Letter to Atheists


published on  July 8, 2014

written by PAUL JOSEPH C.

atheists the wild voice

Have you ever fallen in love? 

Have you ever had a strange coincidence happen to you? Have you ever wondered about the infinity of the Universe? Have you ever had a dog or a cat? Have you ever felt your heart beat differently when the person you were madly in love with would be looking at you? Have you ever seen a rainbow? Have you ever been to a forest? Have you ever met a kind person? Have you ever cried tears of joy? Have you ever had goosebumps because of some incredible music moving you? Have you ever screamed of joy when you passed a test? Have you ever cried tears of pain because someone you loved passed away?

Have you ever felt hatred towards you? Have you ever met someone you felt hatred towards? Have you envied someone before? Have you ever been depressed? Have you ever seen the world through a dark filter? Have you ever felt fear? Have you ever stolen from somebody? Have you ever insulted someone? Have you ever been cheated on? Have you ever felt humiliation? Have you ever felt pain? Have you ever cried because others gossiped about you? Have you ever felt lonely? Have you ever been abused mentally or physically? Have you ever angrily fought with somebody? Have you ever killed a person?

I do not know you. You do not know me.
You never saw me.
Yet, you are with me, even if you do not know or see me. 

I speak to you and you read my thoughts, which come from an unknown corner on the surface of this speck of dust called earth.
I am real, yet invisible to you. 

I'm invisible to you, yet you reflect upon my written words on this white screen.
I do not need to know you to understand you, and you do not need to know me to understand me.
We are so different and yet, we are the same.
In my life, I have laughed and so have you.
I have loved, and so have you.
I have been rejected, and so have you.
I have cried, and so have you.
I have suffered, and so have you.
I have known joy, and so have you.
….and the list can continue endlessly…from now…until the never-ending eternity ~

You, whoever you are and however bored or intrigued you may be with my words, must know that understanding one another is not a challenge – the human condition is the same for everyone

tip-of-an-icebergWhat it is that I know not of you, and you know not of me, are the nine-tenths of that inner iceberg of deep secrets kept hidden from all others' sight. People keep those only to themselves, so embarrassing they are, as they cast a judgment upon them. So, what is that inner voice that tells you not to reveal such things? When you make that discernment inside yourself, don’t you almost feel as if two were living into one, whom is you? You feel safe locking such secrets into that room deep in you, where it’s always night: but no stars can be seen down there, nor can the sound of crickets ever be heard.
Lonely it is, indeed, to keep that inner you away from those whom you love. When they make a rough comment about an action they do not know that you have secretly committed, how do you cover the hurt of that punch? When they express their dissent about that something they say they would never do – and which you have repeatedly done beyond the limits of their knowledge – what happens in that imprisoned you?
As I speak of you, unknown to me, I am dying inside for I would give anything to now meet you and truly know you. I have created one image of you and fifty at the same time. Your silence destroys me as I would love for you to now write back to me – to let me taste that exile in its best and, even more, in its very worse. The whole of you! I know the freedom you would experience if even and only one person, in this infinite universe, shared thine very mystery of thee which thou hast lonesomely carried on thy very shoulders.
And, as I have been speaking to you, have you wondered about me, the invisible man speaking from an unknown place? You think I am writing this to all those who will read this page? You could not be any more wrong: it is you and only you I want to know about. In this limited reality, though, until you decide to contact me directly and share yourself with me, our relationship will stop at this never corresponded letter. I would always wonder how it could have been to communicate with you and grow together in depth.

But it is all up to you.
I reach out but respect your choices. 

I do not intend to bother you.
I’m just waiting from here to see if you are interested.

I know that I'm not offering you any money, or a new job, or a big house on the hills: I'm poor. What I offer you is friendship and an invisible smile. Please, write to me and tell me all you want…everything. Your secrets will always be our secrets. I would never and could never share them with anyone because all I care for is YOU

Think about it.
I’m patient.
I'm not asking you for anything but to be open with me.

And if you and I become friends, I will always listen to you and promise – and I repeat PROMISE – to help you with all that you go through. Every single thing you go through. This is a promise. My promise.  

We understand each other, remember?

I love you madly and I am madly in love with you…



Looking forward…



And know that I am with you always. Yes, to the end of time… 





" Jesus Christ "

Jesus Christ



14 comments for “Letter to Atheists

  1. Steve Tily
    October 8, 2014 at 10:38 AM

    Paul, you've done it again :)

    God loves everyone. Believers and nonbelievers. Sinners and all.

