The Dialogue


published on July 8, 2014
~Before Christ's First Coming~
 Story created by PAUL JOSEPH C. 

It was in one moment within the Eternal Present, that the glorious hierarchies of angels and archangels veiled their faces in both joy and sorrow for the departure of the Second Person of their Ever Lasting Trinitarian God. Their Joy was God's Joy in finally sending the Son to redeem mankind from the tragic consequences born out of Adam and Eve's grave act of disobedience in the Terrestrial Paradise. Just as heroic and pure was the decision of The Father in sending His Only Son into the world, so was the choice of the Son in accepting such mission in infinite willingness and selfless love. The United Will of God in the First Two Persons was yet again equally matched and infused in the Warm Embrace of the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Almighty God, Whose Flames could have melted the infinity of creation into an atom. The degree of Love connecting the Three in One forced the most perfect angels to veil their faces so blinding and sacred the light of such event was. Indeed the angelic creatures living in the ever-present Light of their Creator  –upon Whom their holy eyes could rest their perfect adoration and humble worship– had been thoroughly instructed by Saint Michael the Archangel on the Most Glorious Occurrence of God's Infinite Glory through a Transfiguration. As this Revelation of Further Glory was taking place, the eternal now of the Heavens suspended to fall under a new law of time and space never witnessed in the whole of the Known. According to their degree of perfect purity, the angels were granted a glimpse inside the mystery of the Alpha and the Omega, which in the limits of their being creatures, seemed as if they lived an entire new eternity in a microsecond. Upon such revelation, the holy servants sang praises of glory to God, Whose Transfiguring Act had revealed but just a drop of His Infinite Dimensions. Inside that Light, which possessed the amount of luminescence equal to the summation of the entire firmament's stars, God Was now unceasingly Weeping in both joy and pain, which no human mind ever could comprehend. And just as incomprehensible was the mystery of His Loving and Mighty Voice Comprising the One of the Father and, yet simultaneously, the Three Ones of the single and unitarian Triune Creator. He Spoke in the unknown sound of celestial sublimity with which all that did not exist was pronounced into its existence. If translated into the languages of mud, the meaning of such sound would correspond to the following dialogue between the Father Speaking to His Son and toward the Three-Himselves through and within the Holy Spirit:
"Son, Thou Art Of Me and In Me from the Beginning of Infinity to Its Never End. Our Weeping is causeth by the now approaching time in which Thee and I, Forever Being inseparable, divided Will Be. The world's limits that all mortals live within will now become yet another condition that I, the Almighty Father as well as Thee, Through Whom all things Were Made, Art Willing to lovingly accept for the sake of Our Children's Liberation from Our enemy's claw. Thee, My Glorious and Most Precious Begotten Son Whom Will Suffer the Greatest Sacrifice of Perfect Love that My Creation wilt ever witness, Wilt Be Crowned as Eternal King of the Majestic Reign that Is to Come. For desiring an unrighteous humiliation done unto Thyself – as I also Desire such Be Done onto Me Through Thee – and by Sealing Thou Infinite Glory inside an infinitely lower human form, Thou Shalt Grant Salvation for the man who desireth Glory Eternal.
We Art Pure and Infinite Love. In Thee I Always Am and in Me Thou Eternally ArtOur Consolation in Incarnating into mud rests upon Mary, the Most Perfect and Pure Creature Our Hands Have ever Built. From Her Most Precious Obedience and Immaculate Conception, Every Cell of Thou Purest Flesh Will Constitute the Holy Temple in Which all generations will worship Us. I Wilt Sacrifice Thee, and Myself Through Thee, as a Lamb to His slaughter. Thine Sacred Body Emptied Shalt Be of all Blood and Water for the sake of Redeeming both those who wilt love Thee and those who wilt not. Sacred Is Our Weeping for humans neither could encompass Our Love nor could they come to understanding its pain-sealed inner treasure".
As those words were being spoken with degrees of perfection and love which neither light nor sound could barricade within space and time, the angels were turned into a continues line of light as each became a dot united with the others.
The intensity of this Revelation sent the angelic orders into a linear body of ecstasy. It was in that moment – if such eternal instant could be defined in the limits of defective language –  that the splendid Son Said:
"Father, I Love Thee and Live in Thee. Because Thou Lovest them through Me, Thou Wilt now Live in them through Me so that they mayest know Thy Glory in their hearts. I Desire with the entirety of my infinite Being to Become the Pure Victim of a Most Perfect and Painful Sacrifice so that I Mayest Serve Thee in Thy desire, which is Mine also. They wilt see Thee on that cross because Love, the Sacrifice about to be nailed on wood, Is Me and Thee in One Holiest Spirit. Thy Son Weeps for He must Leave Thine side. He Weeps for those whom wilt not weep for themselves. But joy is Mine also, for this Sacred Heart of Mine beats with Infinite Love and Desire to surround Thee, Father, with Thine beloved children. Amen We Say now and forever, world without end".
The hug between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit seemed to somewhat turn into the equivalent of a billion-atoms split of an Infinite Silent Sound called LOVE and which radiated in all directions beyond all boundaries of spaces and times. And as given explosion ceased, the loud beating of a heart began to echo in all corners of the Known and the Unknown: it was the beating of the Incarnate Christ resonating from within the Immaculate Tabernacle on earth: the New Miriam.
This was the beginning of Our Lord's Presence on this earth ~


Jesus Christ



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