Who Laid The Foundations of the World


GOD and man: THE CREATOR and His last creature
Written by PAUL JOSEPH C.

Our smart phone, our HDTVscreen, our newest car, our space shuttles, our computers, and our own bodies are made out of dust.  Do you know that the bottles from which you drink the alcohol that makes you drunk, or the friend you speak to three times a day and seven days of your every week, or the clothes that you wear to cover yourself for shame and cold are dust just as everything else around us? Do we realize that dust cannot be destroyed if not by the Mighty Hand of God, Whom Is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost?

Collage of creation - the wild voice

My dear friends, in this very now, there is a God Who Is Living in the eternally forever present which you and I cannot begin to fathom.
In this very now, it is also true that each one of us is living in a world where arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand with foolishness. The amount of individuals who won't accept the existence of the Holy Trinity, Who Created them from the nothingness of the yester-years, is a discouraging sign as well as a source of deep preoccupation for those who still recognize the Truth, here on Earth. Then, one day, the Eternal Truth will Ask us to answer for ourselves: will we have all the answers? Let us be tested:

~ Do you know how I Made the foundations of the Earth? Tell Me, since you seem to know all things.
Do you how many fishes there are, in this very now, in all oceans as you are still trying to figure out the composition of a Universe only I can Know?
If you know all things, tell Me how many women and men are dying in this very moment as well as how many men and women are being born. And since you are one of them, how can you deny My Existence if you were formed in a womb which you didn't choose, inside a woman whom you didn't know, who also came from a woman whom she did not select and who, herself, came from thousands of other women unknown to her – the first of whom was Eve?

If you so believe to know the mysteries of the Universe, immediately tell Me:

How many eagles are laying eggs in this moment?
How many of them can be found 3.6 miles north-west off the island of Vulcano, if you even know where that is?
All the thoughts contained in the mind of your wife or husband in this very minute.
All the thoughts of all human kind.
The difference between the infinitely small and the infinitely large.

And since the atom can be split infinitely as the Universe is infinite, you are also an infinitely invisible atom living on an infinitely invisible speck of dirt on which you walk and from which you eat the fruits of your own survival. Do you realize that from that same dirt you came and that to that same dirt you shall return? And when that ribcage of yours which you never made, those eyes you never built, that brain you never constructed, and that heart -over which you have no control- become dust, know that I will Continue Creating new children, who will live five thousand years from now under the same Sun that you're living under and over which you have no control.

Tell Me how many drops of water are contained in every ocean and sea in this very minute, as well as the number of the firmament's stars and the temperature of each one of them. Isn't the amount of stars unknown to you?
Please, tell Me where that specific fox weighing 31.6933069367 pounds is to be found right now. And tell Me how many hairs form the mane of this one specific lion I made 9 years, 7 months, 21 days, 3 hours, 11 minutes, 43 seconds ago?

Tell Me, if I Divide 646,845,604,680,468,460,496,845,686,653,334.3245555555 by 2,268,485,854,583,458,344,435,446,464.568454556459444, what is the result?

Tell Me, can you speak all languages and dialects, and without any accent, in this very present?

Tell Me, how many dots are to be found in this line?    ______________________

Tell Me, how many atoms are there in Michelangelo's David?

Tell Me, how many cells form your body in this moment?

Tell Me, how many billions of grains of sand are found on "The French Cove Beach" (if you even know where that is)? Also, how many pebbles are to be found on "Pebble Beach" (if you have even heard of it)?

Tell Me, as you are being irritated with these words, how many children are dying of AIDS, how many are dying of Cancer, how many are being aborted in this very second and minute? Tell Me.

Tell Me your cause, age, month, day, hour, minute, second, place and length of your death. Do you not know?
I thought you said to know all things.
Since you do not know all things, not even your own self who I alone Created, who are you to judge?

Do you not remember what My Eternal Son Taught you?

I Love you
I Want you
I Seek you
I Redeemed you
I Made you
I Protect you
I Sustain you
I Nurture you
I Hug you
I Stare into you
I See you
I Envelop you
I. I AM. I AM a Jealous God. I AM madly in Love with you.
Come to Me… ~



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