VIDEO: Pope Francis – The False Prophet Is Here


Beware, for pope Francis and other false prophets prepare for the coming antichrist – the Beast 666. Extreme video revealing extreme times of ravenous wolves disguised as sheep.
What dark forces lay beneath the supernatural media storm of false prophet anti-pope Francis?
The KGB (Katholik Gestapo of Bergoglio) is busy working for the vikar of the World.
Therefore we ask you a simple question: has Satan entered our Church? What do you think?

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10 comments for “VIDEO: Pope Francis – The False Prophet Is Here

  1. Sika
    September 10, 2018 at 8:01 PM

    What was the point of this video???

    I stumbled across this site because I began to doubt pope Francis after the recent scandals. Before even finding this site, I began to suspect the pope as the false prophet.

    Then I found the comprehensive list of his controversial statements and beliefs in chronological order. I thought, here is clearly some proof. Of course, I wanted to check the source the list came from. Wow, fellow Catholics like me not attempting to spread conspiracy theories, but attempting to follow the Gospel according to Catholic teaching? Awesome!

    I'm still researching and gathering facts and trying to figure out where I stand. I plan to read, cross-check, and verify everything I read on this website (as well as others, of course) before I make a firm decision one way or another.

    However, as a very confused Catholic struggling to read through slander of the Catholic church, various beliefs about the end of times, diehard Catholics who defend every word the pope utters from his mouth, etc, etc….. watching a video with satanic laughter and creepy sounds with scary images of pope Francis flickering across the screen does not help me whatsoever. If anything, I am again doubtful about referencing this site as a valid source because I see no value in the production of such a video, if not to merely sensationalize a very concerning issue many Christians are struggling with (uhm, determination of our eternal life, no biggs) and to portray the pope in a satanic light instead of rationally explaining WHY what he does and says is satanic.

    Which, much of this website does do that so far as I can tell, but how does a clearly designed to be creepy video clarify anything? How does it convince anyone to seek deeper meaning and Truth? Objective facts should be put forth, Catholic teaching should take prominance, clarity and consistency should be presented to those earnestly seeking to know what is to come. Not cheap scare tactics.

    Inconsistencies like this video cast nothing but doubt on what should be a beacon of Truth.

  2. Ziira
    January 28, 2017 at 2:36 PM

    Thank you for all you both do. The people will wake up to the corruption hopefully sooner rather than later. It is obvious that he is the False Prophet when you take the blinders off and see the signs. Once you know the signs you cannot unsee them, and they are EVERYWHERE.

  3. Tom
    December 7, 2015 at 4:11 PM

    This is nothing but propaganda… spreading misunderstanding/lies, promoting false apparitions, and furthering discord in the Church. No pope is perfect, but you have been led into grave error. Now you attempt to lead others into the same grave error, the blind leading the blind.

      December 20, 2015 at 2:44 AM

      Hello Tom,
      And thank you for visiting our page.

      For the members of one family, it is always heartbreaking to find out that the children's father, the very spouse of those children's mother, was not the person that he had been pretending to be for many years. Whether he had affairs with other women, or whether he had a gambling problem that eventually caused the loss of their house, the acceptance of a new reality – the true reality – can be a great challenge. Yet, the Truth must be accepted, for if such truth had been revealed in time, that family's house would have never been taken away along with their lives' memories.

      It is the same in our family – the Catholic and Apostolic Church.

      What we know is that Judas was part of Christ's family: that very root of twelve followers who the Lord Invited in order to begin what is today the House of 1.2 billion members: the Catholic Church.
      Now, the final Judas has come to betray Christ not in the first corporal form He Assumed for His First Coming, but in His Mystical Eucharistic Body as prophesied in Holy Scriptures. This is bound to occur under what Daniel called the abomination of desolation.

      We must accept all which the Holy Spirit Has Spoken through the prophets just as we profess to do during the Sunday Mass' Credo prayer. We must also remember that the horrible events about which He Warned us in the Book of Revelation are not taking place because of His holy will, but because of an ungrateful generation who is choosing falsity over Truth, sin over holiness, self-centeredness over altruism, earthly matters over a desire for heaven, materialism over self-sacrifice and the FALSE PROPHET over JESUS CHRIST.

