Maria Divine Mercy and the Attackers


published on March 25, 2015
updated on April 10, 2015

Maria Divine Mercy is the anonymous visionary who received a Message (contained in The Book of Truth) about Pope Benedict XVI being "ousted" exactly one year to the day before his resignation.  The prophetic Messages claimed that the next "Pope" would be the False Prophet.
(For a much more detailed expose on the unfair attacks against these Messages, please see Attack Blogs & Lobbies Against Maria Divine Mercy, The Messages, & Their Readers)


maria divine mercy true or false

A collage displaying the slandering images created to persecute Maria Divine Mercy. Please, BEWARE of the false propaganda being promoted by those websites and lobbies financed to do so.

You might believe to have come unto a horror movie website or a page bullying some high school classmate, but sadly you are wrong. This image on the left is a montage of a very few among the many mean spirited and deceiving mockeries created by some alleged "Catholics" who unleash their hatred towards Maria Divine Mercy (for those unfamiliar with her name, Maria Divine Mercy is a woman who receives private revelations from the Lord while living in a state of anonymity). The authors behind these vile and merciless displays of blatant hatred claim to be followers of the one whom they call "pope Francis". They claim to be embracing his message of love and compassion, although even that card seems to have been put to the side in favor of more razor-sharp hating campaigns.



It is at the cost of our own discomfort and with deep sadness that we are found to be reluctantly obliged – truly forced to report the following unpleasant "chronicles of slandering Catholics" which (as God’s Ways are always mysterious) have also come to be an eye-opener in understanding the reason for many people’s rejection of God and religion. As we often do before discussing a subject, we find the necessity to emphasize that the following article is in no way a tool of slander, defamation or hatred.
THE FIRST PURPOSE is to warn all those who might be researching in goodwill about The Warning, and/or the messages within The Book of Truth, and/or Maria Divine Mercy, to please beware of the false information and underhanded tactics seen on several blogs and websites which are controlled by the lobbies and corporate compounds present on the Internet. Always refer to the original messages found on this page, The Book Of Truth,  to make sure that no misquotes and/or omissions have taken place (so as to not affect your discernment).

THE SECOND PURPOSE should be simply perceived as the objective report of an unjust campaign against The Book of Truth and, consequently, against Maria Divine Mercy, and anyone who may choose to read the messages left to her. Since we (naively) assumed that respecting the beliefs and ideologies of others was understood to be a fundamental right and duty in our tolerance-obsessed western societies, we find the underlining of the difference between having in-congruent views and hating those who have dissimilar views, to still be a necessity. Our need to remind certain individuals of a basic civil right and of a universally-understood moral rule of conduct becomes the very source of two logical considerations: the first one, being based on our intentional choice of wanting to still believe these people to be somewhat "Catholics", is the source of a most discouraging realization pertaining to an arrogant flock of hypocritical hyper-modern blind Christians. And although the already tangible hidden schism between Catholics is still requiring some adjustments on one hand, on the other hand we find ourselves firmly planted in the unsurprising fulfillment of those Scriptural prophecies warning us of what is currently unfolding in front of our eyes.
The second consideration, instead, presents what some might perceive to be cynical at first sight: an overly conspiratorial plot created in the mind of a wild voice. And since those are the very words constantly being used against us (and against those who dare to speak of what goes on beyond the walls of Family Guy), our reasons to embrace the second theory automatically increase in their righteousness. Let us never forget that Adolf Hitler was the one who coined the expression big lie (Große Lüge) to label a propaganda technique using a lie so "colossal" to make it impossible to believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously." "The pope being the false prophet is a big lie", they will say; but never will they address all the heretical statements uttered by that same illegitimately elected Freemason.  Instead  – and as typical in all the propagandistic campaigns in honor of autocracy – they will be desperately forced to make the very slandering of God's tool (the messenger) into their only possible defense weapon. What re-enforces the anti-Catholic agenda of these falsely Catholic "Katholiks" is that Maria Divine Mercy has received nothing that should shock the soul of a true Christian, especially considering all the approved apparitions, prophecies and visions which have occurred throughout the centuries following Saint John's Book of Revelation.
Worthy of being mentioned into this article is the reminder of the difference between defending a specific person and upholding the Truth. While completely unrighteous and definitely malicious, the attacks inflicted on this woman are, in no way, calling us to her personal defense; and even though we view all messages given to her as true, our mission is not of defenders of specific individuals but of upholders of the Truth in good will and in absence of any personal agenda whatsoever.
THE THIRD PURPOSE for presenting this page is of a loving call to self-awareness, if I can dare use such expression. Not only do we not hold any resentment towards our beloved brothers and sisters, but we affirm in full conviction and honesty that the readers of The Book Of Truth messages are constantly praying for you, for the Church, for Pope Benedict XVI, and for the entire world.
We love you and God Bless you all.


