"I am confused and worried…" – Catholic Voices speak to Pope Francis


published   January 22, 2015
UPDATED July 5, 2015


On October 18, 2014, The WILD VOICE initiated a petition asking 'Pope Francis' to clarify his positions, statements, and behavior on matters important to Catholics and to answer the call of Cardinal Raymond Burke to defend the Catholic Faith "in light of the release of the controversial document Relatio post Disceptationem, summarizing the talks after the Synod on the Family".  You can read (and sign if you choose to) the full contents of the petition here.

After signing this petition to 'Pope Francis' some people left their reasons for signing and comments about their own concerns about 'Pope Francis' and the Church.  Below you will find a sampling of just some of these comments which come from all around the globe – Zimbabwe, the Philippines, the United States, Australia, Sweden, the Russian Federation, Ireland, and more.
We certainly in no way pretend that these comments represent the voice or view of the majority – quite the opposite actually.  If you want to read comments praising 'Pope Francis' you need only look to any mainstream (including mainstream 'Catholic') news source.  The comments below, very admittedly, represent only a very small and little heard from minority.  In fact, many Catholics (and the rest of the world) wish they would just be quiet, get in line, and not make waves.
We are glad and grateful that they speak.

Here, we might all remember the words of Saint Athanasius:

"Even if Catholics faithful to tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the True Church of Jesus Christ."

  Catholics speak to pope francis


(Note:  The last names have been removed.  The comments themselves have not been edited in any way aside from a couple of spelling and spacing corrections to allow for easier reading.)


I want the sowing of confusion stopped and the truth proclaimed.


I am signing because I believe and love my Catholic faith and I want to defend it.


If the final document produced by the synod on the family reflects the tone of the relatio, those suffering under grave sin will be officially and heretically encouraged not only to become more comfortable in that sin and live lives contrary to the doctrine of 2000 years, but will in addition. be encouraged to receive sacrilegious communion as a life habit. Such institutionalized sacrilege will further degrade the condition of the souls as well as scandalize the souls of others. This desecrates the body of Christ with the approval of those guardians of the blessed Eucharist and abandons those souls whose life journey is meant to bring them back to love of Jesus whole abandoning love of self. To do so is a grave even deadly error on the part of the bishops for which they will bear the fruit in this world and the next. I beseech Pope Francis to bring the fruit of this synod into compliance with the belief of Catholics and to the benefit of the so precious souls of those living in sin. Offer them the truth which is Christ.


We have no leader – we need a Leader, a true Shepherd, so far we have no proper true leadership with this Pope. God help us – thousands will flock to Orders like SSPX if this Pope continues his purging of Tradition and Orthodox Prelates.


Pope Francis is destroying the Catholic Chruch


I have only been catholic for 5 years and I have embraced it until now. Pope Francis is so liberal with family values and has become so untwined with political affairs that I can no longer support him. Our family is seriously considering leaving the church and taking our children out of Catholic education. I Will not lead my children astray; just as you are leading your people astray. God help us all.


Im signing this petition because i see that our Holy Church is being led in a downward spiral. Im signing this petition because i want answers.


I have strong feeling pope francis is an anti pope n anti Christ.


I am signing this because I am true to my faith. I was born a catholic and I will die a catholic.


Carolyn HOLLY, MI
Confusion is of the devil and this Pope needs to stop the confusion and speak to the TRUTH.


I too am concerned that many of Pope Francis' statements and actions seem to refute church teaching.or tend to approve those that the church has always taught as sinful. Does he intends to change or compromise Catholic teaching to suit the convenience of straying and non-Catholics so as to attract them to the fold? Or will he uphold Christ's teachings? Clearly no one has the right to change the truths that Christ our Lord has taught us.


This is truly an antichrist move veiled under the deception of who-am-i-to-judge facade. Everyone should partake in spreading the truth. It's important to know that, it's bound to happen. It has been prophesied-it's in the Bible.


I'm very confuse with Pope Francis statements. Is he really catholic?


I don't agree with the direction P.Francis is taking the Church and I believe he should do more to defend the traditional teachings of the Church.


I am very concerned that the Pope is trivializing sin and thereby leading souls away from God to the road of perdition.


I am signing because the family and marriage is under attack because the Pope wants to be for the world rather than defend the gospel of Christ. Stop using St Peter's chair to promote evil.


We're signing because this we think this pope want to change The Church in a wrong way


NO to new world order of one religion thereby eliminating our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the Holy Cross and the Holy Communion. Pls PRAY for the Catholic Church and its people.


I am heartbroken and confused. Everything you are reported to be saying, dear Pope Francis, seems ambiguous or downright dishonest. The Church is a loving mother to sinners but She never condones the sin. Some of your statements seem to be saying differently. I am very, very dismayed to read about Cardinal Burke's demotion, and to hear about communities being apparently punished if they choose to use the Latin Rite. What is going on? I also heard that Latin is going to be abolished as the official language of the Church but I do not yet believe that; it would be incomprehensible! Latin holds the different nationalities together. It must remain the language of the Church. We are all the poorer since the demolition of the Traditional Rite since now the average layman or lay woman no longer hears Gregorian Chant at Mass. When I was young, even poor congregations were more literary and literate than they are today, because having to follow some Latin in the Missal was educational.


If you cannot defend the Catholic Faith then step down and resign. The Church needs a real Pope not an Anti-Pope!


The truth needs to come out.


Because he seems to make pronouncement that undermines the teaching of the Lord. This create confusion among Catholics


As our church leader you have caused much confusion and hopefulness of things that just do not fit the doctrine of the Catholic Church. You push the cardinals that defend the doctrine away and continue to build false hope for sinfulness to be accepted into our church laws.


Patricia HOUSTON, TX
I love the FAITH given to us by Christ, the Son of God, and do not want it watered down and confused.


Because so many people think they now can freely be open about their transgressions related to abortion, same sex marriage and contraception. You influence so many people every time you speak. Please clarify where you really stand.


I love my church. We need more clarity not more confusion. We need more sacredness not defiance.


Because the church is changing too much and is taking away the teachings that Jesus entrusted to it. Some change maybe but now they are going too far.


