Love Letter to Catholic Priests


published on  July 8, 2014

written by PAUL JOSEPH C.


Our dear and beloved fathers,
Welcome to The WILD VOICE: we are honored to have you visit our pages and posts.

How to begin this letter? How can I explain to you what you already know better than all of us, patients in need to be cured by those sacraments so vital to our poor souls as to being the very oxygen of our otherwise useless existence.
Your strong love for Jesus Christ can be touched as His Body is being touched by your hands and brought into us everyday. When we fall deep into darkness, it is not the voice of a husband or of a wife nor the whisper of the wind caressing some green grass which can bring light and forgiveness to us: it is through the voice of a man coming through that old perforated panel in the darkness of a confessional who is to release the heavenly symphony "I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen".
You, true apostles of the One Through Whom all things were created, desired and were therefore granted the most majestic gifts a man living on this side of Paradise can ever dream of receiving. You, being His regal court, step on that sacred sacrificial altar wearing the noble garments of holiness that only those who promised The Almighty everlasting loyalty are allowed to wear – and only you can allow the daily occurrence of that miraculous Mystery which you yourselves are not to understand in Its infinite spiral of Eternal and Unseen Glory.

You, loyal sacred servants of Our Redeemer, are His home.
You, faithful lovers of His Word, are Its Shelter.
You, humble doves of His Holy Spirit, are His Wings.  

For this, not only shall you rejoice Eternal Glory with the Father, along with the Son and within the Holy Spirit, but you shall already rejoice NOW, as we – the poor peasants that we are – bless you in His Holy Name.

Why this letter, then?
We believe something might have happened along the way towards the Everlasting Kingdom ~

Have some of you fallen asleep just before the Passion of His Church is about to commence? Have some of you lost the Teachings that were passed down unto thee as if the key of an old music box was lost on the bottom of a lake?
We must be reminded of the TRUE Teachings and not only of the Mercy of God which, we all know, is infinite indeed…IF true repentance is shown in that dark confessional on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We never hear about Hell, Satan or demons even when the reading of the day clearly speaks of such things. Do you realize that we, being already lazy in our weak faith and blinded by the false promises of today's world, are in absolute need of reprehension? With all the respect and admiration I hold towards you as a devout Catholic sinner, I must present unto you the truth of which we all thirst and because of which omission much of the faithful has tragically perished.
If it is your belief that, by presenting only and an all-merciful God, the pews of your parishes will be filled by obedient followers of Jesus Christ then you might have fallen for a trick that Our Lord never taught. What can the Lord do with an overcrowded church of people who do not know who He truly Is and what His Commandments literally impart?  If the believers stopped going to Mass because (in their perception) the True Message was excessively tough, or real, or dramatic, or pressuring by expressing the ENTIRE picture, then let those run back to the world. How can you bring the weak ones to the Kingdom of Heaven through a weak message?
Christ founded His Church on a Rock, and that Rock MUST be solid, indestructible, unchangeable and strong. Not only You are not to please us through erroneous semi-secular rules of false kindness dressed in tolerance's clothes and wearing the shoes of media-created painless love for all.
You must remember that God's Love is often displeasing to our sinister minds and hardened hearts which, by nature, are drawn to sin and prone to favor the "self" over the "others" and God.
By pleasing us you displease God, Who Is first always. Through pleasing and misguiding words you can misguide souls into eternal displeasing pain: this is the responsibility that comes with the unmeasurable powerful gift that is contained within your vocation.
Almost all of you have even adhered to serving the Most Holy Eucharist into the dirt of our own hands. How, I must ask? How could you, faithful lovers of God, so lowly betray Him by handling His Son into the hands of His persecutors whose sins are still the cause of His pain? Do you wash your hands as Pontius Pilate did before handling Christ to His most sinful accusers and painful Death?
If this was not enough of a Calvary for the now Mystery Made Flesh, you further minimize your own privileged God-given role of priest by letting lay men and women of the world SERVE HIM unto others. How, I must ask? When did you decide that the unwashed hands of never vowed individuals – therefore never worthy people who, just a few instants prior to serving That Body into the hands of other sinners, declared to be "unworthy that He Shall Come under their roof…"- were ever fit to do what only you could?
So often I, as well as many others, had to witness both your lack of faith in Christ and your excessive love for the world. How often have we had to internally fight against those dangerously weak words which became like the strong roar of a rebellious lion whose imposing sound echoed in every corner of a silent church congregation?

Please don't throw the mud of this dirty world unto your vests as to reduce Christ and His Court to a desperate group of beggars begging to poor peasants.
Walk up straight and declare that Truth in Its Entirety: God's Word Needs a voice who courageously utters the Whole Truth the way a soldier uses his sword and dies by it for justice and others' freedom.

Beloved priests: take up your swords because the battle is approaching and we need you to be the strong leaders of our REMNANT ARMY. We call upon you now to open your hearts, your eyes, your ears and every cell of your being which contributes to your very existence. You must read the messages contained in the Book of Truth. These are the times you might have believed not to be the last ones…but remember what the Spirit of Our Lord Said through Peter: 

"But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up"

PLEASE, we need you. Christ Needs you as never before in the history of this world. Please, look around and meditate on all the evil permeating our society, our souls.
The dramatic increase in abortions, natural disasters, homicide, mental illnesses, drug use, violence, atheism. How much worse can it get? Let me add all the natural disasters predicted in scriptures and which are exponentially increasing in occurrence and intensity. How about immorality, pornography, autism, sex changes, gay marriage, cloning, euthanasia, sterility, nuclear experiments and poisons in our food, water, air and medicines. This short list presents facts never seen before and which are increasing by the day. And while it is only the voice of a common sinner which is pleading to you on this page, I will let the Voice of Our Most Pure Savior Jesus Christ Speak to your hearts in His Most Holy Words ~  

from The Book of Truth

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"My daughter, please pray for My Vicar, Pope Benedict, for he is surrounded by masonic forces who are now making every effort to dethrone him, these evil forces have been infiltrating My Church since Vatican II and have diluted My Teachings. Many laws were passed which offend Me, especially the presentation of My Holy Eucharist by lay people. The lack of respect shown to Me and My Eternal Father, through new laws introduced to facilitate modern society has made Me cry with sadness.