      We must not leave the Lord when the new Passion begins, my friend. We must follow Him to Calvary and remain faithful under the Cross.

      As Christ Said to His first bishops, "But woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would have been good for that man if he had not been born." He said this about one of the bishops He, Himself, hand-picked ~ Judas Iscariot.
      The False Prophet, false-pope Francis Bergoglio, is no different, for it would have been better for the one causing the great abomination not to be born than to betray the Son of Man.

      God Bless +++

      • Tom
        December 20, 2015 at 5:52 AM

        I very much disagree with you, and not for any emotional reasons.

        For one thing, the video on this page doesn't even make any rational arguments. It is just spooky images and noises.

        Secondly, Maria Divine Mercy is a condemned apparition which contains theological errors.

        Third, you are a schismatic and promoting schism on this website. Schism is the refusal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church subject to him. You seem to believe Pope Francis' papacy is invalid because he has allegedly fallen into heresy, correct me if I'm wrong on this point. I haven't seen any good arguments that Pope Francis is really a heretic. There has been poor media coverage, and Pope Francis doesn't always speak clearly, but that doesn't mean he's a heretic. Heresy is defined as the "obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith, or it is likewise an obstinate doubt concerning the same." To be heresy, it must be obstinate, and it must concern central truths of the faith. I really doubt you are in a position to judge whether Pope Francis is truly a heretic. Have you spoken with him personally to have him clarify his beliefs? I will admit that it is possible Pope Francis could, sometime in the future, make some formal, binding decision that could qualify as heresy, but until he does, there is no basis for rejecting his authority based on liberal media coverage and off the cuff remarks. In any case, you certainly do not have the canonical authority to declare his papacy invalid. If you did, it would make you a pope unto yourself.

        • The WILDVOICE
          December 23, 2015 at 3:18 PM

          Dear Tom,

          Thank you for visiting our site.

          I will start by explaining an important rule that is as valid in spiritual matters as it is in a court room. This rule is the absolute dismission of any personal opinions whatsoever – as well as personal tastes, feelings, emotions and/or perceptions – when a person is called to discerning the TRUTH. After all, we do say "the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth" for, in order to be so, the Truth must be one, whole, absolute and pure.
          Based on these most sacred foundations – as the Truth is Jesus Christ – you must realize that the statement "…the video on this page doesn't even make any rational arguments. It is just spooky images and noises" is merely based on those fallible personal opinions and human judgments formulated within the limits of that individual's knowledge. These phrases were written with such obvious unsupported contrariety to anything reasonable as to resemble an act of false witness for the sake of an agenda. This is both an omission and a denial of truth.

          Unlike any personal view you have expressed – as well as any clear denial of truth you have assembled with utmost approximation – the content of this video is based on the many tangible proofs found within the same and consisting in the numerous legitimate headlines supporting the case. The TRUTH is clear and I certainly do not have to re-explain what was already given in total transparency.
          Just do your own research, if the Truth is what you are here to really seek with an honest heart.

          Secondly, we must clarify that Maria Divine Mercy is NOT a "condemned apparition which contains theological errors" as you erroneously wrote. That is a false statement. Instead, Maria Divine Mercy is a human being who has received prophetic messages like many saints have along the history of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church (messages which have been proven true over and over again). If one cannot express himself correctly – consequently making false statements which would be automatically categorized as 'lies' in any court room – then how can anyone trust that same person's personal human opinion? Especially on matters which far greatly surpass the knowledge of even the most intellectual of all minds living under the sun? How can someone speak of errors committed by others when he, himself, is in error to begin with?
          Do you not realize that God Is also a Law Maker? And that His Holy Son Jesus Christ shall Be the Judge? This is also why we call Mary Most Holy Our Advocate – for she is our only hope to be defended from the many attacks made by the Accuser: Satan.

          Further, The Book of Truth is NOT a condemned apparition, either. Condemned by who and for what? If you, instead, speak of a statement that a Bishop was ultimately "forced" to sign because of the continuous and obsessive pressures exercised by the enemies of Christ, then we will make this point once more (as we have already explained dozens of times over the years): we must not forget that this Bishop's great support towards sodomy (as well as gay marriage) has immediately and automatically rendered his personal and fallible opinions ABSOLUTELY INVALID in relation to spiritual subjects such as these holy Messages. The case of Dublin's Archbishop Diarmuid Martin (that is his name) being pressured into making a simple statement has already been explained a long time ago and it remains the furthest thing away from being an official condemnation. I advise you to read on it.