Some of us have become rather too familiar with all those groups, lobbies, and blogs attacking the European visionary known as 'Maria Divine Mercy' and the messages given to her by God the Father, His only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, and Christ's Holy Mother.
It comes with no surprise that, as of late, new attacks have been perpetrated by all those factions which spread lies rather than the truth, and whose ultimate aim is solely the defense of the False Prophet's destructive agenda rather than defending the Catholic Church they instead vehemently despise. Here below, the screenshots of a few online exchanges offer just a glimpse of some techniques used by the KatholiK Gestapo in order to destroy God's Holy Mission and His chosen messenger, Maria Divine Mercy.  The number of examples such as these (and worse) that we have collected over the past few years would fill an entire website on its own.

maria divine mercy true or false

We are in need of warning some of the The Book of Truth's readers of the danger lying beneath the traps created by these cunning individuals so as not to fall into any faith-damaging doubts. These masonic factions have become very familiar to us, The Wild Voice, and plenty of information has been gathered in order to report the truth without any malicious retaliation but in simple honesty and for the preservation of the truth.
To those who are part of the Remnant Army: please try your very best to stay away from the deceiving articles produced by the "Katholik tabloids-blogs" which preach the religion of gossip and slander towards Maria Divine Mercy. These servants of the False Prophet, and consequently, of the New World Religion, make use of that same forceful power with which the object of their idolatry, false "pope" Jorge Mario Bergoglio, dictates over the true faithful of Christ.
Here are just two examples of their manipulative ways when it comes to misquoting others and divulging teachings most contrary to Catholic doctrine.
You will clearly notice that those who are fighting daily to destroy God's Work, will go to any length in order to deceive others. Whether some of these individuals work for a lobby who hired them in order to suppress the Truth, or whether they are faithful people who have become blind to the Light of God through pride and arrogance, we must remember to love them and pray for them, always. They might hate these lines, manipulate them into falsity, and even declare our compassion to be an act of sheer hypocrisy and self-victimization, but we are still called to be as merciful as Our Father in Heaven.

Here above is a screenshot of one of these groups' Facebook page in which someone posted a comment that will later be deleted. What was written in quotes are some of the Words Our Lord Gave to Maria Divine Mercy. In their post, we have used the color blue to highlight the misquoted writings, while in the comment below the same color was used to indicate their correction: the phrase "ONE OF My most important commandmentS" was changed into "MY MOST important commandment", therefore altering the entire meaning of such statement. Can such an obvious error occur as a consequence of mere distraction? It can. But what if such mistakes start to happen every single time a phrase or a quote is taken out of context and modified through the omission of some parts from within?


This image displays two parts: the first is the screenshot from a blog showing a comment written by one of its authors. The second part (which, right below the first, was inserted by us later on to show you) is the comment we wrote but that never appeared on that page since it was not approved by the blog administrator. The reason seemed obvious: our answer framed their lie by stating the truth. Below our never-published explanation, you can see a reply (which appears already in the first part without our writing above it). The omission, in this case, lies in the censoring of the middle part of a statement that Christ Had Made:


The original phrase, instead, states:


Needless to say, the meaning of the entire quote changes in its totality.
Our dear brothers and sisters: this is a transparent example of bearing false witness in a very calculated fashion in order to spread calumnies that can originate serious issues in our Mission to save souls.

The point of exposing these brief examples (out of many) is that these attack gossip blogs cannot be deemed trustworthy – not even a little.  They primarily rely on speculation, rumors, tabloid 'journalism' and covert means to carry out their work.  When that fails they reduce themselves to personal attacks, intimidation, insults, ridicule, and even threats.
They indeed prefer spending their time and energy judging and attacking messages they don't even believe in, rather than to invest themselves in prayer and personal spiritual growth (as all of us are called to do).
Sadly, these same individuals have also come to negatively "baptize" those who read God's Given Words contained in such revelations under the title of "MDMers" – as in followers of Maria Divine Mercy.
My questions are as follows: When did Jesus Christ teach to violently attack the private personal life of someone who's receiving private revelations? Or to insult, mock, and belittle both the same messages and all those who read them? What has happened to love and compassion? I would like to remind all of us that not only are we not to do any such things to each other, but we are not even to judge those who hate and persecute us. Jesus Said to love our enemies…have we suddenly become each others' enemies within His Body? Undoubtedly, they will find this blog, misquote from it as they always do with others and scream "Heresy!"; but that is just another misused technical word that has little to do with the purity of heart and simplicity of spirit that we are required to possess if Eternal Life is our desire. After all, Our Blessed Lord was killed for having been called a heretic, but some of us have a short memory and history repeats itself.
It is not our pleasure to write about this sad situation, but a clarification of semi-criminal facts and false accusations is needed to preserve the fire from devouring the forest. All we can and must do for each other is love, pray, forgive, witness to one another and again love.
Let's read what Jesus Had to say on Friday, December 7th 2012, in regards to His Prophets being persecuted:

