written by PAUL JOSEPH C.

f you – whoever you are reading this line in this very present moment – have found your way to this site out of billions of other possibilities, you must fully realize that The Way Has Found you out of billions of other human beings living and dying on Earth today. That very essence of you which makes the unique person whom is you and whose real name is unknown to you has, by no fantastical fruit of accident whatsoever, made the first step of what truly is the most important decision in your life: TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

The Truth can only be One, Whole and Absolute.

You, whoever you are, reading these words while in complete unawareness of each uncontrolled beat of your own heart, must know with the exact same certainty with which you know this World to exist that you were created from the nothingness of the yesteryears and out of an explosion of Love that in both intensity and amount are equaled only by the splitting of the Atom. That complex being that is you – and of whom the unexplainable mystery remains sealed within you while not being revealed to you although perfectly and continuously keeping together all parts of you – finds its very origin as an idea rooted in the Infinite Mind of The One True Mystery called God, Whom Is Three in One and One in Three. The very beginning of your life originated from that one conscious decision God Made – at some point in the Eternal Present – of materializing that unique idea in every single detail contained from its very birth to its very death and of which soul, body, mind, talents, gifts and life pleased its same Creator to such extent as to unhesitatingly discard all other remaining billions of uncreated possibilities.

You have now come to learn something that is good.

You, whoever you may be, sitting in front of a computer screen without even realizing that for each second it takes you to read these lines, 1.78 people are leaving this world: you must know that if you have made it to this very WORD you are already part of a minority of individuals who do not conform to the average rules. No matter your race, your religion, your nationality, your gender, your sexual orientation, social status or financial position: you know there is something deeper, greater and higher both out there in the "unknown somewhere" and in here within the "depths of your very being". You also know that there is something about you which is unknown to all other beings on this Earth with the exception of one person: yourself. This unknown something is that hidden place deep inside of yourself where lie all those secrets which are the spring of your loneliness. No one but you alone can possess the keys to the gates of this garden of forbidden fruits where your deceits, your hatred, your hurt, your isolation, your machinations, your plans, your being misunderstood, your coveting, your true sexual tastes, your jealousy, your dis-ingenuity, your insecurities and all the other multitudes of transgressions are to always be guarded and hidden from anyone's sight. Loneliness is the result of one's own self imprisonment within the ever-growing walls of a secretive and impenetrable fortress meant to keep others at safe distance from one's heart. Consequently, not only will you experience separation from others but you will suffer from a separation from your own true self. You may have never, fully and consciously thought about this in the way you are being guided to do in this very moment: indeed, aren't your mind and heart most often filled with thousands of transitory things? Ideas, dreams, career, images, television shows, music, people, places, cars, activities, fashion, advertisement, desires, doctrines, traveling, thoughts, dating, sports, materialism, work, food, movies, gambling, beauty, mansions, health, news, text messages, gossip, drugs, fun weekends, sex, pornography, ambitions, objects, money, power, vanity, competitiveness, celebrities, politics, drinking, emails, fame, fitness and a million more things occupy your mind day and night.the wild voice
These external elements work as fishing baits to our easily deceived and cunningly seduced human nature through one person's selfish desires. These temptations come to you in many ways and forms, but the most detectable (and often strongest) ones are certainly those of the senses. Since humans are particularly weak in their flesh, prone to selfishly put themselves first and often unable to see the worm within the red apple, they fall for the pleasure of possessing the object of their dream without consulting with the wisdom their Creator Has Provided them with. Therefore, once you open yourself up to a temptation by failing to recognize the luring hidden power it will be holding over your will, you will excitedly welcome those worldly seeds of possible slavery as seeds of freedom. Just as a seed must somehow "arrive" at a location and be there at a time favorable for germination and growth, so must these temptations "arrive" to the location which is you at a time of favorable germination and growth, which are none other than the "proper" state of being in which you are found as a result of your life's weather events and patterns.

Each one of these seeds finds its proper location in a field: this place is your MIND. After the first stage of "dormancy", the seed begins to quickly germinate into a "seedling" (unless seeds are properly removed).
You must also know that if a seed is risking the death of its "offspring" in its beginning stage, gardeners and horticulturists will be sent to "break dormancy" through three different strategies:

1) Scarification: methods to either physically break the hard seed coats or soften them by chemicals (such as soaking in hot water, solvents or acids), by poking holes with a pin, by rubbing them on sandpaper or by cracking them with a press or hammer.
2) Stratification: breaks down physiological dormancy by involving the addition of moisture to the seeds so as to imbibe water. They are then subjected to a period of moist chilling to after-ripen the embryo.
3) Leaching: removes chemical inhibitors that prevent germination by soaking the seed in water for up to 24 hours.