I was born and raised Roman Catholic and I was taught to obey the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God. That was over two thousand years ago and NOTHING in the commandments has changed! I firmly believe in G0s's words and I am upset that yoy gave permission for a divorced woman to receive the Eucharist! You are changing God's laws and you MUST STOP! How can we follow a Pope who is trying to change God's laws!!


This pope does not represent the catholic church and is disrespectful to our lord Jesus


I don't mind the "who am I to judge" as a personal opinion & which I agree. Who am I to judge, but PLEASE explain what the CHURCH of CHRIST teaches. Don't let the media run amok with your words & invent whatever they want making a mockery of my faith.


I'm signing because at best Pope Francis has made quite a few ambiguous comments and I find it very unsettling as he has not clarified them, to the best of my knowledge.


We need the pope to clearly, and unambiguously state and DEFEND Catholic teaching. Under this pope, this is NOT happening.


It is high time Pope Francis starts sounding Catholic!


We want you to take a stand in upholding and preserving the Catholic faith, remain true to the teaching of our Lord, Jesus Christ and not to sow confusion among catholics. We want no change in the teaching of Jesus 2000 years ago….


I'm confused and I need clarification.


I want stay for the truth which Jesus taught us and what is written in the Holy Bible.


I am signing this petition because I believe in following the teachings of the Catholic faith without wavering to the changing times. The Catholic Church remains because of this strength which is impossible to crush. I am un crushable too. I stand firm with the teachings in the Cathechism.


I am signing because I am confused with the actions of Pope Francis especially with regards to his relationship with the late Bishop Tony Palmer who had a satanic interpretation of the Holy Eucharist and proclamations that seem to condone the LGBT's sexual activity which is clearly written in the Bible as an abomination to God. Heavenly Father, please have mercy on Your children.


Its appalling what the Pope is doing to our faith. Absolutely horrific.


Pope is misleading the faithful.


Because the changes the Pope is calling for contradict our Lord Jesus Christ's word.


I am confused and worried. I want to know the Church is unified from the Pope to all laity. I want to know the Pope is going to defend the biblical teachings on marriage, life, and homosexuality.


My Catholic Faith is the CORE of my being and reason that Jesus gave me this life and my children. We need a STRONG POPE who can stand up and see the deceit of the evils of the world, lead his sheep and GIVE ALL GLORY TO GOD NOW AND FOREVER! rather to those who are trying to control the Church of Jesus!


I don't want the Holy Father to sacrifice our Catholic Doctrines and Teachings to satisfy evil desires and deceptions.


His words are the opposite of the words of Jesus Christ of whom he is supposed to serve and lead the people. If Christ is love Pope Francis is hate.


We have to save the church from this imposter


I love the Holy Catholic Church established by Jesus Christ to save all people. I want the teachings of the church defended!


Pope Francis must follow the High priest- Jesus Christ's teaching, right is right, wrong is wrong, If pope Francis please the people, we please our God only. So we must defend the Catholic faith.


Because I am worried about what this Pope is doing which seems to be against the Church


I love Holy Mother Church. I am part of the Church Militant. We are in a spiritual battle for souls; for heaven verses hell and St. Faustina in her dairy wrote that she suffered the Garden of Gesthemane on the exact date that Pope Francis was born . God, the Father's warning to the faithful through St. Faustina? Certainly, it is plausible if not probable.


You would violate tradition to allow such things to take place. are you a false…………?


True charity is dependent on the integrity of the Fatih.


Truly too much ambiguity and dissent from Church teachings from this Pope. The Synod invited further demise againt Christ Jesus' Church.


I believe in what Jesus taught us. The Pope should not change the Catholuic traditions according to his whims and fancies


Because I want to know if the Pope has orthodox views or if he is a heretic


Nicolaus SWEDEN
Because I love the true catholic faith and have witnessed how the relativism of today makes people go further away from God and not seeking the ONE truth!


Your Holiness is proposing principals that are diametrically opposed to the Deposit of Faith.


I believe in my Catholic Church and the doctrine that it teaches because the Church follows the teachings of Jesus as in taught us in the Bible and the Ten Commandments. If we give in to POPULAR thinking of today we are going against God's Will!


BERGOGLIO is the false prophet.


I want to be sure that the pope is Catholic.


Speak what you have in mind. We need the truth.


Pope Francis speaks confusion to the flock and we would appreciate he be clear on his intentions. Cardinal Burke should be respected, not ousted or punished.


Because Pope Francis is doing everything can to change the Church from within with his liberal stance. Obviously, he's afraid of Cardinal Burke, since he's trying to get rid of him.


We need to know where the Pope stands!!


Many souls are being lost because of the misinterpretations.


Pope Francis needs to step up to the plate! Quit taking all the selfies and get real with us!


You cannot change what God has ordained and You must uphold the Catholic Faith rather than your New Age Agenda.





92 comments for “"I am confused and worried…" – Catholic Voices speak to Pope Francis

  1. Michael
    April 15, 2018 at 3:07 PM

    I am a Roman Catholic. I am very tired of the disrespect for the Holy Mass, the sacraments, and for the lack of discipline and disrespect inside the church when worshipping God. I am tired of the twisted truths of our faith. I am horrified by Pope Francis' twisted message to us regarding sin. A sin is a sin is a sin and it requires absolution and true repentance. Various messages given to the faithful are wholly wrong and misleading. I am frightened that the young are being totally led astray. I am however completely reassured by God's message to us that he will prevail and that it is the gates of hell that shall not prevail against us! I am confident that the Holy Spirit will take swift action and remove anyone who is leading the flock astray. I am confident that this terrible period in our church's history will not last much longer. Acts of evil going unchecked. Perversions of every kind have become acceptable. Love has grown cold but God's love is never-ending and he will rectify this devilish world we are suffering in right now. Keep the faith of old. Keep the prayers and put your total trust in God Almighty. Stick to the truths you were taught in the beginning.

    • Mike
      December 13, 2018 at 11:44 AM

      Eloquently put.

      • Ann
        March 18, 2019 at 12:41 AM

        I believe that there is not one higher religion than another and that one human being is a gateway to God our Father. Only our belief in Jesus Christ No where in the Bible does it state one religion is higher or better. We are God's children as long as we profess a our belief in Jesus and that he was sent by our holy father to die for our sins and that by his grace not works that we will have eternal salvation. No higher human or pope can grant you that nor have that type of power It is a gift from God. Establish a closer relationship with Jesus by spending time with him reading and learning the Bible…the truth will set you free. Watch the documentary found in Amazon Prime. "A Lamp in the Dark: untold history of the Bible" very enlightening and beneficial.