    Let's all keep in mind that we are serving the one true God who adores us all. Be kind to those who don't believe in Him. Show them compassion and treat them as if you were family. Through true example, maybe – just maybe, they will see Him through you.

    Thank you for the wonderful insight,

  2. Shaun Wright
    September 15, 2014 at 8:19 PM

    I can look at this from both sides of the coin. Neither side wants to offend the other by taking sides, but in today's world, we are taught to take sides from a very young age. Just as the author is sitting aside and waiting patiently, His followers are much less patient and less tolerant of others. This is where the other side tends to gain steam. They want to be left alone and not bothered with these beliefs as they tend to have their own (lack of) beliefs, with which they are happy. So do we reach out to them offering a change or a new belief or do we respect their beliefs (again, lack thereof) and live as Christians should through the eyes if Christ?

  3. Britanica
    August 31, 2014 at 5:58 PM

    I enjoyed this. I love seeing people show atheists and non-believers that they will be loved regardless of believing or not. Love is love. God is love. When you truly love, you choose to do so. It isn't a reward and it isn't earned. It isn't a feeling or an emotion. We have done nothing for God to love us. He just does. He loves me just the same as the murderer in prison, and just the same as He loves the man who preaches He doesn't exist. We don't deserve God's love, we are all pretty crappy people when it comes down to it. That is why Jesus was sent here. God loved us all before we were even walking this earth. So much so that Jesus died for all our sins and made it so that we may accept God's healing. God already healed us all from everything: we just have to accept it, obey in His love, and listen. He knows what is best for us. He knows our hearts before we even feel pain in them.
    Thank you for sharing this letter.

  4. Jen
    August 22, 2014 at 7:54 AM

    You make some pretty cool points about the nature of life and minds. However, to be honest, the constant italics make this letter a little overwhelming to read, and to me they detract from the conversational tone you seem to be trying to make. And signing this from Jesus — even to make a point — seems presumptuous.

      August 22, 2014 at 1:08 PM

      Hi Jen,

      Thanks for your comment.

      "Pretty cool" is not an expression we shall dare to use when speaking of the Eternal God. Try finding deeper meanings within yourself and one day even your heart will be open.

      God Bless you ~

  5. Jeremy H
    August 20, 2014 at 7:21 PM

    Not valid as this wasn't written by Jesus Christ but some regular person. Still, we love you, person. From Atheist.

  6. Philip McHardy
    August 13, 2014 at 4:54 PM

    It's been a long time since I've read an article (or letter in this case) all the way through, but I was simply engrossed in the poetic, yet intricate words you have written. You've also shown that there are true Christians out there, who spread a message of love and friendship, as opposed to judgement and hatred that some try to use to change people. In my opinion, finding God is an internal journey that one must take (to some extent) alone, but with the aid of those who truly have their best interests at heart. I believe that there wouldn't be such a negative view of Christians who try to spread the words and love of God to others, if they did so in the manner you have, and not by demonstrating or spreading words of hate. God is all loving and so should we.

    At this moment in time, I have fallen in and out of Atheism as I try to understand my experience of life and all that it has to offer. I can honestly understand why many Atheists would claim that believing in a God or creator is ludicrous, and admittedly even now, some of the miracles or phenomenons mentioned in the Bible seem far fetched or created for entertainment purposes rather than informational. I find it more than acceptable to think that some of the Bible is hyperbole, but does contain valuable guidance on how we should aim to live our lives, and how to help others have the best experience of life too.

    A final note, if I'd received this letter whilst I was an Atheist, my perspective on Christians would have been changed drastically. For the most part, my Atheism would spout from people who tried to cram religion down my throat, or from trying to talk reason to those who didn't want to hear anything other than what they believed to be true. This closed state of thinking really did bother me, and it does still bother me that some Christians and Atheists alike, are unable to view the many possibilities that are present.

    In my journey, I have come to learn that whether there is or is not a God, truly doesn't matter whilst we are here on Earth. What matters, is taking all that is good and moral from the Bible, from Atheism and other religions too, as this will give you a broad sense of understanding, as well as the ability to empathise with those who do have different beliefs to you. As humans we still have very little comprehension of the vast universe we live in, and we have many questions that are left to be answered, and so, to be closed minded when we know so little seems like a great shame.