          Now that we clarified that the Book of Truth was never condemned, we can add that there are no theological errors to be found. If you have a list, please provide it (without inventing, misquoting, adding or subtracting any parts of the texts as all the haters of these messages have done in the past~ thank you). But, as one can clearly see, so far the prophecies about FALSE PROPHET "pope" FRANCIS have all come to be true in all details. You can see the proofs over at this link: False Prophet Pope Francis: Fulfilled Prophecies from Maria Divine Mercy
          If you disagree with this truth, please provide proofs of the Truth's (impossible)falsity.

          For Francis' list of heretical statements and actions, please click here:

          As for us being schismatic, this is another false statement, for the one who is causing the great schism is the same FALSE PROPHET you refer to as a "pope". We simply reject him and his vile lies as he is simply not a valid Pope. This confirms two things:
          1) We are still under the true and only Pope living today, POPE BENEDICT XVI. Therefore, we are under the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.
          2) Whoever follows false pope Francis and his heretical religion,he/she falls into heresy by default, thus putting him/herself in danger of Eternal Punishment.

          God Bless +++

          • Tom
            December 23, 2015 at 8:25 PM

            I appreciate you talking the time to respond, even though we disagree.

            My concern with this video is *** add *** value to the discussion of Pope Francis' ***** it comes off like the trailer * bad *** post elsewhere on the site? Why not let people make up their own mind based on the facts instead on playing on people's emotions? It just seems shady. Seriously.

            As to the **** of the teachings *****, see this page: **** This site presents a variety of questionable and incorrect teachings coming from ***** Francis, as well as **** prophecies, and this is confirmed by other sources. Granted, some of the examples could be considered nit-picking, but there plenty to suggest that these are ***** messages from heaven. I have read **** Martin's statement, and ***********. Multiple other bishops *******. Just because a **** condemned, disapproved, or *** favored among a ******* doesn't necessarily mean the *** of course. The dine **** is an example of a **** who was ***** for a time and then vindicated. What it does mean, though, is that the visionary, and the faithful, should be obedient to the judgement of the shepherds of the Church when it comes to **** God's messages.

            So, the bottom line is that you're ***** by *** promoting Pope Francs. Obedient Catholics should **** be promoting *****. Why not focus on ****** and solid Catholic teachings regarding the end times*** appeal to the teachings of a condemned Pope ***** (exactly ***** received the messages *****) when you could rely on your own observations and reasoning, the Holy Scriptures, Tradition, and approved apparitions? Probably because ******* said some pretty interesting things, and people love to have *** tickled by that which is sexy ***
            Also, I did read through your Chronological List before posting to this page. Honestly, I'm impressed. Much **** media headlines and reports which **** paraphrase what the pope has said. This is not a solid basis to *** or to declare ***. I know there are a lot of people out t***. I do think he could do more in terms of clarifying what he believes on certain matters, particularly given the fact that the conservative element of the Church is very *** at some point, end up going off the rails dogmatically, but I have seen strong arguments that Francis ***** of the faith, nor that he has apostatized. If you believe he has, ***** Satan Pope *** have provided me *** some clear examples of **** he heretic, in context, and exactly how it ***** Catholic teaching ******

            • The WILDVOICE
              December 24, 2015 at 1:35 PM

              Dear Tom,

              I am not sure what it is that you hope to say, for your comment was somewhat corrupted. If what you are trying to say is the same of what you wrote previously, then we have already provided the Truth to you +++

              Merry Christmas and May Our Lord Jesus Protect you from all evil.

              Paul ~

  4. Ray
    September 1, 2015 at 6:38 PM

    Not entered: he has been there from its start.

      September 3, 2015 at 8:51 PM

      Dear Ray,

      You are correct: at the beginning of the Church there was Christ Jesus Sitting at the table and Breaking the Bread. And among the Twelve, there he was: Judas, the channel through whom Satan operated as he did through the serpent ion the Garden when deceiving Adam. And now he has entered again through the False Prophet: "pope" Francis I.

      God Bless +++

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