    • Paul
      December 25, 2018 at 4:50 PM

      Very well stated and I couldn't agree with you more. Lack of Faith, Hope and Love for the Church God and Life. What happened to The Rosary? The youth of today are completely mislead lost and lack the depth and true meaning of Faith. They also lack self discipline and respect for themselves as well as others but that's a whole different conversation. What happened to Family The Holy Family sets an example follow it. Mary The Rosary is the most powerful weapon say it daily… Joseph having troubles at work He's right there just ask…..where's the Faith…I will fight for my Faith I will fight for the One True Church Holy Catholic Church The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit.

  2. Rose
    April 12, 2018 at 2:05 PM

    I am a born again Christian. I have the greatest faith of all. The pope sits
    on the throne of SATAN. Jesus is returning soon. Jesus is the only way to heaven. The end is near. KEEP THE FAITH. BE READY.

    • Vid
      July 20, 2018 at 6:09 PM

      I, too am a born again Christian. From a Protestant to the oldest Catholic Church. I love the old Catholic MASS.
      I don’t go to the Liberal Church of Pope Francis, but the old one with conservative Priests, and I try to avoid Vatican II Mass.

    • stmonicapray4me
      October 15, 2018 at 9:47 PM

      I am a Catholic convert from Protestant Fundamentalism. The sinners prayer is a heresy, it is not found in the Bible. Once saved, always saved in not in the Bible. Salvation by faith alone is not in the Bible, in fact James says, that "we are not justified by faith alone." The "Bible only" doctrine is also not in the Bible. If you are relying on these false doctrines for salvation, you are not ready for Jesus to return (which no one knows the day or time, so we can't say it will happen soon). I urge you to examine these false doctrines so that you will be ready at the end of your life to meet Jesus.

    March 31, 2018 at 8:27 PM

    Those who deny Jesus Christ,The son of God are antichrist; Catholics denied Jesus Christ, but accepted Lucifer as God; they are antichrist .

  4. Ben Bricknell
    December 11, 2017 at 8:34 AM

    I've had it with this simpering, prancing "pope". He reminds me of Dickens' Uriah Heep.

  5. Eliane
    October 7, 2017 at 11:33 AM

    Your Hollyness, i dont want your OPINION.Preach the Gospel .We need to ear the Truth, and only the Truth of Jesus Christ teaching.He said I am the Truth, the Way and the Life.

  6. Arius
    September 21, 2017 at 4:05 PM

    Happy Trumpets – Please let God call you out of the great delusion.

  7. Susan
    August 21, 2017 at 9:33 AM

    The world will change but God's laws, the Ten Commandments and scripture do not. The church must be in line with these unless they plan on rewriting them too. Otherwise how do we know we r on Christ's path and not being deceived by Satan. This has all been predicted by seers and saints and scripture. I pray pope Francis does not take the beautiful catholic faith down but either way Christ has already won the battle by his resurrection so
    He knows what is going on in his church and will ultimately have the last word on it all

  8. John Minge
    February 23, 2017 at 10:47 AM

    What happened to papal infallibility? Why is it that so many Catholics are so supportive of their church when the Pope says what they agree with but abandon that enthusiasm when the Pope says things they don't like? If the Pope is truly infallible (as that term is defined by their Church), shouldn't his views be given serious and respectful consideration?

    • Michelle
      February 8, 2019 at 6:12 PM

      You are correct.
      But the Holy Ghost is not guiding the invalid "popes" of Vatican 2.
      As heretics, they automatically lose their office.
      They teach error that has been condemned previously by the unchanging church.
      To be a pope, you need to be a member of the church and profess the faith.
      Vatican 2 "popes" do not.
      Post Vatican 2 church is a new, reformed, protestantised church, which openly breaks the First Commandment and prays in union with false religions.
      It is not helping to save souls through the one true church of Christ.
      The Catholic Church today, in the era of the prophesised Great Apostacy, exists with the clergy and laity who remain faithful to Christs unchanged Church and are not part of the new uncatholic vatican 2 "church "
      Vatican 2 have kept the name "catholic" and the buildings and cathedrals and institutions but NOT the catholic teachings and valid sacraments and true catholic mass, codified by Pope St Pius V.

      These vatican 2 hierarchy who have deprived the world of the true catholic faith for over 50 years are to be rejected as not recognized as catholic.

      Christ warned us to beware of false prophets who are wolves in sheep's clothing and by their fruits you will know them.

      Also the warning of St Paul.. if he or an angel from heaven were to preach a gospel that is different to what he taught, let him be anathema.

      Crystal clear.

  9. Cyreen
    February 4, 2016 at 2:15 AM

    I was born into a Catholic family. My mom and 2 of my sisters are very devoted servant of the Lord. My mom is now in her 80s. She spends her time lying in bed, she’s ill. I was just 14 when my mom told me about Priests having promiscuous affair with the Nuns in convents. Their babies delivered in secret behind high walls, and their children were killed or taken away. This story was being told to my mother by our neighbor who was once a Sacristan, who found the dark secret of the Catholic Church.
    As I have seen in a documentation film last week how a German priest sexually abused a mother and her daughter and other young children, it made me so sad. Catholic Tradition – Forbidding the priesthood to marry is not in the Bible. I felt weird seeing Pope Francis carrying a bent crucifix. Roman Catholicism is not Christian!
    The Bible does not reveal specifically who the Antichrist is, speaking instead of his corrupt teachings. In 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul prophesied of a “man of sin,” a liar and deceiver whose natural abilities Satan enhances by supernatural power in order to confuse people in the end of time. In addition, Christ inspired John to write of a “false prophet” to come at the end time. (Revelation 13; Revelation 16:13; Revelation 19:20
    Note how the Prophecy describes a great religious leader of the end time: “He had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon” (Revelation 13:11). That is to say, he takes on the image of (or imitates) Jesus Christ (the Lamb of God), but is empowered by Satan. Historically, a counterfeit version of Christianity fulfills the types we read of in the prophecies of Revelation.
    To THE WILDVOICE, You call from the TRUTH? Then don’t remove my message.

