February 3, 2015

written by Agnes MJ

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Helen, Keller, sign, language, occult, deaf, illuminati, love, horns, devilA
fter having bumped into the images displaying Pope Francis making the "horns sign" on January 17 while visiting the Philippines, and having found myself both in shock and dismay, I decided to dive into this subject
in the attempt to research its origin, especially since the idea of the rock gesture of the devil horns seems to be commonly interpreted as a way to say "I Love You". What is often used as an explanation for this hand symbol is the misplacement of sign language. Originally, in the beautiful sign language there was no inclusion of the "cornuto" gesture; it was simply not part of it. Many ignore, or might want to ignore, the fact that several of these "language signals" (among which we have the horns sign) were developed by the theosophy practitioner, spiritist and medium HELEN KELLER (1880-1968).

EmanuelSwedenborgPortraitFKeller's background is rather interesting:
she was a devoted student of spiritist and false mystic Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). As a tribute to him, she wrote the book "Light in my Darkness", which was originally printed under the title "My Religion" in 1927.
In the book she declared that "…the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg have been my light, and a staff in my hand and by his vision splendid I am attended on my way". Emanuel Swedenborg was excommunicated by the same Lutheran Church he was part of. Among his many controversial positions were that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ had already taken place in the past.
To understand the degree of Swedenborg's influence in society, we can see the considerable amount of public figures who, besides Keller, supported him. Among them there are Johnny Appleseed, Honoré de Balzac, Charles Baudelaire, Henry Ward Beecher,William Blake, Elizabeth e Robert Browning, Thomas Carlyle, S. T. Coleridge, Ralph Waldo Emerson, George Inness, Henry James Sr., C.G. Jung, Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Coventry Patmore, Goethe, J.L. Borges, and James Tyler Kent.
In regards to Swedenborg and Theosophy, the Theosophical Society of England stated that "the modern revival of esoterism ranges from the romantic philosophy of the XIXth Century occultism (which involves the so-called Swedenborgism) to bio-magnetism, spiritism, the ancient traditional wisdom, the ceremonial magic, and the para-masonic orders".

occult baal theosophy
666Besides her devotion to Emmanuel Swedenborg, Helen Keller was deeply involved with occultist, spirit medium, and Theosophical Society co-founder Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who said that "Satan is the only god
of this planet". Keller was very much taken by the writings of Alexander Graham Bell who in his book My Religion explained about his occult religion and writes that "the celestial Virgin is the Mother of the gods and the demons; because she is the beneficial and loving divinity…Truly, in ancient times, her name was Lucifer or Luciferius. Lucifer is the divine and the earthly Light, the 'Holy Spirit' and 'Satan' both at the same time."
Therefore, how can we verify that such gesture is therefore falsely representing the meaning of "I love you". It is absurd that such a well-know satanic sign reminiscent of Baal, of Lucifer, of the Goat, can be universally excepted
as a sign of love, especially by a Pope. It is also absurd that people are willing to use it outside of the sign language to allegedly greet the crowds, especially because depending on the country and culture, the horns stands for different concepts such as malediction, black spell, superstition, and adultery.

