Letter to Gays


published on  July 8, 2014

written by PAUL JOSEPH C.

Gay Rainbow flag

ur dear and beloved friends,
Welcome to The WILD VOICE: we are honored to have you visit our pages and posts.

There is a lot we could tell you, but words can do so much when two thousand years passed this world and left so many scars. And how easy would it be for us, young Catholic men, to fall into those same apologetic banalities that so much you've had to hear.
It's been difficult to meet in the middle, hasn't it? We, the hypocritical religious people going to Sunday's morning Mass and dressed in elegant attire while worshiping a poor, wounded and discarded Christ on a cross. And you, the cast aside modern-day lepers who will 'rot in Hell' for the 'sins of the flesh' and the immoral social behaviors that so much scandalize the self-righteous.
It's been hard when entire governments, communities, and religious groups crucified you without piety. When people of false virtue persecuted you, spat upon you, insulted you, abused you, discriminated you, ridiculed you, injured you and often killed you in a sudden moment of blind insanity.
As you know very well, some of them were either hating you because they hated that part of themselves that they repressed and needed to kill in themselves through you – or they were hating you because they hated that lively, explosive, unique, colorful and contentious spirit which only helped them see their own sadness and misery so very typical of the living dead. Or, maybe they so much loved all that is you to become attracted to you while they found themselves fantasizing about prohibited homoerotic copulations as they were laying in bed next to that "now usual" wife – and that killed them inside. And what could be the best option if not to get rid of the problem by killing it at its root? And so instead of killing themselves they killed you, innocent people who, like colorful flowers in a monotonously green field, brought many smiles in a gray society.

Then you grew: you became more secure and confident. You fought your battles and decided to stand up for yourselves. You conquered lands that were unfathomably unreachable like the Visigoths did when entering Roman territories. The imprisonments, injustices and murders you suffered at the mercy of police forces were both tragic and unfortunately needed in reaching the place where you stand today – we know from history that much evil has to occur before the selfish and blind eyes of society can begin to notice it.
So much is owed to those who suffered the shame and pain of gradually dying until their human dignity was stripped by the horror of its decaying flesh because of one unfortunate sexual encounter – and so that four letter virus became your leprosy, your stigmata, your mark of recognition in the silent holocaust taking place in hospitals' terminal care. 

In all the persecutions, abuses, insults, violence, murders, slander, ridicule, intolerance, disrespect, hatred and pain that you have suffered, God Has Witnessed to Himself and you have witnessed Him to us. Whether you may or may not be aware of this most honorable heritage, God Was and still Is with you in every possible way. In you, His Son (Who Suffered of the same persecutions which you have suffered) relived His Passion through your own passion and suffered of the same flagellation that you suffered.
You must know with all your conviction and force of will that the greatest pain the Lord Endured in your pain was the one caused by those who declare to be His followers: the Christians.
You must know with the same certainty with which you know that your heart is beating in this very present, that the same judgment inflicted upon you by the "religious righteous" in the name of Jesus Christ will be used to judge them. You must also know that their missed God-given opportunity of showing love towards you will turn into a cry of regretful pain when their souls will contemplate Christ's disfigured Face wounded by their hatred towards you…unless they repent.

This is also true. As you have suffered, so all do suffer. As we Christians are imperfect, so are you imperfect, so all are imperfect. And as God Loves YOU, so HE Loves ALL His children.

God Takes no sides: it rains on the just and the unjust, as we know from the Bible.

God is LoveThis is why we, of The WILD VOICE, ask for your support. We ask you to please open your hearts to that Jesus Christ who never persecuted you, judged you, hated, or rejected you. He Waits for you each and every moment…for each one of you, unique individual that you are. He Is madly in love with each one of you, no matter what you have or have not done.
Please, try not to let the evil one that operated through other human beings ruin God's Image in your minds and hearts.  God Is ONLY Love. Only and always —
You might say "But your religion declares homosexuality as an abomination, as a grave sin". This is true. It is also true that fornication among heterosexual people is declared to be just as much of a grave sin.  As is pornography.  As is contraception. WE ARE ALL SINNERS. The sinner is loved but the sin is not.  All are called to repentance.

And so we must love the person at all costs – no matter what he or she may do – in the same way God Loves each one of us.
It is my sins I shall worry about while others' shortcomings I shall not keep count of as I instead love, forgive, and love again.
On behalf of all those who are in this mission to fight against the evil about to descend upon us all: we, your brothers and sisters, need your force, your strength, your experience, your love.

And as much as we need you, so does God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Whom Has Created you in love…because He Loves you.

In the Name of the Eternal Father,
The Beloved Son,
And the Most Holy Spirit,





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