tree of lifeOnce successfully germinated, the seedling will now grow by feeding off your energy, desires, fantasies, ambitions, selfishness, pride, vanity all those traits meant to redirect love's stream direction from going outward (towards others) to going inward (towards ourselves). The now forming roots of this seedling, growing downward due to "gravitropism", will reach the place where the correct environment of air, mineral nutrients and water exists to meet the plant's needs: this place is your HEART. Once these roots strangle your heart while feeding off its life supporting energy, you will begin to drastically change without realizing it. Indeed, the trees, bushes and thorny plants that grew sporadically into a true infestation have now created a thick dark forest of which soil is Sun Light deprived. Where once shined flowers of all colors and species on emerald-green hills like stars in a clear summer night, dark and swampy forsaken lands are now patterned by the chaotic malfunctions and disorderly growth of nature's rebellious imperfections. This land is your SOUL.

You, whoever you are processing these words in this moment while obliviously drawing one breath every 4 seconds, must also know that in this very moment you are an invisible atom on the surface of a planet which is less than a speck of dust in a Galaxy which is an insignificant grain of sand among trillions of others in an Infinite Universe which knows no boundaries.
You have thought of this before. You – as well as every other human being in the history of this World – have wondered about the concept of Infinity on many occasions and yet, each time that thought crashed against the barriers of your skull.
Why is that? Why can't we understand the infinite present and space in which we live? Simple: because we are finite mortals. We, in our human form, have a beginning and an end. And although you are but just an atom within an atom within an atom in this unknown container of Galaxies and stars, you must know something that this world doesn't want you to know: how important you are. I shall tell you more about it in a few moments but not quite yet.

futureYou, whoever you are in this present time as the result of your past while dreaming of a future that may never come, must remind yourself each and every day that today could be your last season on earth. Like a well of cold water in the heat of an immense desert is vital for one's survival, so it is vital to remind yourself of the two most important moments of your life: NOW, being all you have knowledge of as it remains the unsolvable mystery of the present in which you exist as you breath, and your DEATH, when you will draw your very last breath before leaving all that you have known to ever be.
These remain the only certainty you have in this breathtaking mystique that is your existence. All things in between this quickly passed treasure of the present and your last beat of heart is unknown, uncertain and uncontrollable to you.
The Present is the only condition in which you can exist.

The next breath of air you draw is God's gift to you as if your heart was attached to His Own. Shall God stop loving you even for one instant, you would cease to be. When He Drew you out of the nothingness of the yesteryears He Lived in the Eternal Now in which He still Lives. And He Lives in you and in love…now. He once Said that His Name is "I AM": in His Being Eternally Present He is Eternally Loving because it is in His Love that the Infinite Universe – and all things contained within – is perfectly sustained and nurtured.
And just as this ever-present love is the life-giving blood of creation, so it is the blood that gives us life in the now, which is the only temporal and spacial condition in which we can love. We might have loved in the past and might dream of loving in the future, but it is in this unique day and hour which never came before and which will never come again that you can breathe and give love.

Today was yesterday's future and will be tomorrow's past.

Today is always the good day with its joys and sorrows, its falling in love and falling out of love, its victories and its defeats, its laughter and its tears. The blacks and whites, the good and bad, the days and nights painting your life will come to pass as the human condition, we are told, is not eternal on this fleeting Earth. All things must come to an end at the very end of all things.

Each one of us has a different path.
Each life is different.
Each person is unique.

You, whoever you are in this fleeting moment that never will come again, are walking your own path towards your own death and which will occur in a specific second of a certain minute within a defined hour of a now unknown day of a determined week of any given month of an already established year. And just as every movie must come to its END, so will your extras, locations, stories, words, loves and pains filled movie come to its very end at the sudden sound of its Maker's trumpet. After that, when the lights will fade, your make up will come off to show the true face that was hidden behind it. The true you, after the show, will go back home. 

In Death we all reunite into the never-ending ecstasy of the Eternally Present Light.
In Death all things anew will begin. 

deathWhy is man so scared of death? Are you scared of death? What do you think about death? Do you ever think of it?
My dear friend, you must remind yourself of this wonderful event each day because no matter how much money you have, or how depressed you may be, how much you love your spouse, how poor you are, how important your kids are, which home you live in or how healthy you may be: you will one day come to know true freedom in death. Everything else will stay here, including your own body. Not only will you leave this planet along with all your belongings, memories and loved ones, but you will leave the physical yourself behind. If you happen to have a mirror in your vicinity at this very moment, please grab it and take a look at yourself as if it was the last time you saw the person in which your soul lived. That dress of flesh and bones will one day cease to possess life in it, will be buried underground and will go back to the ashes from which it came. Upon the very last beat of your heart, your soul – which will live eternally in the infinite present – will separate itself from that body that now clothes it. At the speed of sound it will go back to that same God who composed it for Himself.