      February 4, 2016 at 2:42 AM

      God bless you Cyreen. Most obviously, we cannot agree with the full text of your comment as we are Catholic and also it is not the main point of this particular post. Still, thank you for being here. We will always appreciate your respect toward our very deeply held beliefs while you visit these pages and for now can only say may God bless you, protect you, and guide you, always and in all ways.

    • lawrence phelps
      September 15, 2016 at 2:17 AM

      What a load of anti-Catholic nonsense. Your grandmother was an angry woman. Too bad she was eaten up with hatred. Although this Pope is a raving idiot, he does not speak for ortodox or true Catholic teaching.

    • Martine
      January 15, 2017 at 12:01 PM

      Wouldn't it be better to worry about the entire Muslim world killing women who have been raped, and designating homosexuality as a crime punished by death then worrying the extremely few cases of Catholics Priests doing something bad? Pope Francis is about as Christian as Obama. Which is to say none at all. I was raised catholic, but I will not follow this evil man.

  10. Cyreen
    February 3, 2016 at 5:18 AM

    I was born into a catholic family. My mom and 2 of my sisters are very devoted servant of the Lord. My mom is now in her 80's. She spend her time lying in bed, she's ill. I was just 14 when my mom told me about nuns having sex with Priest in convents. Their babies delivered in secret behind high walls, and their children were killed or taken away. This story was being told to my mother by sacristan who found the dark secret of the catholic church.
    As I have seen in a documentation film last week how a german priest sexually abused a mother and her daughter and other young children, it made me so sad. Catholic tradition – Forbidding the priesthood to marry is not in the Bible. I felt wierd seeing Pope Francis carrying a bent crucifix. Roman catholicism is not Christian!
    The Bible does not reveal specifically who the Antichrist is, speaking instead of his corrupt teachings. In 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul prophesied of a “man of sin,” a liar and deceiver whose natural abilities Satan enhances by supernatural power in order to confuse people in the end time. In addition, Christ inspired John to write of a “false prophet” to come at the end time (Revelation 13; Revelation 16:13; Revelation 19:20).

    Finally, note how the prophecy describes a great religious leader of the end time: “He had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon” (Revelation 13:11). That is to say, he takes on the image of (or imitates) Jesus Christ (the Lamb of God), but is empowered by Satan. Historically, a counterfeit version of Christianity fulfills the types we read of in the prophecies of Revelation.

    • Ken
      December 22, 2016 at 7:47 PM

      Your Heart is Your tresure it will not lie to you as you know Yeshua the Messiah never would either.

      • Ann
        March 18, 2019 at 12:47 AM


  11. Seek The Truth in the Bible
    November 23, 2015 at 4:57 PM

    I plead to all my Catholic brothers and sisters to get yourselves a King James Bible and start reading. It is the Word of God. Let The Almighty be your guide, your teacher and as He has promised – your Good Shepherd. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    • Vid
      July 20, 2018 at 5:05 PM

      KJV Bible has many errors, and it needs to be corrected. I used to listen to KJ, then when I accidentally read NIV and Jerusalem Bible, and the Dead Sea scroll, there’re parts in KJ were added, cut off which are not in the Dead Sea scroll. Luther chopped and threw away many books. Catholic/Orthodox are ONE and it is the origin from the LORD, Jesus Christ. HIS Church will never be destroyed, but the wicked always will.
      Satan’s army have infiltrated into the Church, since before and after the Resurrection of the LORD.
      Alléluia, Alléluia…. Alléluia.

      • Vid
        July 20, 2018 at 5:12 PM

        I forgot to finish my sentence. Sorry.
        « After Resurrection of the LORD » is « but they can never destroy GOD’s Church.

  12. catharina
    September 28, 2015 at 11:20 AM

    The who-am-I-to-judge pope is certainly sowing confusion. Is he promoting the gospel or a political viewpoint? He is both liberal and conservative depending on who he is with, all things to all people. The propaganda machine churns out multiple books, videos, sayings-of-Francis, and we hear little of the Gospel message. God weeps.

  13. Tim Schrang
    August 22, 2015 at 3:10 AM

    I too am confused by the many mixed messages, the downfall of the Church since Vatican 2' receiving communion in your hand, non latin masses….the list goes on, to include the testimony of hundreds concerning Ratzingers participation in child ritual trafficking, and how can a free mason hold any important title in the Catholic Church.??? I may not be a very good Christian, and I don't pretend to be, but the more I see, the sadder I become. All I know how to do is pray, and pray the Holy Rosary for all of them, and all of us. Peace and Gods love to everyone here

  14. grace
    February 9, 2015 at 7:49 PM

    All the messages given in http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com came true.The Lord gave us His warning about the destruction of the catholic church and about the false prophet and the Antichrist since 2010 on that website.God is revealing the content in the Book of Revelation and Book of Daniel and as what the Lord said the prophecy given to Garabandal,Fatima and La Sallete will happen in our time because we are the last generation here on earth.Satan will destroy the catholic faith and the catholic church tru this false prophet because Jesus is present in the Eucharist. This false prophet/false pope will unite all the religion to ready for the coming of the Antichrist who will seat in the seat of Peter and will claim as " jesus who came to save the world.This Antichrist will appear as the man of peace" a false peace", and will introduce the mark of the beast hidden in the microchip that will be injected in the arm and forehead. This microchip will serve as your ID,password,money or any transaction you will do.Whoever refused that chip will be persecuted.And whoever accept the mark of the beast will not be save by God Jesus Christ.That's why God gave His messages tru Maria Devine Mercy tru this website http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com to prepare for the coming days until His second coming that will happen in our life time. God bless everyone

  15. February 2, 2015 at 4:26 PM

    remember that just because bergoglio is the false prophet, we still have a Pope: benedict XVI and that the church as church is infallible, meaning, it's teachings are infallible and not open to change. Bergoglio is an ecclesiastical freemason; freemasonry's ultimate goal was to steal the papacy, and then to establish a new world order. This is what is happening in the world right now; a mind control propaganda to condition people to go against islam and to create more hatred and divisions. This is all the work of zionists and their synagogue and they are fulfilling the plans of albert pike for the creation of three world wars – we live stage three since 1989 when they said communism was dead; it wasn't, it just changed names since the perestroika was planned by lenin in the 20's !!! A fake invisible war ended, the cold war, so they has to create another one, the war on terror !! It's all fake, but it will lead to WWIII very soon – bergoglio's mission meanwhile is to drag into apostasy as many catholics possible and to form a new one world religion where he will be a symbolic leader.

