The Untold Story of Jesus and the Serpent


published on   July 8, 2014

re-written by PAUL JOSEPH C.

NOTE: Once I read a beautiful short story that I was never able to find again. And so, I decided to re-write it in the hope that it is as close as the original. I never forgot it as it taught me of the goodness of God from a whole new perspective —

The Garden of Eden


Immediately after Adam and Eve were cast away from the Garden of Eden, Jesus walked near that Tree of Knowledge of which bitten fruit became the very origin of a new irreversible chapter.
He directed His holy steps towards the serpent, who was joyfully dancing around the tree with laughter and words of pride in celebration of his deceitful victory.
Upon seeing the Lord approaching, he stopped and with an arrogant smile painted on his face, he walked towards Him. He then kissed Jesus on one cheek and said: "Oh Lord, I am so sorry for the loss. Those two just didn't seem to love You after all"
Jesus Said to him: "We have decided to give them the chance to still live without immediate eternal perdition, contrarily to the way it was done unto you"
Upon these words, the Devil spoke in the serpent with all his evil anger: "You indeed have done differently from what was done unto me but I will strangle them with sin and pain in life, and with damnation and death in my eternal kingdom. They are now mine!"
In response to this statement, the Lord of Lords Said: "Then, since you are to detain them as they made a covenant with you by breaking Our Own, tell me: what can I do to take them back?"
The serpent, now grinning with boastful arrogance, replied: "There is nothing You can do to have them back! Nothing will ever be enough for I am thirsty of their blood and souls. Why would You want these traitors back with You? Haven't they already shown You enough disobedience by wanting to be like unto God?"
Jesus replied: "Let me ask you this way: why don't you shift your hatred entirely upon Me? Is there something you would rather like to do unto Me?"
The serpent, surprised by such love which he never could grasp due to his malicious nature and blinding pride, said:
"Hmmmm…let me think. There might be something that I have waited to do to You for a very long time"
Jesus said: "Do tell. I am listening"
Then the serpent looked into Christ's glorious eyes and said:
"I want them to spit on You. I want them to insult You, humiliate You, slander You, condemn You! I even want them to accuse You of coming from me. And mostly, I want them to flagellate and crucify You because I want ALL Your Blood and Flesh! Only for all this I will hand You the keys of Hell and let You take them away from me"
At that point, the now smiling Only Begotten Son Said:
"Done Deal" and walked away.



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