pope francis devil horns hand signThe ridiculous nature of the excuses used to defend the abominable use of Satan's main hand sign displayed by so-called "pope" Francis amounts to indescribable degrees.  Indeed, many will be those who have theorized that in the Philippines the devil's sign means "love" due to Ryzza Mae Dizon, a famous child actress who was told to make that gesture as a sign meaning "sad isn't allowed, always be happy". Indeed, we know that nothing is allowed on national television without the approval and/or the push of the controlling global elite. Again, the sign made famous by this infant-instrument of mass brainwashing supposedly means "being sad is not allowed" (bawal ang sad), but no one has come to justifying the completely unrelated connection between such message and the horns of the devil. What seems most logical is that the masonic/satanic people behind this idea stole the concept from the already mentioned American sign language and gave it a slightly different spin. On top of it, they used a little girl to mask the evil behind the idea just as they can cover a wolf with sheep's clothing.
Ryzza, Mae, Dizon, Pope, Francis, Satan, Devil, horns, sign, goat, baphometWe do not mean to attack the little girl, for she is not, by any means, a Satanist. Rather, it is those who have decided to use her for the purpose of ingraining such ridiculous concept in people's minds. It would be enough to see the terrorized face of the infant (in the photograph on the left) to realize that these public displays are just as fake as the entire television productions all these people work on.
At this point, I dare to speculate on this scenario as if voicing my inner thoughts out loud: could it be possible that all this girl was used for is the day on which this "pope" would display that gesture in Manila? After all, the girl came into fame only in 2012, only about a year before Jorge Mario Bergoglio was illegitimately elected as "vicar" of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Secret groups work patiently, cunningly, and well in advance. They plan their moves carefully so as to not make any mistakes; every detail is being cared for because these architects use their compasses and squares to reach the perfect degree for every angle.
And since only God can make things perfect, we decided to look for some possible tiny errors they might have missed on by visiting little Ryzza's Twitter page.
What we have found is the usual image of "pope" Francis and Cardinal Tagle blatantly letting the awaken ones know who their true master is. We have inserted the actual screenshot of her page, where you will find a brief exchange between two young people (one of whom inserted a link to Wikipedia explaining what this sign truly represents). We have then added a partial (partial for image size issues) screenshot of that same Wikipedia article. Above that, we have written a short evaluation, which we will retype right next to the following picture:

Ryzza, Mae, Dizon, Pope, Francis, Satan, Lucifer, devil, horns, sign, hand, false, prophet, Wild, Voice, In this image, our friend Ryzza – or rather the corporation writing this tweet on her behalf – is telling us that “pope” Francis is using the horns to say "sad isn't allowed, always be happy", which is what many supporters of the False
Prophet have used to justify his action.
What is strange is that we all thought the “pontiff” was actually communicating “love” to the present deaf people in the audience.
Therefore, which of the two theories is valid? The devil horns for BE HAPPY? Or the devil horns for I LOVE YOU?
We have the correct answer for you: neither formula is true, for what Bergoglio meant to do is simply what you see: the honoring of the beast through that DEVIL SIGN known for being such since the remoteness of the yesterdays (as you can see in the Wikipedia image on the left).
The other two meanings are only working as 'shields' used by the Illuminati to allow this scandalous symbol to sneakily continue to spread.
It should be enough to just see the discouraging amount of celebrities honoring the goat to understand the acceptance level of this dark sign in today's society. If you believe a crucifix to be any more acceptable a sign than the goat's, then you need to open your eyes and look in the right direction, my friends. As for the cases of this "pope" and little Ryzza, are we still believing the illusions of show business? Are we still willing to permit the controlling media to brainwash us, even though the amount of alternative information available today is constantly increasing? How could we ever allow ourselves to accept this satanic symbol to be practiced by a pope?

Indeed, this hand sign is ancient. Today, neo-pagans utilize it to represent the "horned god" in order to identify each other; therefore, in this specific context, this hand-logo is defined as the sign of the horned god of which counterpart is the fig sign. Some believe that it is meant to bestow the evil eye, while in other cases it is used for the explicit representation of the Devil in Satanism. The gesture's roots are thought to be strictly connected to the image of the goat's head as the hand is reproducing the triangular shape of the devilish animal. We must also underline that the goat's head is not only a Christian symbol, but often it is seen in other religions, one of which is Islam.
Here, below, is our video briefly exposing the shocking issue of a Catholic "pope" making the outrageous sign of Satan. Let us all meditate on one fact: imagine what would have happened if a Pope had made such public gesture up until fifty years ago. We believe that such person would have immediately been taken away from his current position as head of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. 



A 14th Century Arabic manuscript illustration. Obviously this devil is not signing "I Love You."