    • Rosa Lopes
      February 25, 2015 at 9:34 PM

      To hell with Islam. Islam is the faith of murderers, pedophiles, rapists and of slavery (especially for the Christians). It has nothing to do with our beloved Roman Catholic Church. Our problem is with an imposter for a Pope, a false prophet whose only aim is to replace Jesus Christ with himself while dismantling our Church piece by piece.

      • luis
        March 2, 2015 at 8:52 PM

        islam is not the cancer of the world, apostates jews and their judaism-synagogue of satan are – judaism is not monotheism, but pantheism – the whore of babylon is the babylonian talmud of judaism – judaism is pharisaism mate – bergoglio is the predicted false prophet who obeys the anti-christ, a jew from the tribe of dan, as the early church fathers said !!! Forget islam….

  16. kuno schlauch
    February 1, 2015 at 11:23 PM


      February 7, 2015 at 2:16 PM

      Dear Kuno,
      Thanks for the comment and God Bless.

      We understand that the current state of this papacy can be overwhelming, but please do not let discouragement take over your heart. The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is perfect it Her teachings, but having been 'mismanaged' for the last fifty years or so, She has come to being cornered by the wolves that entered Her long ago: the Freemasons. You have made the right choice in joining this Church, for it is the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ. But Satan MUST sit on Peter's Throne as that Basilica in Rome IS the Temple of God, indeed.
      We also know that the Gates of Hell shall never prevail against her, but that Church will be the REMNANT spoken of in the Book of Daniel. That Remnant will be formed by all those Christians who will remain loyal to the Holy Word of God and who will refuse to accept the new laws that will transform the current Church into an abomination.

      As for Francis worshiping Lucifer, we will have some new material come out soon, but it will not be based on what you speak of but, rather, on an intricate pagan practice of ancient roots. The clip you mentioned we did cover on the following page:
      If you scroll down a bit, you will find the section explaining about the correct use of the adjective "lucifer" when applied to Christ as the "Light Bearer". That is the meaning of the word in Latin Vulgate. You will also read about its opposite role as the noun "Lucifer" representing the fallen angel.
      We are not here to defend any wrong doings for self-interest, but we report what is being hated by our fellow Catholic bothers and sisters in Truth. Inn this case "pope" Francis is not responsible for invoking the devil, since Benedict XVI and other Popes have done the same for a long time.

      Hope this will help a bit.
      Thank you for the comment, and May God Continue to Bless and Protect you.


      • kuno schlauch
        February 8, 2015 at 9:01 PM

        Dear brothers and Sisters, first of all Shalom and thank you for your answer, it shows me your real concern. I am going to answer later in deeper knowledge and love in Yeshua our Master and Savior. I love my Catholic past and brothers in the Church, lastly I learn so much in all the years,but I will state frankly the last 13 to 14 months I learn much more since I stop the Fatima Movement of the last days. for I were shaken so much from the Word who was springing out of the Bible into my mind. And my research of 5-8 hours a day. And my main guide is the word and as we are advised to follow always the Law instruction of Moses. Also the many wrong translation we can find in all Bibles. Satan were indeed working very much on it. And it is said that all the World will be deceived by Satan.So i believe that is the cause today. God bless you. Kuno

  17. renv
    February 1, 2015 at 3:05 PM

    The church are composed of people and not buildings. Plus have you read the whole bible especially the new testament? On how Jesus deal with sinners. On how he welcome the two criminals beside Him in the cross in heaven with just a little conversation? Please read the Bible and you shall understand why the Pope is doing those things.

    P.S. why did God chose Paul- the killers of the apostles to be the one to deliver the Good news to Rome?

    Certainly the Roman catholic must be originated from Paul, but it is the work of God.

    So please before you post comments, not only you but all must have to open their Bible and understand.

    And please comment in social media with compassion and uplifting hearts. We are more attached to it nowadays- more that we leave scars to those who were affected.

  18. TruthIsStrangerThanFiction
    January 31, 2015 at 10:03 AM

    you will not be confused if you know the truth.
    can you handle the truth ????

  19. lauro Mira
    January 29, 2015 at 4:36 PM

    Peace be with you all. I'm Lauro Mira from Philippines. Im also confused what's happening to the Catholic Church right now. Same Sex Marriage,Woman Bishop, One World Religion..etc…GOD SAVE US!

  20. Michael
    January 26, 2015 at 2:23 PM

    He will be responsible for every soul that goes to Hell because of what he has said and taught. I hope he is prepared to answer for each and every one.

  21. luz p. legaspi
    January 25, 2015 at 10:17 PM

    It's useless to argue against the Infinite. God has His own way of doing things, and His own thoughts and plans. Let us believe and we will see. Very soon all confusions, doubts, anxieties will end. Whose plan are these new world order or new world religion? They are man's futile plans and agenda.

    • Monico
      February 1, 2015 at 8:00 AM

      New World is the Devils work. Sowing confusion in the church that Jesus established is the work of Satan.

  22. luis
    January 25, 2015 at 6:35 PM

    Bergoglio is not a catholic, but an ecclesiastical freemason !! I'm a traditional catholic militant (not SSPX) and I'm trained to spot semantics deceptions, gnostic semantics deceptions and I can garantee you, everytime bergoglio opens his mouth is to speak about the 'god' of the cabala, but he uses catholic terminology. What is the 'god' of the cabala? The seething energies of lucifer that pervaqde the universe, as stated helena blavatsky, alice bailey, mainly p. hall, david spnagler, barbara hubbart, robert muller or teilhard de chardin, all these the spiritual references on the united nations !!! Plus one needs to read the porphecies of Our Lady in Good Success, La Salette and Akita at least ! Read the visions and prophecies of st anne catherine emmerich regarding the two popes !! read the vision of pope pius x about a successor, of the same name (joseph) who would have to suffer alone tribulations and would be martyred in the end !!! Benedict XVI never left the vatican; while benedict lives in the vatican, bergoglio lives in house of st marta, breaking yet again with tradition !!! bergoglio is the false prophet who is dragging as many catholics into apostasy as the Bible predicted !!! Np wonder there's so many catholics confused !! that is one of his tasks: to confuse !! But he will never confuse those who know the faith well and I literally lost count of the heresies this impostor stated !! Benedict is the genuine Pope of the catholic church !