      August 19, 2014 at 2:13 AM

      Dear Philip,

      Your writing skills are very impressive, both in form and content. There is a lot of truth in the words you expressed so beautifully and with an open heart. I'm grateful for having your enriching testimony appear on this page so that we, people trying to follow in Christ's Footsteps, may grow in the humbling task of spreading God's Love.
      So often we have done so badly in our mission of donating God's Gifts to those in need of them, all the while believing to be more deserving than others in His Eyes. This has brought us to become possessive over Christ, therefore causing the unnatural separation between Him and all those who started to wander away from His Light.
      My only enemy, as a Christian, should instead be myself: my jealousy, my arrogance, my selfishness, my hypocrisy, my moodiness, my irritability. I should fear my own ability to pollute His Will with my own stupidity, my own feelings and my ego-driven self-righteousness.

      I must thank you for the kind and undeserved words you had for me but I truly have done nothing good, since all that is good is of God, about God and from God.
      And God is Loving, Peaceful, Beautiful, Merciful, Kind, Gentle, Patient and Self-Giving. He Was, He Is and He will always Be Perfection independently from the limiting words we write.

      God Is madly in love with you, Philip, and your knowledge of that will take you back to His Heart.
      He Blesses you continuously while Sustaining your very being into its existence.

      Keep growing along your journey and ask Our Father to Guide you towards Himself, closer and closer to His Heart and through the one of His Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.
      God Bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit ~


  7. Andrea
    July 24, 2014 at 1:29 PM

    I was raised to be atheist, so I always appreciate and identify with them. I love what Debbie says about luring with love rather than judgments.

    This is by far the best outreach to atheists that I've ever seen or heard. All people are valuable in the earth, and all are loved by divine consciousness. This post resonates with my understanding of Christ — always loving, always welcoming, always nurturing.

    When I was young and approached by Christians, I heard that my sins could be forgiven (but I was too young to have done anything yet, so that didn't do anything for me), or that God was real because the Bible said he was, and the Bible was correct because it was the true word of God (endless loop). It does seem like the approach at that time (in the 1950's) was more like, "You're a sinner and need to do something about it," than "You're a beloved child of God with infinite potential and value and we welcome your presence at any time."

    I was not looking for God when I went to church for the first time. I went with my best friend, Susie, when we were both in the fourth grade. I could see right away that her family was peaceful and loving, and so were the other people at church. I spent many pleasant suppers with Susie and the family. Susie and her family never asked me to become a Christian, never tried to coerce me or make me feel bad that I wasn't — they simply accepted me and provided the experience of going to church with them.

    Nina said that her parents never forced their religion on her and had to rely on faith that she would come to her own understanding. Those were amazing parents indeed. Likewise, my parents never had any problem with me going to church and embracing Christianity.

    I believe in Heaven, and I've come to believe that Hell is what we do to each other on planet Earth!

    Thanks for a magnificent post, Paul, and thanks for good food for thought, ladies.



  8. Debbie
    July 19, 2014 at 12:25 PM

    I confess, this piece was as amazing as it gets!
    Both are as beautiful and tender as the very heart of HaShem towards every oneof His creations..

    Finally! Writings that lure with love,rather than judge, and condemn…
    Keep this up!
    This is how Spiritual dialog is supposed to be…

    Amen & Amen

  9. Nina Santamaria
    July 18, 2014 at 7:58 AM

    This is a beautifully written, waxing poetic piece – and it conveys the nature of God Himself and how He loves us and is connected to us. The thing is, it really will only affect those who believe. I myself am I believer, so from the very beginning – I already knew where the post was going. I already felt it and knew it deep inside me. I felt Jesus' presence there, because that faith is in me.

    Sure I was raised in a church environment (sort of), but I was never forced to believe anything. I was pretty much allowed to figure out on my own if I had faith in a God or not. After all, if I was forced to believe in God – how would I know that belief was real? I think my family realized it would be better if I found my faith genuinely than if it was shoved down my throat early on only for it to be rejected by me later in life. In this instance, that worked. I actually believe that my family taking a step back and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in me was a leap of faith for them as well. It's hard, you know – to raise a child and not want them to believe in the same things you do. So you try and teach them you try and show them, and in many instances you try and set examples for them or show them why what you believe is the actual truth. I guess the same thing applies to those parents who are atheists or agnostics. They want their children to believe in science and reason only, in only things with solid evidence and proof. So, they often don't even consider the fact that there could be a Creator. It's not scientific after all.

    Many Atheists think of us God believers as fanatical, romanticizing the idea that there's a Creator and He wants a relationship with us. It seems preposterous. In all honesty, sometimes it kind of does sound a little crazy. To believe in the Bible literally takes a lot more faith than to believe in say, the big bang theory. Either way, however – neither of those things have been proven. How this world began has never yet been proven. The big bang theory, despite it's clear scientific foundation – is still just that, a THEORY. What is harder to believe? That a Creator made a human being from scratch and placed him on a planet or "first there was nothing, then there was something?" Essentially, those are one in the same, are they not?