You, however small the world we live in makes you feel, must without any doubt know that God Looks at you as if you were the only human being in the entire Universe. This notion must be known to you with the exact certainty with which you know your day of birth, the moment when your body left the womb that carried you for nine months.
Why would God look at you as if you were the only being living? Because His other name is "LOVE". You may not know this – if you do, you might not believe it and if you believe it, you might not truly understand it – but The Creator of all visible and invisible things is madly in love with you. His obsessive love towards you is about 100 times stronger than the obsessive love you hold towards your wife, your kids or your friends. Not only, but unlike ours, His Love is consistent as it never changes no matter what we do or don't do. Whether you love Him or hate Him, whether you believe in Him or not or whether you love others or not: HIS LOVE IS UNCHANGEABLE from your birth until your death. If you believe these words to be unrealistic or abstract, predictably religious or having the sound of an old record, then you have failed to open your life core – your heart – to the Love that wants to live in you. For this, I will repeat once more those words in the hope that the beautiful human being that you are will read them very slowly: the amount and intensity with which you are constantly loved is so unmeasurable that an instant of exposure to it would be enough to either consume your entire being into a ray of glory or cause you to unceasingly cry tears of ecstatic love from that moment up until your death

I believe that you, whatever it is you're thinking in this moment, have by now taken this concept all the way into the depths of your heart. If you still doubt, I only ask of you to go back and read those lines again. If those words were not enough to make you believe such thing, I would not be surprised: it's the world's fault and not your own.

Let me ask you something so that you may answer to yourself in the silence of your heart's recessions: if an alien asked you to explain WHAT love is, how would you answer? I ask of your answer – not of a Wikipedia definition, or of the heroic actions of a saint who lived to help poor people in a remote corner of Africa, or of an impression formulated upon reading some romance novels with invented characters, or of the words of a friend who shared his story with you while having a cup of coffee in a bistro during a rainy afternoon.
What is your answer?
Once you gave your response, the now intrigued alien would proceed by asking "But HOW does it feel? What happens in your mind, body and soul as you experience this love?"
I assume that by now you have given the answer.
The alien is now taking a moment while looking down to the ground; after a few deep breaths, he suddenly looks up at you again with the same excitement a child displays in front of some sugar candy to ask you one final question: "But I don't understand WHERE love comes from? It's invisible and abstract…and yet, it affects you so much! How can it be possible? WHERE does it come from?

 You, my dear friend, might be stuck at this point. If you were to tell me where this strange, invisible and powerful force comes from, you might say that it comes from within yourself. And this is true: it is in you. And where inside of you? In your heart. And how does your heart "produce" this love?
In truth, your heart cannot create love. Love is not man-made in the way a pair of shoes are made. Love, instead, is generated by God and bequeathed to you and to all as a free gift. Love lives in you because God dwells in you in the same way oxygen fills the air we breath: because you cannot see it, touch it or hear it, every breath you draw is taken for granted; we ungratefully don't thank the oxygen upon every breath we take and yet, we are totally dependent on it. As we totally depend on oxygen for our life-sustaining breathing, so we depend on the Sun, on the Earth rotating around it, on the solid ground we live, work and sleep, on the food made from nature and on all other thousands of complex elements on which you and the world are totally dependent on.
And how about that universe that is you? Don't you depend on the blood in your veins of which circulation you are not in control? You totally depend on each beat of your heart which was not made by the work of your own hands. You are dependent also on your eyes, ears, tongue, teeth, brain, hands, feet, legs, arteries, stomach, intestine, throat, esophagus, cranium, pancreas and all other complex organs on which your life is totally dependent on.
Now we know that your whole being and the whole creation surrounding your being are gifts filled with thousands of other gifts that sustain your life and the one of the Universe. 

You have now come to learn something new that is good.

The name of all these gifts inside and outside of yourself is called LOVE. Didn't we already say earlier that love lives in your heart?