    • Rush
      January 30, 2015 at 8:26 PM

      I totally agree!!! Though I don't have much knowledge about Freemasonry…Pope Benedict XVI is the Last True Pope!

  23. January 25, 2015 at 11:27 AM

    Yes we should love one another as Jesus loves us but we cannot turn our backs on sin and pretend it does not exist .God will forgive us any sin as long as we repent that is why one cannot tell atheist that they will go to heaven if they do good works we must repent of our sins that is why we need to know the what sin is. Mercy without truth can't be right

  24. Angela Nelson
    January 24, 2015 at 9:52 AM

    satan is much smarter than humans and he will always try to deceive us. satan plants the seed of doubt and then waters it creating weeds. Confusion comes from satan. We must adhere to only 100% of the truth. Anything less is NOT from God. HIS word will NEVER change, for it is perfect 100% truth. Do not justify sin because of mans feelings. Follow Gods will and laws only. Our will is not perfect and it often leads us to sin.
    Sincerely, God Bless!

  25. jose kawashima
    January 23, 2015 at 12:34 AM

    My gosh. Can you please state to me the reasons of your confusions?

  26. Marcel De Marcellier
    January 22, 2015 at 7:50 PM

    We are called by God to be a blessing unto this world. We are challenged by the gospel to bring light to those who are in darkness. To comfort the afflicted to bring joy those who are in pain and to heal the broken heated. Our constant endeavor is allowing others to see the face of God in us through our compassion. This is how we will all be judged. And if the pope has not done all these things then why did God chose him to lead his people? Have we gone too proud that we dare question the will of God?

    • Louise Campbell
      January 22, 2015 at 9:05 PM

      Marcel permit me to reply: Truly this 'pope' was not canonically elected. It was pre empted by those who are ecclesiastical masons. This was in the pipeline even during the election of Pope Benedict. God was not involved – God knew of course what was to transpire because He gave that Authority to satan to use his last ditch effort to divide and crumble the Church – Jesus' Plan is the True Holy Remnant Church – the ones who refuse to follow the false prophet (berGOGlio) to the precipice. It is all foretold in Scripture – these are our times. Book of Daniel, Revelation – John the Evangelist! It's all there! This must be this way by God's Will – humanity must now choose who they wish to follow – a man who happens to be 'the pope' or Jesus Christ – who happens to be Our Saviour. God gave us free will at birth – He is giving us our last chance under duress of the Great Apostasy to choose – Heaven or hell! He is sorting the wheat from the chaff – who is worthy to be counted amongst His chosen? The time is near – Paradise is at hand! Souls need to be saved – Catholics in Truth must stand and defend Christ's Church! The whole Truth and nothing but the Truth – something berGOGlio is not able to speak. He will continue to confuse and divide and humanise until he paves the way successfully for the second of the unholy trinity – the antichrist to create the one world pagan religion and one world government – the Great Apostasy!

      • Susan Douglas
        January 30, 2015 at 6:36 AM

        Well said…THANK YOU!!!

      • Shirly
        January 24, 2016 at 9:26 AM

        What you have presented is quite right.Prepare for Warning. Let God enlighten the souls of every child of God

    • Anonymous
      January 27, 2015 at 12:18 AM

      Watching Pope Francis from afar: some considerations
      Filed under: By the Roadside – Fr. Euly Belizar |
      Rev. Eutiquio B. Belizar, Jr.
      , SThD

      By the roadside

      1. It was a long, multi-faceted preparation, from spiritual to physical to choreographic to fashion-oriented to artistic to security-meticulous. Sometimes one would wish that those who did the artistic or physical or security preparations also did the spiritual preparations as well. It would have helped avoid egregious things, such as the alleged ‘detention’ of street children to remove, as it were, potential ‘eyesores’ to the papal vision. Trouble is, if true, the utter lack of spirituality in a one-dimensional preparation more often than not results in authorities doing an Imelda instead of a Fr. Flanagan to street children and other eyesores of the republic.

      2. Pope Francis is a living proof that there is a Holy Spirit and that he is still very active in the Roman Catholic Church. His election to the Chair (not throne please, popes are not kings but pastors) of St. Peter in a world filled with the massive shadows of terrorism, hatred, injustice, racism, economic-social-political inequities (as ever) truly brings the smile of God on people tired of the dark horizons. Obviously his papal election belongs in the realm of light and light comes from the Spirit of the Living God.

      3. It is truly amazing how people among even those unable to personally ‘encounter’ the Holy Father but who watch him on television confess to feeling “truly happy” and “joyful” by the mere sight of him. I know. The social media broadcast that fact. Reactions to him are more often than not ‘trending’. I believe it is because the papacy is truly a testimony to the sacramentality of the Church. Catholics often take it for granted that they encounter Jesus Christ through Word and Sacrament defined fundamentally as “a visible material sign that convey and effect an invisible immaterial grace”. In a sense the Holy Father, being the visible head of the Roman Catholic Church, by the sacramentality of that same Church, brings to us the invisible presence of our invisible Head, Jesus Christ. No wonder he elicits joy in a way reminiscent of how Jesus’ presence in Mama Mary’s womb elicits joy in John the Baptist still in his own mother’s womb. This is what a Catholic loses when he leaves the Church. This is what non-Catholics miss by the fact that they simply center on the Word.

      4. Pope Francis is often mistakenly characterized as a “cool celebrity” with humble, easy and non-judgmental ways oozing ‘mercy and compassion’ to the suffering and the marginalized, however unpleasant sometimes to the naked eye some of those he hugs or kisses. But he is also a tough prophet even with his gentle manners. This is, for example, shown in his Malacañang visit when in the face of a president who prides himself in being the epitome of anti-corruption politics he called on all Filipinos to stamp out corruption in all levels of their society. It was like telling the janitor to have his house swept thoroughly before he would even think of saying what he does for a living.

