Introduction to the Letters


Brothers and sisters living in this world under One God,

It is always in the NOW that things happen. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. NOW is the time.
The following are letters to all people, brothers and sisters of all ages, nationalities, social classes, religions, denominations, races, sexual orientations, jobs and political affiliations. Whether you practice Wicca or Buddhism; whether you're an Olympic swimmer or a violinist or in London's Philharmonic Orchestra; whether your favorite color is pink or whether you work as a stripper in a night club and whether you love tennis or fishing, you are invited to join us in the final battle against Satan, his demons and his minions. 

NOW is the time to fight for the freedom of our souls. The many battles and the Great War lie ahead of us, in a future no one can escape from. We are all going to be in it. Here below are the words of Our Beloved Father in Heaven.

from The Book of Truth

For those of you with a deep love for Me, your Father, know that I must prepare you for this important journey.
I would not be doing My duty as your loving Creator and Father were I not to communicate with you during these, the end times, as you know them on Earth, as it is now.
To those who may be frightened by My Most Holy Words, let Me console you, by telling you that this does not mean the end of the world, because it does not.
It is simply the end of Satan’s reign on Earth, which is to be welcomed, children. The time is drawing closer for My Son to take up His Rightful Throne, when He will come, for the Second time, to Reign over the New Perfect Paradise on Earth.
My Heart bursts with joy when I tell you children of the new Earth, which I have prepared for you.
My children will live for 1,000 years in the Paradise I created for Adam and Eve.
There will be peace, love, harmony and you will want for nothing.
People will marry, have children and the flowers, rivers, seas, mountains and lakes will take your breath away.
Animals will live with My children in harmony and you will be governed with Love, under the Reign of My Son, Jesus Christ.
Only then will My Holy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Your loving Father
God the Creator of all mankind
God of the Most High


Those are the words of Our Living God, brothers and sisters! We must remain firm on the defense line and, like David, confront the giant. No fear can take us because God Is with us. If we pray and follow His Voice, we are protected.

These messages are left to Maria Divine Mercy and form the 'Book of Truth', which was written about by the prophet Daniel and by John the Evangelist.

Book of Truth - Maria Divine MercyBefore our introduction, we would like to thank the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for all the blessings we receive each and every day.
For the gift of the Book of Truth.
For the gift of the prophecies contained therein.
For the gift of Redemption.
For the gift of Eternal Life.
For the gift of Love.
For the gift of having been created by His Hand.
For the gift of faith.
For the gift of His Second Coming and for the gift of giving us Our Beloved Mother of Salvation:
Thank you, God.

Now, we would like to thank you, whether you love this website or hate it and whether you love God or hate Him.
You are welcome with open arms always, always and always. If you feel resentment towards us Christians for having judged you, we apologize and admit our ignorance; and while we do not expect you to love us, we simply ask you to try to separate God from our mistakes because God is Love. He Isn't like us, poor men and women of little mercy and much arrogance. He Loves you. He Is madly in love with you, you and you – always and only. He Is obsessed with you and Is willing to go to any length or to descend to any depth in order to conquer your heart and mine.
Do not worry but love, hope and pray because we will soon live in His Eternal Kingdom.

May 8, 2014 – Message from Jesus given to Maria Divine Mercy

My dearly beloved daughter, look around you and you will see many people living carefree lives. You will see laughter, joy and great comradeship and you will know that only this can come from God. Many people, once they know the Truth, will embrace Me with open and grateful hearts and then we will be one.
My Plan is to gather all and flood them with great love, joy and happiness. I will delight in My New Kingdom and there will be much laughter, joy and beauty, as well as Eternal Life. Love will exude from every single creature; every single soul and life will be perfect.
When you worry about the future of the world, remember what I have told you. All will be well, once I come to gather you, into the new world, without end. There is no need to worry, for God loves you all. As for souls who live a deprived and sorrowful life, they will be gathered first, if they accept Who I Am. Those who are in terrible darkness will be given extraordinary Graces to cleanse their souls, so that I can loosen the grip of the evil one over them and take them into the safety of My Mercy. This is a battle and it will be hard fought, but the Power of the Most Holy Trinity will be exerted and souls will be enlightened, so that they will not perish.
I will raise important leaders amongst you and with an army spread in every nation, you will swell and take with you most of God’s children, into the New Paradise. Look to Me with trust and do not fear My Love, for you must know that I would never willingly frighten you, because when I make My Presence known, it will fill you with great wonder and joy. I assure you, there is no need for fear, for I Am Love, Itself. Love will soothe you and when you face Me, your Jesus, you will be struck with a sense of instant familiarity, which is only present when your heart becomes entwined with Mine.
How I love you all and how I yearn for your souls.

Your Jesus


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