Letter to Atheists


published on  July 8, 2014

written by PAUL JOSEPH C.

atheists the wild voice

Have you ever fallen in love? 

Have you ever had a strange coincidence happen to you? Have you ever wondered about the infinity of the Universe? Have you ever had a dog or a cat? Have you ever felt your heart beat differently when the person you were madly in love with would be looking at you? Have you ever seen a rainbow? Have you ever been to a forest? Have you ever met a kind person? Have you ever cried tears of joy? Have you ever had goosebumps because of some incredible music moving you? Have you ever screamed of joy when you passed a test? Have you ever cried tears of pain because someone you loved passed away?

Have you ever felt hatred towards you? Have you ever met someone you felt hatred towards? Have you envied someone before? Have you ever been depressed? Have you ever seen the world through a dark filter? Have you ever felt fear? Have you ever stolen from somebody? Have you ever insulted someone? Have you ever been cheated on? Have you ever felt humiliation? Have you ever felt pain? Have you ever cried because others gossiped about you? Have you ever felt lonely? Have you ever been abused mentally or physically? Have you ever angrily fought with somebody? Have you ever killed a person?

I do not know you. You do not know me.
You never saw me.
Yet, you are with me, even if you do not know or see me. 

I speak to you and you read my thoughts, which come from an unknown corner on the surface of this speck of dust called earth.
I am real, yet invisible to you. 

I'm invisible to you, yet you reflect upon my written words on this white screen.
I do not need to know you to understand you, and you do not need to know me to understand me.
We are so different and yet, we are the same.
In my life, I have laughed and so have you.
I have loved, and so have you.
I have been rejected, and so have you.
I have cried, and so have you.
I have suffered, and so have you.
I have known joy, and so have you.
….and the list can continue endlessly…from now…until the never-ending eternity ~

You, whoever you are and however bored or intrigued you may be with my words, must know that understanding one another is not a challenge – the human condition is the same for everyone

tip-of-an-icebergWhat it is that I know not of you, and you know not of me, are the nine-tenths of that inner iceberg of deep secrets kept hidden from all others' sight. People keep those only to themselves, so embarrassing they are, as they cast a judgment upon them. So, what is that inner voice that tells you not to reveal such things? When you make that discernment inside yourself, don’t you almost feel as if two were living into one, whom is you? You feel safe locking such secrets into that room deep in you, where it’s always night: but no stars can be seen down there, nor can the sound of crickets ever be heard.
Lonely it is, indeed, to keep that inner you away from those whom you love. When they make a rough comment about an action they do not know that you have secretly committed, how do you cover the hurt of that punch? When they express their dissent about that something they say they would never do – and which you have repeatedly done beyond the limits of their knowledge – what happens in that imprisoned you?
As I speak of you, unknown to me, I am dying inside for I would give anything to now meet you and truly know you. I have created one image of you and fifty at the same time. Your silence destroys me as I would love for you to now write back to me – to let me taste that exile in its best and, even more, in its very worse. The whole of you! I know the freedom you would experience if even and only one person, in this infinite universe, shared thine very mystery of thee which thou hast lonesomely carried on thy very shoulders.
And, as I have been speaking to you, have you wondered about me, the invisible man speaking from an unknown place? You think I am writing this to all those who will read this page? You could not be any more wrong: it is you and only you I want to know about. In this limited reality, though, until you decide to contact me directly and share yourself with me, our relationship will stop at this never corresponded letter. I would always wonder how it could have been to communicate with you and grow together in depth.

But it is all up to you.
I reach out but respect your choices. 

I do not intend to bother you.
I’m just waiting from here to see if you are interested.

I know that I'm not offering you any money, or a new job, or a big house on the hills: I'm poor. What I offer you is friendship and an invisible smile. Please, write to me and tell me all you want…everything. Your secrets will always be our secrets. I would never and could never share them with anyone because all I care for is YOU

Think about it.
I’m patient.
I'm not asking you for anything but to be open with me.

And if you and I become friends, I will always listen to you and promise – and I repeat PROMISE – to help you with all that you go through. Every single thing you go through. This is a promise. My promise.  

We understand each other, remember?

I love you madly and I am madly in love with you…



Looking forward…



And know that I am with you always. Yes, to the end of time… 





" Jesus Christ "

Jesus Christ



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