      5. I was struck when he urged the clergy to shun compromises with the materialistic mindsets of the world by kicking the ‘complacency’ that makes them accepting of the “scandalous inequalities/inequities” of society. I was wondering if the Holy Father was also indirectly referring to the “scandalous inequities” among the Filipino clergy themselves. The fundamental illness of Philippine society can be traced, in clerical theological lingo, to the lack of real working ‘communion’ within the Philippine Church. We preach with enthusiasm and righteous gusto on ‘communion’ through faith that does justice, the very foundation of charity or Christian love. But as to whether we walk the talk we see concretely in priests in urban centers having multi-million worth SUVs, condos and other properties plus regular trips outside the country while their counter parts in the provinces barely make ends meet. Diocesan priests from the provinces migrating to urban centers or outside the country then is hardly a surprising reality but its scandalous character is almost on par with wealthy clergymen who stay blind to their brethren’s conditions. Real working ‘communion’ must start with the clergy. Bishops and decision-makers in the Church must truly allow the full implications of the gospel to shake our very institutions to the tune of love founded on justice done by faith. But we must walk before we talk and talk only because we walked it first. Tall order. But very much like Pope Francis.

      I just thought I would share this article with "the wild voice"

    • Louise Campbell
      January 29, 2015 at 6:03 PM

      Marcel, what you say is indeed the Catholic faith we must preserve however where berGOGlio is concerned, God permits satan to test the faith of God's children – we are given the Gift of free will to choose God and lay away satan and all his empty promises as in our Baptismal promises. God allowed berGOGlio to be chosen but I hasten to add that the Holy Spirit did not take part in the conclave which chose this 'pope'. The Keys of Rome were returned to God when Holy Father Pope Benedict was ousted to favour the entry of their chosen 'shepherd'. God allowed this but He has not and will not sanction it. This selection was done by satan, the father of lies. God Wills that Holy Scripture be fulfilled and in having the false prophet in the Seat of Peter soon to be followed by the antichrist himself, the Great Apostasy foretold of will come to fruition – the time of desolation. All is being revealed now – we are in the End Times. God will send His Son Jesus a Second Time as the First Judge who will sort the chaff from the wheat as determined by our choice by free will, to follow Christ or follow satan – Heaven or hell. The Apostate is Mario Jorge Bergoglio – follow him and participate in his deceptions for the new world pagan religion and it may be too late for those souls to be salvaged if they don't open their eyes sooner rather than later. God's Word cannot be altered. Doctrines of Faith and Morals cannot be reinterpreted for popularities sake. Christ's Teachings must at all costs remain Sacrosanct!

  27. Marcel De Marcellier
    January 22, 2015 at 7:18 PM

    Hi Alicia: peace be with you. We are all sinners living in a world of sin and we are bound to sin ever since the fall of man. But through Christ we are called to holiness. He became sin so that we can be righteous in the eyes of God. The church is not a church of the righteous but a a church of common sinners like you and me. Because if righteousness is a prerequisite in our church then no one may be in it, the very purpose of the church would be in vain. Here we have a pontiff who brings the Eucharist out on the streets, amongst those who are in darkness. He brings the light of Christ to the least of our brothers who is often judged and barred outside churches. And you call it confusion because it does not conform with your traditionalist belief of a church that is exclusive for people who are living an upright life. In the end when we face our creator in the life to come he will not ask us how much we went to church, how much we spent time rubbing elbows with our fellow Catholics in church dinners. He will ask us, how many hungry did we feed? Those who hunger not only in food but those who hunger for love and understanding, Those who hunger for justice and compassion. Have you visited those who are imprisoned in the shadow of sin? have you embraced the poor and the homeless? Did you do something about other people's misery? The fastest way to conversion is through compassion. Opening the doors of the church to sinners is not ailien to the Catholic faith. It is staying true to essence of the gospel.

  28. Virginia Nicolas
    January 22, 2015 at 6:39 PM

    Wow! I am utterly surprised how people can misinterpret the message of Pope Francis of Mercy and Compassion…so many catholics are still living in the Old Testament…Jesus already came down to be with us …to feel one with us and yet we refuse to accept him…I am amazed how people can put words in Pope Francis mouth; they are not listening to what he is saying…I guess this is only the work of the devil to destroy that which unites all of us…and that is our Love for God, for Jesus…

      January 23, 2015 at 2:47 AM

      Hello Virginia,

      I understand you are NOT a Catholic, since according to your words "so many Catholics are still living in the Old Testament". That is a typical non-catholic statement.
      We know that this "pope" is loved by the non-Catholics as well as some atheists, Buddhists, and Muslims. But the reason for this love is not JESUS CHRIST, but Bergoglio's tampered down doctrine. Jesus Christ has been hidden from the forefront and "Bergoglianity" has become the new official religion. It is ALL about this pope.

      We Catholics DO NOT worship a pope. We never did. We never will.
      We only focus on GOD. On Christ. On Mary. On the Word. On the Sacraments. On the Rosary. On…on…and on…

      God Bless and thanks for the words +++

      • Anonymous
        January 25, 2015 at 6:14 AM

        "The wild voice", yes, so many "Catholics" are still living in the old testament…I was actually referring to people who are making comments like you. By the way, I am Catholic and I think Pope Francis is leading us in the right direction, but I guess you are entitled to believe what you want to believe. Good night and may God continue to enlighten our minds and hearts!

        • The WILDVOICE
          January 29, 2015 at 2:13 PM

          Dear Anonymous,
          Of course you are entitled to your opinion. What The Wild Voice does is NOT to express a "personal opinion", but the TRUTH based on doctrine. And the Truth is that, whether some may or may not accept it, "pope" Francis is the False Prophet of the Bible. His teachings are a mix of falsities and confusion, which are splitting the Church into pieces: cardinal against cardinal, brother against brother, mother against daughter, father against son.
          This disaster has begun with the illegitimate election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the "vicar" of Jesus Christ.

          God Bless you, and please keep your eyes open at all time.
          Paul J.C.

