The Musts for us Christians


published on   July 8, 2014

written by PAUL JOSEPH C. 

Christian Life

Some of us may still remember that our very origin is dust, and that this dust God Used to Make man, who was to be his latest and most sophisticated invention in the whole of the Known. This human being was made intelligent and creative – as we can see in the image above. We build things, we can communicate in many ways, we can learn and teach notions and skills; we are capable of transforming God's created nature into millions of inventions: from food products to technology; from construction materials to clothes; from medicines to music. It took us a few seconds of eternity to transition from mules to airplanes and from rocks to nuclear bombs. We have even reached the Moon, one of man's most ancient dreams, and sent some giant toys into space in the vain hope to discover its incomprehensible conception forever sealed in the Eternal One's Mind.
We know many things today, several of which are most useless and volatile for our hearts and intellects, if not detrimental for our spirit.
Surely, the unceasing lava of information that is daily erupted from the never silent mouth of the Media does not contribute to the meditative contemplation our hearts seek by their nature. One of the innumerable results of this unceasing noise is confusion which, in itself, can be subdivided in thousands of further outcomes.
One of them could be best perceived in the untrue belief to know something (or somebody) which can only be seen (or known of), through some objects plugged into a wall for their own life support. To know a celebrity is one thing – to know of a celebrity is somewhat quite different. Yet, many of us have come to truly believe what fiction has set out to deliver to begin with: the creation of a make-belief, a suspended reality, a fantasy, an artificial illusion made by man to enslave their brothers and sisters. What we seem to forget, while in between a Pepsi commercial and a weather forecast, is that real possible chance of a giant solar flare shutting down our energy plants at any given moment: at that point, those virtual delusions would cease to hold us captive of this society's pressuring, stressful and destructive requirements so contrary to the principles on which Our Maker Made us. Billions of sounds and images would be destroyed into nothingness at the speed of a thought.

Sadly, the spiritual realm – not being immune to such infestations – has been suffering of the same. All sorts of false doctrines have been spreading at every level of today's society like a rampant wild fire: Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, New Age practices, Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Eastern philosophies and all that can be bought at the click of a mouse on a virtual book store that never closes.
If those spiritual spirals of self worship are obvious targets as well as proponents of this confusing scent, is our spiritual path beginning to smell also? Is Christianity changing within each heart that keeps it alive in the Truth?
We, dear friends, must be aware of those simple steps that keep us humble and strong in faith:
We believe in the Truth.
Once we believe It, we follow It.
Once we follow It, we learn from It along the path.

These are the general and very first steps expressed in simple manner and which represent the True Christian life: to walk the road to Calvary carrying our own cross along with the Truth, Who Is Jesus Christ.
As "usual" or "old" as this may sound to the many or to some few, we should not allow ourselves to quickly fly over these important teachings while only desiring to land on an island of free mercy, happiness, joy and peace for all. As we should know, the more practice, prayer, fasting, penance and self-denial we use, the more beautiful the shape of the soul. This concept should not be foreign to us, mortals of this ancient Earth, who are instead very well aware that the more practice, focus, dieting, endurance and discipline we apply toward our sand made bodies, the more visible will our six-packs be.
And what is the very first step of all things that art good? Nothing but the Truth – that same Truth we swear to say in a court room while resting our right hand on the Book of Our Father.

SWAMP OF CONFUSION the wild voice

Swamps of Confusion

This Truth must first be known as such, in all Its state of purity, and kept Alive inside our very minds, hearts and souls. We, to whom the Truth was entrusted, are to maintain It immune by upholding It above the mud of this world's Swamps of Confusion.
I have decided to make a partial list of truths within the Whole of It: it seemed effective enough to be a simple reminder for us all, children of this senseless age. For those like myself who live under the title of "Christian" this shall be seen as a memory refreshing tool telling us that "each day we are trying to learn how to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ". Therefore, the below affirmations are posed as questions which, beginning with a "Don't we know" are meant to be answered in humble admission of constant failure.