You, whoever you are, walking on the surface of a speck of dust that is floating in the midst of trillions of others in the infinite Universe you will never know: do you prefer being loved or being hated? If you had to choose, would you want others to be kind to you or to be mean? This, my friend, is an easy question that answers itself and of which reply all human beings that ever lived under the sun agree with. So then why do we see so much hatred if no one desires it? The most logical and only true answer is that we, you, I and all, enjoy the love for ourselves but often enjoy the hatred toward others. Would you agree on this as you're tipping into the depths of your very being in total sincerity? Many of us don't like to admit to our faults but only to our virtues; the tragic consequence of such is that the person will perceive himself to be the perfect standard to which all others must adhere, which in practical terms will translate in seeing other people's faults without seeing our own. This tells us that we have now become GOD to ourselves and our own laws must be obeyed by others in order for us to like or love them. This, my dear friend, is part of what someone who walked the earth 2,000 years ago told us by saying "…For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have?"
Make no mistake, this person is no average human. This man was unlike any other who came before him and who will ever come after him. This man was, is and will always be the only standard against which we must measure all our defective inclinations: our arrogance, intolerance, impatience, selfishness, moodiness, stupidity, immaturity, vanity, self-righteousness, superficiality, impurity and immorality. 

You, whoever you are in your pure form, stripped by all those labels which define your social, sexual and religious status: you may think that this silent voice from the wilderness of a desert is now trying to somehow "convert" or "convince" or "brainwash" thee. As in this moment, your mind might pre-conceivably command you to close your computer window and to go back to the world of "things" that make the ordinary so strangely fascinating to us. And this would be perfectly fine as freedom is one of our treasures…
But if you decided to continue this journey with me, I would like to take you and introduce you to my best friend – and I promise you: you will love him! You will get along great. I know this for sure, because if you have enjoyed my company until now, then you'll surely love HIS since he is so far better a person than me. And if you have made it to here while hating what I've been saying to you, please do not worry: you'll love him just as much. In fact, I assure you that all those who meet him NEVER had a complaint about him if not the most egregious compliments. And once that happens, they all want to know him, live with him and some even marry him.
If you have fallen in love before and if you're in love with a special someone now, then you can understand the beauty of such gift. You also understand what it means to constantly think about that person and to be willing to do anything to please him or her. And the way that person makes you feel when he or she looks at you just melts you.
That love feels like hot melted chocolate on a frozen ice cream and it's so sweet and warm that it melts the cold vanilla underneath it. But if we don't let that chocolate fall on the ice cream, we will never have the pleasure to know how it feels. So, I'm inviting you to try it in this now.

 You, whoever you are reading this strange-sounding page hidden in a remote corner of the web, whether you are a man or a woman, a child or an elderly who might be tall or short, straight or gay, white or black, might believe to know who the person I speak of is. I, instead, believe that you might only have heard others speak of this person; or that you might only know of this person; or that you might only know the name of this person without knowing him personally for who he really is. After all, how can someone claim to know somebody if they don't spend time together and grow a friendship? And the more time together, the more love, the more trust, the deeper the relationship will be.
You, who only know of his name, may hate him, reject him, ignore him or avoid him as if my friend was the faceless dirty homeless around the corner, but I tell you: that hot chocolate is still there and if you haven't even tasted it, how could you make a judgment?

religious hate groupsSome religious groups might have imposed him on you in a dictatorial way; some others might have judged you in his name; some others might have insulted or belittled you in his honor; some might even have taken money from you on his behalf…but he never did. THEY did this.
Then, others might have used his own words from that old book of prohibitions and judgmental phrases to try to change who you are. Even threats of fires from hell were used against you…but what THEY did was to abuse and misuse those words because as you should know by now: LOVE is kind and the Creator of the Universe is only kind because He Is LOVE.
And so is my special friend. I'm very happy to introduce you to him right now: his very first name is Love.

Love is a 33-year-old man. You would never think there's anything special about him from the outside as he's another very good-looking guy with long hair like many rock stars are. But this guy truly knows how to rock those stars because he made them. That's right. And he calls them by name, each one of them. And you, being a star, are very well know to him. That's why he's like no other person you and I have met before: he actually knows everybody and loves each one with the same love, even those who hate him. Can you believe me when I tell you this? If you don't take my word I will not get offended because it's hard for me to believe it as well…every day…everywhere. Allow me to also tell you that this man is not crazy – but his love for you and me is. He shows this every minute of the day in which you live and the night in which you sleep. And unlike me, a common being destined to become ashes in a few fleeting years, Love is patient, love is kind. He does not envy, He does not boast, He is not proud. He does not dishonor others, He is not self-seeking, He is not easily angered, He keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. He always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

He, Love, has many homes and yet, he's not rich. In fact, he has no money to give you or luxury cars to donate to you but, like other very good friends, he will always be there for you, faithfully loving and helping you in your struggles. But what verily makes him far above the best friend is that he always loves me, even when during busy times I fail to call him or spend time with him. I know he does miss me greatly and that he suffers just as intensely, but he knows how we all are and understands our shortcomings. I tell you that he's done so much for me and yet, I often don't give him anything back and when I do, it's very little – but that little makes him smile. This is one of the reasons why not one of the people who know him can leave him.

