Editorial Guidelines & Submissions



The WILD VOICE is committed to delivering the highest editorial and ethical standards in the provision of its online reporting. We seek to balance our rights to freedom of expression and information with responsibility.
As different technologies evolve, these guidelines apply to our content whoever produces it and however it is received.

Truth and Accuracy of facts
The WILD VOICE strives to be accurate in establishing the truth of the information contained in the platform. All facts reported underwent a thorough examination and their output is well sourced, based on sound evidence, thoroughly tested and presented in clear, precise language. Our team is committed to spread honest and speculation-free information in avoidance of propaganda.

Impartiality & Diversity of Opinion
We strive to be fair, open minded and reflect all significant strands of opinion by exploring the range and conflict of views.

Editorial Integrity & Independence
The WILD VOICE is independent of church, state and partisan interests. Our audiences can be confident that our decisions are influenced neither by political or commercial pressures, nor by any personal interests.

Serving the public interest
We seek to report information of primary importance. The WILD VOICE is vigorous in driving to the heart of the story and well informed when explaining it. Our expertise brings a deep analysis to the complex issues contained in the platform.

For contributors
We are open to suggestions and to any material you wish to submit to us. If such information is found to be in line with our mission and guidelines, we will contact you promptly. You can reach us by writing to us directly.