The true origin of the sign, therefore, has an occult meaning in the three versions of El Diablo, the sign of Satan, the horned God (see image on the left). The hand sign in the far right is also the deaf's gesture, or signing, for "I love you," a very confusing factor for people.
Those who use these hand signs to communicate among themselves should prevent themselves from taking part of any discussion in regards to the same, even for the sake of simple respect. Not to mention the continuous and widespread need to justify this dark homage through excuses and reasoning processes of all kinds. It should be enough to see the examples of Heavy Metal, Rock and Pop music, which have had an immense influence on its propagation among the youth; even actors are being caught with their hand in the sugar box. And what is most shocking is seeing politicians do the same. Now even the Pope: the very representative of Love, it being Jesus Christ, displays a non-Catholic symbol of a false love, the one of Lucifer. As we saw, the root of that muted hand symbol is rooted in Theosophy, the cult of Satan, New Age, Free Masonry and New Wicca: all factions which hate God and His Holy Word as they instead wait for the 'new messiah', the New World Order, the New Order of the Age.

horns, satan, devil, Ryzza, Mae, Dizon, Pope, Francis, Freemasonry, IlluminatiIt is also interesting to consider that in French "I LOVE YOU" has different initials which make no horns. "Je t'aime" in French, "Te amo" in Spanish, "愛しています" in Japanese, or "Mahal kita" in Filipino will not present an "I", an "L" and an "Y" as initials. The letters "I", "L", and "Y" are only meant for the English language which is not spoken in the Philippines.
Again, like in the case of the young Rizza Mae Dizon, photographed on the left with the same horns which supposedly represent "love", the logic behind this theory does not support the results. This image clearly portrays a girl who not only does not hint to any sort of joy or happiness typical of girls her age, but is displaying a costume that certainly recalls the witches of old.
The two horns are made by two black swans, which are very meaningful hermetic symbols utilized in several rituals as they are known to have been the seal of the occult-obsessed and Satanist Catherine de Medici, a powerful  Italian noblewoman who became Queen of France from 1547 to 1559.
These two figures also appear in the notorious ballet Swan Lake in which the black swan, symbolizing the negative female energy, kills the white swan, symbolizing the positive. The closest paralell we can find is in the story of Hecate killing Diana.
A swan is a derogatory term in Druidism, and it stands for the dark and occult side of fame, for duality, for trauma-based mind control, and the forced creation of an alter persona (among other things).

Curious facts:
William Gibson wrote a play (from which a movie will be made) by the name of The Story of My Life, the 1902 autobiography of Helen Keller.
The Helen Keller Hospital in Sheffield, Alabama, is dedicated to her.
A stamp was issued in 1980 by the United States Postal Service depicting Keller and Sullivan, to mark the centennial of Keller's birth.
There are streets named after Helen Keller in Zürich, Switzerland, in Getafe, Spain, in Lod, Israel, in Lisbon, Portugal and in Caen, France.
On October 7, 2009, a bronze statue of Helen Keller was added to the National Statuary Hall Collection, as a replacement for the State of Alabama's former 1908 statue of the education reformer Jabez Lamar Monroe Curry.

cross, crucifix, Catholic, pope, false, prophet, Francis, Bergoglio, satan, satanic, horns, devil, necklace, hand, sign As we have mentioned already, what true Christians believe is that Jesus Christ Is love. Therefore, the very symbol of love is Christ Jesus. And since the apex of Christ's display of love is the act of Self-Sacrifice He Made for the redemption of the world and the salvation of those who will follow Him, the Crucified Christ is what symbolizes love in our faith. Such truth is represented in what has been called 'crucifix' for a very long time. The crucifix is an extremely important Catholic object, for it defines, reminds and displays to us as well as to others what is the essence of our beings. Just like a mark, a 'spiritual' passport or a wedding band, it expresses who our bodies, minds and souls belong to. For this reason – as well as for protection against all evil – we wear the crucifix around our necks. This most precious object is also found in churches everywhere around the world, in the Holy Rosary, in cemeteries, in monasteries and in convents. The man who goes by the title of "pope" Francis has already displayed a behavior of censorship towards the holy cross.  

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