"If they are welcomed with open arms by priests, bishops and other sacred servants, publicly into their Churches, they have not been sent by Me. Know Me. Know My prophets. They will suffer the same sufferings which I endured. They will be rejected by those in My Church, My followers and others who claim to speak in My Name. Their lot will not be easy. Yet it is by their public rejection, the vicious slander spread about them, which they will have to endure, that you will recognize Me"

Katholik, Catholic, Gestapo, Freemasonry, Illuminati, zionists, Vatican, sects, factions, secret societies, The WILD VOICE, Pope Francis, False Prophet, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, evil, satan, antichristAs for all the latest gossip spread by these corrupt blogs (or tabloids), these are nothing but factions working together in a network that makes it possible to take some photos of an unknown woman buying up some papers and credit her with the name of Maria Divine Mercy (a still unknown person whose face remains unseen by all).
They might be speculating on the recent disappearance of the Warning Second Coming website, as if being in connection with these pointless tabloid photographs, but the real reasons are of a completely different nature and have nothing to do with the unproven speculations being made by the ultra-feminist and pro-gay Gestapo blogs set up (SOLELY) in defense of the False Prophet.  In fact, you will notice that these blogs/groups were created and began their cheap work in earnest almost immediately after his election.
They also even 'hijacked' the Facebook Official 'JTM' ('Jesus to Mankind') Page, which was removed on March 27, 2015 with no warning. After the 'JTM' Page was 'pulled' unexpectedly, some have speculated that even the 'JTM' page could have been infiltrated by the attackers. Immediately after the real 'Jesus to Mankind' Facebook page was deactivated, the attackers published a fake page under the same name with the same stolen 'JTM' logo, attempting to confuse and further disseminate their propaganda. (Incidentally, they had used this same dirty trick just days earlier by creating a fake 'The Wild Voice' page, also complete with our stolen logo.)

The KGB (Katholik Gestapo of Bergoglio) has a proven pattern of creating countless fake profiles and befriending those that follow these Messages, to then only abruptly turn and use the friendships they've gained to slander the Messages and the Messenger, and even anyone who reads or shares them.  This organized lobby has absolutely no problem misrepresenting their intents and disguising their agenda while trying to hide themselves using stolen graphics and logos and creating legions of fabricated online identities in order to further their cause.  In the old days, this was called bearing false witness and stealing.
The modus operandi of these fake Catholic gossip blogs is to ruthlessly destroy and slander a messenger by relying on (and inventing) tabloid style crude hearsay, to continually misrepresent themselves, to blatantly omit and manipulate the truth, and to unmercifully harass and intimidate their victims.  Let there be no room for doubt, this group will absolutely resort to any and all deceptive means and cruel tactics necessary to destroy God's work because they are unable to honestly and peacefully justify their unceasing attacks.

We are to judge by the fruits and this behavior is the fruit of and the will of False Prophet 'Pope Francis'.

Please ignore these useless assaults as best you can. We are only posting this brief information in order to let those who are researching in goodwill online about Maria Divine Mercy (and the messages given to us through her) of the insidious propaganda campaign organized by the the different factions of humanists, atheists, satanists, Freemasons, gay-rights activists, illuminists, and communists serving the false prophet and the upcoming antichrist. Make no mistake: these groups are dangerous indeed. And, as they spread lies about whoever confronts them with God's Holy Truth, we are now making a clear declaration so as to protect ourselves from any kind of cunning and unpredictable move meant to damage us mentally, physically, and/or spiritually.

It is today, on Tuesday, March 24 2015, that we, members of The Wild Voice, declare any possible future rumor, accusation, suspicion, and/or incrimination which claims us to be dangerous, threatening to public safety and/or threatening to Jorge Mario Bergoglio's life and well-being, to be false. The least we can expect is the diabolical move of falsely accusing us, the soon-to-be viewed "extremists" and "fundamentalists" of society, of crimes we never committed or of intentions and designs we never had. This does not only apply to The Wild Voice, but to all the following:
those who follow these messages;
those who do not know of (or believe in) these prophecies but who are called "sedevacantists";
those who obey the true laws of God;
those Protestants and Orthodox Christians who remain faithful to the Holy Word of God and who will reject the kingdom of the antichrist and the mandatory microchip his minions will try to impose unto us;
those libertarians who believe in those God given personal freedoms upon which the American Constitution was created;
those who belong to other religions and who do not desire to be part of a New World Church and/or a New World Religion;
those who are called "conspiracy theorists" by the Illuminati-controlled mainstream media;
those who are pro-life as they value human beings above all other creatures.

We are faithful people who follow the True God, the Real God, the Only God Whose Name is Love.
We are all free under the laws of our Father in Heaven Who Created us from the sand of this earth's mountains and which represent the foundations of our Constitutions. And as the American Constitution established us to be creatures of God, and not a species which shares a common ancestry with apes (as Bergoglio seems to firmly believe), we declare the abominable laws of the New World Order to be non-applicable unto us but only unto those who foolishly believe to be mere animals.

We are men. And as men we were made in God's image.

May the Lord Be with us all.

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