The Most Holy Eucharist must be received on the tongue and not soiled by human hands. Yet this is precisely what My sacred servants have done. These laws were not passed by Me in Spirit. My sacred servants have been led down a path not in line with the Teachings of My apostles. Today My Sacraments are not taken very seriously, especially those who seek the Sacraments of Matrimony and the First Holy Communion"


Sunday, March 17, 2013

"My dearly beloved daughter, this is a Message for priests and all those sacred servants of Mine who have given their lives to My Sacred Service.

My beloved servants, I desire that you obey the Laws of the Church and those to whom you must show obedience in My Holy Name. You must never desert your duties to the Church and you must continue to serve Me as always. Please administer all the Sacraments, as before, but with even more diligence. Attend, as always, to your sacred duties. Your duty is to God’s children and you must guide your flock. Remain loyal to My Teachings at all times. It will not be you, My precious servants, who will desert My Church on earth. It will not be through your doing that Laws within My Church will be changed in order to embrace new doctrines. You will remain loyal to the services of My Church and conduct your duties until the terrible day. This will be the day when My Holy Mass will be changed beyond recognition. It will be the enemies of God, who have infiltrated My Church on earth, who will push you away from Me"

Jessu Christ Judgment Day

My dearly beloved daughter know that when a mission like the one I now bequeath to the world, is as important as this, that many people will try to stop it. They will try to attack you and belittle those who recognise My voice as I try to impart My messages to the whole world. The scale of the hatred shown towards these messages, delivered through you the end time prophet, will continue to escalate.
Hear Me now all those who say they know Me. I am preparing mankind for My Second Coming. If you believe in Me, My teachings and say that you know Me, then know that I am sending My end time prophet, along with other prophets, to make you worthy to enter My Kingdom. To My sacred servants I say this. Do not make the mistake of your forebears who rejected Me when I came the first time. Take heed and listen to My calling for I need you to help Me prepare the souls of My flock before the great miracle takes place. Did you think that I would not send My prophets to warn you? Did you think I would just herald My return without preparing you and allow souls to perish? For those of you who denounce My Second Coming, and yet claim to understand My promise to humanity, shame on you. Your lack of humility means you cannot be cleansed with the Holy Spirit. You must call on Me for this gift of discernment or walk away from Me. You have let Me down. You make Me weep with frustration for you are My servants given the responsibility for the salvation of souls which is your ministry. Now that I call to you from the Heavens I beg you to respond to My call. I have many chosen souls who work with Me to bring Me the souls for whom I thirst. It is your duty to rise from your slumber and be alert to My call. Only those of you who truly love Me will recognise My voice. Like a mother, an infant will recognise his own and so you, My beloved servants, must call out to Me as an infant to seek reassurance that it is I, your beloved Jesus, who beckons you to take My hand. I will lead you through a jungle of thorns over which you will have to step in order to reach the gates of My New Paradise. Did I not tell you that I would come again? To judge the living and the dead?
Well I will come soon and I need you to help Me bring all of God’s children together as one. Very few now recognise Me because of the veil of deceit which has fallen over the whole world.Many do not believe in God the Father. Few accept that I, Jesus Christ, His only Son died to save them. Yet they are willing to believe in, and idolise, false gods, which do not exist. How I weep with a terrible sadness when I witness young people laugh when My name is mentioned and when they sneer at others who publicly admit that I exist. How I suffer the pain of My Crucifixion when I see those who claim to be Christians refuse to proclaim My teachings publicly for fear of ridicule. The world has been deceived by the king of lies. Only I can now bring hope and save God’s children from the terrible destiny which is being planned to inflict terror across every nation by those armies of global powerful groups including those under the control of the False Prophet and the Anti-Christ. All My warnings, given to My end time prophet Maria Divine Mercy, will come to pass. Until this happens never forget that your allegiance is to Me, your Saviour Jesus Christ. Without My love and direction you will find it impossible to steer the ship that is My Holy Church on earth. Wake up. Do not reject God’s prophets.
Many are coming forth now so that My main public voice to the world, contained in these messages, in these the end times will be dismissed. Many now claim to come in My name as the scriptures foretold but do not offer the spiritual food which can only come from Me.
Prayer is your route back into My arms. Pray, pray, pray for the graces to open your eyes so that you can recognise Me before it is too late.
I need your help, your love and your loyalty. Remember it was because of Me that you took your sacred vows. Now that I call out to you do not reject Me. Embrace Me and allow Me to guide you so that you can lead My remnant church and salvage souls.
I give you My special blessing and await you to respond to My call as follows:

Crusade Prayer – Pledge of loyalty for Christian Clergy

Oh Jesus I am your humble servant
I pledge my love and loyalty to you
I beg you to give me a sign of your calling
Help me to open my eyes and witness your promise

Bless me with the grace of the Holy Spirit
So that I will not be deceived by those who claim
To come in your name but who do not speak the truth
Show me the truth

Allow me to feel your love
So that I can fulfil your Most Holy Will
I ask you with a humble heart to show me the way
In which I can help you to save the souls of humanity.

Do not ignore My call. Do not reject Me when I come once more.

This time I come not only to save mankind once more but to fulfill the Divine Will of My beloved Father, God the Most High.

Go in peace.
Your beloved Jesus


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