He is also very respectful as he never imposes himself like other human beings can do. You'll see. When you'll ask him for advice and he'll answer you, he won't become upset or mad at you shall you decide to ignore his words: he will let you be free to do all you want. But what is incredible is that he is always right

I think I mentioned to you that he has many homes. He has one in the Heavens while all the others are here on earth. We call those Tabernacles, which are placed on all the altars around the world. They all have a keyhole: he's taken out of them once a day to be consumed by us and re-positioned inside afterwards. The entire time he lives inside those homes, he's locked in with a key and he won't escape; in fact, he is so loving that he would rather live in a prison in order to enter us once a day (or once a week…or maybe never) than to be free from having to become our meal. The entire time he spends in his silent and isolating exile is in the hope to be entering a new person's heart – as I said, Love is patient and kind.

Then, besides these residences, there are other homes here on earth. These are the homes most valuable to him as they are truly his favorite by no comparison. I shall now talk about these homes.

Love once came on earth. His father, the One Who Made you and I out of the nothingness of the yesteryears, told my friend, His son, that He Wanted us all back to Him. He Was sad because His creatures were not able to find their way back to Him: they didn't know the way to begin with because they lost their way.
So, He told my friend to come down here and show us the way…all the way.
And so he came on earth, grew up to become a man and started to teach people the way back to his Father. Many listened to his directions while many others did not. He was always so generous and kind
to every single person he met. Some of them were grateful and some forgot what he did for them. Some were forever changed upon encountering him while some remained indifferent. Then, a certain group of powerful people got together: they were jealous of Love and his achievements; they were threatened by his growing popularity and hated what he had to say because he was honest with them. They became obsessed with him and tried to kill him on many occasions.
I forgot to say that Love also had 12 very close friends with whom he shared his most intimate self and although they loved him very much, none of them ever quite understood him as no one still can.
Then, on a sunny Thursday morning like thousands that came before, one of his best friends lost his mind and betrayed him for no reason. He had him arrested and imprisoned by that jealous group of people who were trying to kill him. Then, they took him to court, they lied, they condemned him, tortured him until he was completely unrecognizable and finally nailed him to a cross after he had carried it for miles. He then died alone, abandoned and misunderstood as he always was.
The important thing I forgot to tell you is that, before coming to us here on earth, my friend knew that all these events would have to come to pass. His father told him that they will hate him and kill him in his own name. Indeed, it will be by the hand of those who preached about his father that he will suffer: all because he showed them the road to go back home. They started to resent him because the way he showed them was not the wide and paved path they desired for themselves, but it was narrow and uphill.

What does this have anything to do with the homes, you might ask? It has everything to do with them, because the only way for him to take those people (as well as you and I) back to his Father is by letting him draw that road for us. Only he knows what is needed, and so we must let him build that road. And the only place where that road can be built is our heart. He, Love, can only live in our hearts, as I said earlier, and those hearts where my friend lives he calls home. And the more hearts he lives in, the more roads are built from those hearts toward the heavenly home. Then he starts to also build bridges that connect one heart to another so that love can flow underneath them. And when this love spreads with more and more bridges and roads, gardens are being made by those trees which will bring all sorts of fruits. For each fruit there is an action and for each flower there is a correspondent prayer. Now we are looking at the City of God.

The only obstacle to all this is OURSELVES. I, myself, can be a stumbling block to him when trying to help me and others. Because of the gift of free will, you and I can decide to lock my friend out of our homes.

It's a cold night out there and he gently knocks on my door for a warm fireplace and a conversation, but he's left out like a lonely homeless vagabond who is worth nothing in our worldly eyes. In our homes we have everything we need – and don't need – as well as empty boxes scattered around in the hope to fill them with more things. Our homes are so cramped that we can no longer move: dreams, careers, television shows, music, people, shoes, cars, cellphones, clothes, desires…and as the music gets louder and the number of things we hoard is larger, we can no longer hear the knocking on the door nor could we open it.
Are we here to open the door? My dear friends: you are here in this very instant to open that door to him and to all that he will say, which is the Truth. The story you have been reading onto this virtual page is the only reality that there is and you are part of it. You are in this unfinished story that only you can continue writing, shall you decide to now open the door to Love:

  welcome to the Wild Voice


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