    At the end of the day, it will take a lot more than a call to non-believers to see the connectedness between themselves and a man named Jesus, despite the historical evidence of His birth,His miracles, His death and His resurrection. The Bible says it is the fool that says there is no God. Why? Because the Holy Spirit has placed It's presence in all living things, in the whisper of the wind, in the swells of the ocean, in the beating heart of every creature that crawls the earth. The Holy Spirit has made it as obvious as possible (without shouting it from the rooftops) that there's a Creator. It is not up to human beings who already KNOW God exists to convince non-believers. After all, who are we to have the intelligence and the power to do so? It is the Holy Spirit that must do this. All we can do is pray. Pray without ceasing.

    Many people believe and agree that Jesus existed, but not all believe He is God incarnate. The concept of the Trinity is not one that can be understood with the human mind. It is only accepted through blind faith. How does one come to this faith? Through the touch of the Holy Spirit. It is the only way. Religious people can quote Bible verses until the cows come home, but it will have no affect unless that persons heart is softened by the Holy Spirit.

    That being said, this love letter to Atheists is absolutely beautiful – it stirred my heart. I just don't know that an Atheist could appreciate or understand the depths of it, without the touch of the Holy Spirit.

      July 18, 2014 at 4:34 PM

      Dear Nina,

      Thank you for the precious insight.
      I'm grateful for the gift of now having your words of truth and faith on this website.

      It is absolutely true: none of us can 'convince' those who have not come to knowing this 'non-visible' God in their hearts. In fact, to 'convince' a person is to speak from one's mind in order to change another's mind. As you said between the lines, we foolishly believe this to be 'the way' when in reality, faith cannot be 'sold' or 'pushed onto others' in the same way we -humans- do when trying to sell a car. Our ways are not God's Ways: we know this from Jesus Christ, who Came here to teach us how to live by His Word and in His Way. And, unlike us, He will not change a person's mind but, rather, He will change a person's heart.

      Faith is as much of a mystery as the creation of the known and the unknown.
      Faith is a GIFT and yet, God will reward those who accept such gift. It doesn't make sense to us, selfish creatures that we are.
      But this is how generous our all-Loving, all-Merciful and all-Mighty Father Is.
      He Gave us the GIFT of life by creating us from the nothingness of the yesteryears in love;
      He Gave us the GIFT of the Garden of Eden;
      He Gave us the GIFT of Redemption by sacrificing His only Begotten Son in a most unimaginably painful way (after our betrayal in the Garden);
      He Gave us the GIFT of His Written Word;
      He Gave us the GIFT of His Love;
      He Gave…Gave…and still Gives…always, always, always.
      All these gifts came (and still come) for FREE.
      And last, but not least, He Gives the GIFT of Eternal Life in forever Glory, which came at His Own Cost by submitting His Mighty Self to us, poor children of little light and much darkness.

      We don't understand this LOVE. In our worldly and ambitious eyes we perceive this 'free giving' to be a foolish loss of self, of time and of gain.

      All of these gifts were given to each one of us because He is Love; because, mysteriously, He Wants to live with us.
      Why would This Most Perfect and Pure Lord desire to eternally live with us?

      I do not understand Him.
      I do not know why He Wants us so much.
      I do not comprehend why He would reward us with Eternal Life for just having accepted His Own Gifts.
      And while we cannot understand this Mystery of crazy and senseless LOVE, we must BELIEVE It.

      I do not know how God Works in His Mysterious ways, but we can be at His disposal by letting His Will prevail onto our own.
      We often believe that things are so hard to accomplish, or so impossible to obtain. And while this may be true for us, it is not for Him.
      We often believe that we must serve God by doing 'great things', but a conversion can occur when looking at the smile of a lonely homeless person, or when experiencing a time of physical illness and isolation, or by looking at the incredibly complex design of a flower that God Drew into His Infinite imagination.

      If I have faith, Jesus and I together can move mountains. The impossible will become possible because all things are possible to Him.

      As you said, all we can do is pray. Pray without ceasing…in love, faith and hope.
      I hope that the words written on this 'letter' may be used as an instrument for God's Mysterious Plan, if so it shall be.
      But, surely, we can thank Him by saying:
      Oh Jesus,
      Meek and Humble of Heart,
      Make our Hearts,
      Like unto Thine.


      God Bless you, Nina!

    • Anonymous
      August 13, 2014 at 12:51 AM

      +it will<3

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