A few words to theologians and apologists


published on  July 12, 2014


To Theologians and Apologists about
the Messages Given Through Maria Divine Mercy

ear brothers and sisters in Christ,

It is with deep gratitude that I express my utmost admiration for the knowledge, efforts, passion and dedication you have poured into your work and throughout the years.
It is a noble call to the accurate analysis of Church Teachings and Tradition as well as Scriptural Studies for those of you who are theologians. As for the apologists, it is as great a call to be the defenders of Faith in Christ and though His Church.
What can be said about our Catholic and Apostolic Church?
Words can hardly reach its accomplishments and extraordinary militant endurance in the midst of this world's tempests and pirates. This Gift of Mercy has outlasted all kingdoms, empires and nations that were ever drawn onto the globe's maps.
This Bride Has bore fruits since its very first day when, at Pentecost, the flames of the Most Holy Spirit brought all Its Gifts upon the Apostles, including the one of those languages which will be spoken in those places where She will reside.
Since then, Martyrs, Saints, Popes, Doctors, Cardinals, Bishops, priests, nuns, friars, monks and deacons have adorned the rays crowning this Mystical Body on earth.
And, last but not least, people like me and you who, with no merits, were given the gift of becoming part of such Corpus.
Us, the common lay people in need to be cured of our sickness, are pleased to humbly kneel in front of the mystery contained in that Blessed Sacrament which our earthly minds will never understand.
How powerful is the experience of witnessing Christ's Body become Flesh right in front of our eyes and yet, not being able to see it? And isn't it as breathtakingly impressive to know that the priest allowing the miracle of Transubstantiation to take place is also blind to its mysterious nature?
Oh, how humbling it is to realize that we, children of mud, can only claim ignorance as our own trophy? In all its stubborn hunger to approach that tree of knowledge, which sent us all into ruin, human ignorance becomes poisonous when, accompanied by pride, enters the most unfortunate marriage on earth.
When Theology or Apologetics serve for the sake of serving God by obeying His Will and for the good of others, they are indeed good means of enrichment. But when some of those who profess to be experts in such disciplines believe to possess the gift of prophecy, their service becomes a disservice. To my (limited) knowledge, only one out of them all has shown humbleness and made use of the gift of wisdom (his initials are K.B.).
All others have abundantly unleashed insults, anger, profanity and slander from the mighty heights of their pulpits erected above a faceless and mute Internet virtual crowd. How sad to witness so little faith being buried under the weight of what is foolishly believed to be 'intellectual knowledge'.
With all respect for such academic disciplines, we all know that true knowledge comes from praying with one's heart and not from studying with one's brain.
Blessed is the recognition of self ignorance, dear brothers and sisters, because ignorant we all are. Isn't this a wonderful reminder of my nothingness as well as yours?

"My voice is like thunder. It will continue to be heard all over the earth. It will not stop until the day I come to judge."
Jesus' message given through Maria Divine Mercy from Monday, May 28th, 2012Book of Truth


lightning benedict resignationIf you cannot believe the prophecies of Jesus given through Maria Divine Mercy in The Book of Truth, would you then have believed a stutterer called Moses when he declared that God Spoke in a burning bush?

What about Noah? Surely, you would have believed this 900 year old man who said that God Ordered him to build an Ark for the animals. What about a carpenter who declared to be the Son of God? Would you have believed Him as the apostles did? Or would you have sided with the pharisees? 

Surely, as long as the pope is as perfect as God, then all which comes from the Almighty must only be between the walls of the Vatican. Since when God only Worked among the pharisees and doctors of the Church? The gift of prophecy is more likely to fall upon a homeless person than a learned theologian, who being so flooded with his own personal, human and fallible interpretations of the unknown, is enjoying only the sound of his own theories.  

This intellectual knowledge is not what saves, as a soul without humility cannot possess faith in the heart – and faith is belief. To believe is to believe beyond our comprehension. If 1,000 years of peace is not what you choose to believe in, then you are not wishing for it. 

You are free to either believe or not to believe in what you select out of Holy Scriptures, my friends, but please do not divulge your faults onto others, for their sake as well as your own.

I would like for you to truly open your hearts in all humility as you read the following lines, given to us from the One you and I declare to be Our King and Eternal Lord, Jesus Christ: 

"My dearly beloved daughter: when man questions the Teachings contained in the Holy Bible, this is normal human nature.
When man twists the teachings in the Holy Bible to suit his own agenda, this offends Me.
But when My sacred servants denounce parts of the Holy Bible and throw them to one side, as if they are of no consequence, they deny Me, the Son of Man.
Everything contained within the Holy Bible comes from My Eternal Father who has sanctioned every single word through His anointed ones.
Believe that the Holy Word of God is contained in My Father’s Book, not one word a lie.
Why, then, do those who profess to be scholars and experts in the Truth contained within the Holy Bible question My Holy Word as I present it to you in these Messages?
My Truth is being given to you now, once again, to refresh your memories, to remind you of the Teachings contained therein.
To My children on earth, know that prophecies contained in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation still have to take place.
Know that the 1,000 years referred to in the Book of Revelation means just that.
If it was meant to be something different, then it would have been given a different time
Jesus' message to Maria Divine Mercy from Monday, May 28th, 2012 – Book of Truth

Since I am most incapable of speaking because I am only a sinner and my love is so limited, I ask you to please read the love in between the following lines from the Book of Truth and let your heart cry of joy:

May 28, 2012 

You may not listen to Me now.
Many of you will dismiss My Word with an arrogance which wounds Me deeply.
Others will, through fear, ignore Me for it is easier that way. But soon the changes I speak about will come to pass.
Then the Truth will begin to dawn on you.
I call you now and tell you this. I await your response whether or not it is now or in the future.
I am waiting. I will continue, patiently, until the day you come running to Me seeking My Protection.
I never give up on My chosen servants, those whom I called out to in the first instance.
Do you remember the first time I called you? You felt My voice speaking to your soul, urging you to join in union with Me. Can you hear Me now?
Ask Me to reveal to you now that it is I, your Jesus, begging you to come, rise and follow Me on this last arduous journey to Eternal Life.
Do not fear My Call. Trust Me and say this prayer asking Me to let you hear My call.

Crusade Prayer 57: Prayer for the Clergy
Jesus let me hear your call
O my dear Jesus
Open my ears to the sound of Your Voice
Open my heart to Your loving call
Fill my soul with the Holy Spirit
So I can recognize You at this time.
I offer You my humble allegiance to all
That You ask of Me
Help me to discern the Truth, rise, respond and
follow your voice so I can help You to save the
Souls of all of humanity
Your will is my command
Give me the courage to let You guide me
So I can take up the armour needed to lead Your
Church towards Your New Kingdom.

Remember, I Jesus Christ, will never allow My Sacred Servants to wander off the Path of Truth. I will stand at every corner, every avenue and point you in the right direction.
You may find this frustrating at times. You may be confused. You may not want to hear the Truth. You may be fearful.
But know this.
I will always love you.
I will always be at your side.
I will never desert you.

Your beloved Jesus

 Jesus Christ face








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