Don't we know that we must die to ourselves to be on Jesus' Side?
Don't we know that to be victorious on Earth is to be with Satan?
Don't we know that to win is to lose? And to lose our lives?
Don't we know that if we are Christians, we must be hated and insulted?
Don't we know that our joy is to be insulted in Christ's Name?
Don't we know that we must be persecuted?
Don't we know that Our Lord Lost His Life for us?
Don't we know that His Apostles did the same?
Don't we know that we must be meek and humble of heart?
Don't we know that we are only sinners?
Don't we know that we are to only worship God?
Don't we know that all men are fallible?
Don't we know that God only Is Perfect?
Don't we know that the infallibility of a Pope is valid upon his preaching of the Entire Truth only?
Don't we know that we must obey men as long as they obey God?
Don't we know that we must not obey the orders of those who pretend to be of God?
Don't we know that Christ Said "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. But beware of men, for they will hand you over to the courts and scourge you in their synagogues"?
Don't we know that the Father Sent His Only Son to be killed by and for us?
Don't we know that the last will be first?
Don't we know that we are blessed if we are sick?
Don't we know that God Does not Reward us with riches?
Don't we know that without the crown of thorns we won't inherit the Crown of Glory?
Don't we know that we are always unworthy to receive the Lord?
Don't we know that none of us is a master but Christ Alone?
Don't we know that God Works from the silence of an unknown and simple person's heart?
Don't we know that excessive man-made doctrine kills love and obedience to God?
Don't we know that we must obey God first and foremost above all other creatures?
Don't we know that the dangerous false prophets come as wolves in sheep's clothes?
Don't we know that we are never to slander our neighbor?
Don't we know that God Picks His Prophets in the Perfect Matter of His Own Will?
Don't we know that we know nothing?
Don't we know that our claim to fame is ignorance?
Don't we know that all we touch becomes corrupted?
Don't we know that we often love our sins before God?
Don't we know that we come from mud?
Don't we know that we shall desire nothing of this world?
Don't we know that if we are loved by all people we are not of Jesus?
Don't we know that if the entire World Media celebrates a Pope he does not come from Our Beloved, World Hated and Assassinated Jesus Christ?
Don't we know that the Word of God Made the Church and not the other way around?
Don't we know that the Church is the Body of Christ in Its Tabernacles?
Don't we know that His Body Is the Word Made Flesh?
Don't we know that all human beings in the Church are only the poor sinners in desperate need of It as the Church belongs to God only?
Don't we know that among the sinners in the Church we must include the Pope, who is a mortal being like the rest of us?
Don't we know that if we speak of God we must begin by declaring our sinfulness and uselessness?
Don't we know that we are only worthy of punishment?
Don't we know that to serve God is not to make money selling hundreds of books written by some apologists and theologians promoting themselves in the name of evangelism?
Don't we know that no one has the authority to declare prophecies true or false when no one has the power of predicting the future?
Don't we know that Jesus Said He Is to be found in the sick and poor?
Don't we know that Our Lord Was Condemned by His Sacred Servants?
Don't we know that He Said to be alert because He Is to Come again?
Don't we know that we are full of pride when we insult others?
Don't we know that to condemn others in Christ's Name is to commit a grave sin?
Don't we know that Jesus is Love only and not hate, slander and rage?
Don't we know that Christ Said to never publicly display humility but to keep it hidden?
Don't we know that the Institution of the Church never was perfect because comprised by only sinners?
Don't we know that the perfection of the Church is due only to the perfection of the Written Word and of the Incarnate Verb which are both contained within It as the True and Only Foundation of the Bride Herself?
Don't we know that the Church rejected the Begotten Son of God when He came the first time?
Don't we know that such will occur again as written in the Holy Bible, which comes from the Mouth of the Omnipotent Himself?
Don't we know that from that same Sacred and all Knowing Mouth we were told that there would be a Thousand Year Reign of Peace?
Don't we know that Peter, the Rock on which the Catholic and Apostolic Church was built, denied his Lord three times?
Don't we know that Our Lord Was betrayed by one of His Twelve Apostles from the very beginning of the Church right after the Institution of the Holy Eucharist?
Don't we know that the holy prophets of God always spoke in the language of their day so that they may be understood?
Don't we know that Moses, who was a stutterer, killed one person and yet, God Picked him to be a prophet?
Don't we know that we come from ashes and to ashes we shall return?
Don't we know that King David, author of the "Beloved Songs", had a man put to death so that he could sleep with his wife?
Don't we know that the disastrous signs present all around us today are clear warnings of these End Times?
Don't we know that the Word of God Speaks of a last blind generation?
Don't we know that Christ Told us to confess our sins to one another?
Don't we know that Jesus clearly Said that true love is not to give 20%, 47% or 85% of what we have, but that it is to give away the only coin we found on a street if we were to be homeless, or to give our coat to somebody even if that coat was the only property we had, or to forgive those who hate us seventy times seven?
Don't we know that if Jesus Said that it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye then for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it is then unacceptable to justify our love for greed and materialism through the usual error of believing that God's Mercy allows and forgives all forbidden and unrepented sins? 

We know that Jesus once Said:
"There is none good but one, that is, God"
Therefore, don't we know that He Is the Only One?


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