans that would go to waste, so he gifted them to me. I felt so blessed and overwhelmed that there is still kindness in others and that is the ultimate in life for me. My questions and searching come second.

        Thank you for your blessings and I send you my own, I enjoy reading your writings, so much hard work and care.


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