September 25, 2014

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~ Jesus understands our weaknesses and sins; and he forgives us if we allow ourselves to be forgiven ~
 – Pope Francis on Twitter – Sept. 25, 2014


Today I felt compelled to share this very sophisticated literary labyrinth of ambiguous spiritual trickery. Produced by False Prophet Pope Francis, this quote has reached its global status earlier this morning, on September 25 2014.
Upon reading the statement, my spirit felt neither the heat of fire nor the frigidity of ice. It was rather the subtraction of All Divine from His Own Substance that left my spirit in a state of lethargy. The magician has taken the white dove out of his top hat to solely prove the presence of God's Spirit to us; once he convinced the watchers of God's reality he must now quickly dissolve that spirit into that dark hat so as to magically subtract God's Dove from our sight.
And what does he show us at the very end of his routine? An empty hat. And that empty hat is the most faithful representation of my lethargic spiritual state earlier today.

But I did not mechanically applaud at the end of the number of which propaganda we took a screenshot:

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I would like to ask for your opinion and spiritual insight in regards to the Pope's trick-or-twit. It is in its apparent simplicity that lays the complex and invisible deceit of our Enemy's doctrine: what is the trick? Just like a million dollar mansion being on sale at 0% down payment and 0% interests for five years, doesn't this Jesus' road resemble Rodeo Drive much more than a narrow path to Mt. Calvary?

And what happened to the bird? Where does God's Holy Spirit go every time the occult claw of the Dragon makes it 'disappear'?
And if the dove is the Holy Spirit, is the top hat representing each one of us? Each soul?
Or are we, instead, sitting in an audience blinded by a few simple tricks which we BELIEVE to be magic? And if so, could that top hat be God's Word? Or God's Church?  

Personally, I'm a bit confused – this is why I need your help to solve this puzzle.
Here, for example, I drew a few interpretations, knowing that there could be so many others inside each one of you:

1) "Jesus Forgives us if WE allow OURSELVES to be forgiven"
2) "Jesus Christ Forgives us IF WE ALLOW ourselves"
Therefore, Jesus Christ's Choice to forgive us depends on us giving permission to our own selves to be forgiven by a Perfect Judge we cannot control?

One last detail: please note that in the screenshot, the pronoun 'he' starts with a low cap even though it refers to Jesus Christ. Shouldn't a Pope make 'religious' use of the 'Capitalization Rule' each time a pronoun substitutes the Name of Jesus Christ?
After all, he seemed to pay full attention to each detail during the application process of the Summorum Pontificum over the Old Mass Rite called Usus Antiquior still practiced by the Franciscan Friars. Pope Francis put an end to the rite's use within the order by declaring:
1) there is no compulsion to use the Usus Antiquior.

2) this choice of the Usus Antiquior is not motivated by an ideological rejection of the Novus Ordo.
Irony of prophecy, indeed, shows us that even great magicians can be unmasked, sometimes. Mario Bergoglio, the one who took his name after St. Francis of Assisi, turned out to be the very persecutor and divider of the order founded by his "role model". But 800 years earlier, the Saint predicted that a Pope would have divided and destroyed the order of friars he founded. We read:
"The devils will have unusual power, the immaculate purity of our Order, and of others, will be so much obscured that there will be very few Christians who will obey the true Sovereign Pontiff and the Roman Church with loyal hearts and perfect charity. At the time of this tribulation a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavor to draw many into error and death".
Did Saint Francis of Assisi know that the not canonically elected Pontificate he spoke of would be his very counterfeit?

Pardon me for having deviated from the original subject of this article, but it can be hard for a wild voice to remain focused on one track when dozens of others are being developed daily.
This time is very challenging for us, with all its unceasing neurosis for the 'news', for the 'new thing': this is why we now challenge YOU to transform into the newest analyst of this unceasingly neurotic place: our world.




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