          • Luiza Menezes
            December 25, 2016 at 12:45 PM

            I am a Catholic I love my Church teaching and I love Jesus. Pope liberal views giving a GO AHEAD for easy and quick annulments is disappointing, he has failed in respecting the sacraments, Christ his teachings. God alone knows what Pope Francis is up to. Maybe he wants good for his people but it should not be at the cost of manipulating the message of Christ and the scriptures in the bible. Vow now the churches are eased with tribunal administrative work. Just declare a marriage as null and void and presto annulment given. What happens to the one wife or husband who is keen on continuing in marriage, the church are not making efforts or doing the hard work of bringing the couple back together. Annulment should be given if both parties desperately wants to break off but if one does not want the church should not entertainment such cases. All a mess. Especially in Indian Churches. PLEASE PAPA RESPECT THE SACRAMENTS THESE ARE NOT TO BE PLAYED UP WITH AND BROKEN OR CHANGED. INSTEAD IN HOMILY LAY EMPHASIS THAT THERE WILL BE NO ANNULMENT UNLESS ONE OF THE COUPLE CHOSE NOT TO DISCLOSE SOMETHING SERIOUS BEFORE MARRIAGE.

      • virginia nicolas
        January 25, 2015 at 4:46 PM

        Correction: number 1: I am Catholic. Number 2: Pope Francis whom you call "this pope" is loved by Catholics and non-Catholics. Number 3: The reason for our love for "this pope" as you refer to him is because he exemplifies Jesus Christ's teaching for love of neighbour which you seem to ignore. Number 4: it is not all about this Pope but about Jesus Christ whom Pope Francis exemplifies.
        Number 5: We do not worship Pope Francis…I don't know where you get this idea of people worshipping Pope Francis…in your mind? And last but not least, you speak of " focusing on: God, On Christ, on the Word, on the sacraments, on the rosary…"you forgot the second most important commandment that Jesus left us…"Love your neighbour as yourself, Love your neighbor as I have loved you" …may you experience this love so that you may start living in the new testament and leave the old because in living the New, the Old is automatically fulfilled …all this said we have a lifetime to discover TRUTH. may God Bless the person behind "THE WILD VOICE" and all of us searching for Truth.

        • shemael secuya
          January 26, 2015 at 8:05 PM

          very well said!

        • Steve Armstrong
          January 31, 2015 at 2:16 PM

          Very well said

          • Anne
            August 1, 2015 at 1:19 AM

            Very well said!

  29. Anonymous
    January 22, 2015 at 6:26 PM

    Wow! I can't believe how so many people are misinterpreting Pope Francis message of Mercy and compassion…we are now living the New testament and they insist on living in the old…

      January 23, 2015 at 2:35 AM

      Hello there, and God Bless.

      To simply put it: there is no confusion, my friend. The only confusing element in all this is the unclear message of "pope" Francis.
      It is ALL in front of us. Rather, it might be blindness what truly makes the majority of people not see the Truth.
      Look into his words and actions by comparing them to what Jesus Christ Said and Did – It is all too clear.

      God Bless +++

      • Migs Magtigas
        January 26, 2015 at 7:17 PM

        Which part of the words and actions of Pope Francis exactly are not imitating the acts of Jesus Christ? As far as i have seen he has been showing what Jesus would do today. Telling the people that the poor matter, visiting the prisons to wash their feet, tag-teaming with different religions to lead people to goodness and holiness, and many more. So far there aren't any contradictions so im curious as what your trying to say.

        What did he do wrong exactly? What is the Truth you wish to see in him?

        Perhaps these are just my curiosities :)

        God Bless

      • Steve Armstrong
        January 31, 2015 at 2:20 PM

        The truth cannot be identified by simply a majority. The truth is truth even if all Catholics does not believe in the pope speaking in ex cathedra. Are you all leaving? Peter stays.

        • The WILDVOICE
          January 31, 2015 at 4:56 PM

          Hello Steve,
          And thank you for the comment. I am not sure if I understand your position in regards to the Pope issue (if you recognize Francis as your pope or if you do not), but I will extend this as good information to have. We DO have a Pope: that is POPE BENEDICT XVI, the one who was ousted from Our Church.

          Pope Benedict XVI was the victim of a plot, which brought about a forced resignation under the threat of an entire collapse of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. We cannot have ALL the details in regards to what was presented unto Joseph Ratzinger, but the situation was on the brink of disaster. Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation to the Church on Monday, February 11, 2013. That day read a Declaration took effect, by his desire, February 28 at 8:00 pm. However, the decision to resign took a month and a half in advance. Before Christmas 2012, and to mark the record that was delivered on December 17, came to the conclusion that it was best to step aside for the good of the Church. That decision witnessed his brother, Father George Ratzinger, and close to the Pope prelates, as stated by Cardinal Luis Martinez Sistach Barcelona.
          The record that led him to resign was prepared for the commission of three cardinals he appointed to investigate the source of the leak of confidential documents known as “Vatileaks”.

          But it is logical that the Pope was not worried both documents published in the book “Sua Santità” written by Gianluigi Nuzzi, but a specific filter directly to the newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano” and is given to him personally by Cardinal Dario Castrillon , translated into German, and refers to knowledge that had the Cardinal of Palermo, Paolo Romeo, that there was a plot to assassinate the Pope.
          The dossier was handed to the Herranz Benedict XVI, Cardinal Tomko and De Giorgi, with research on the plot to assassinate the Pope led to imagine that the earthquake had caused his death the Church, unleashing a hellish struggle for influence and maneuvers turbid derived from internal antagonisms curia facing succession. Not fearing death, but by the potential harm to the Church, the Pope decided it was best to retire to remove threats and advance a peaceful succession.

          In a report that prepared the Jesuit priest Arnaldo Zenteno, posted on April 9, 2013 in grupobasesfys.blogspot.mx states as follows in section 3) “At lunch meeting with Benedicto XVI in Castel Gandolfo, this was entrusted to Pope Francisco that one of the causes that influenced his resignation were received threats and fear of being poisoned, it had already decided to kill him, so Benedict XVI in a play to neutralize the attempt on his life, makes public his resignation with which disarmed the attempt to kill him.”
          In this sense, although the Pope said give “freely”, the fact is that more or less was forced by the pressure of a rush, so his freedom, according to the canonical doctrine was conditioned "in radice". While the Pope took the decision to resign in accordance with the powers granted by the Code of Canon Law, he took on a moral coercion of violence, which, according to No. 125 of the Code, from the root invalidates the final decision and makes the act invalid. It’s like who freely choose to marry, but if there are hidden pressure, fear or deception, the marriage is void for lack, but has publicly expressed a distinctly “free” commitment.

          We must recognize that while the Church has always considered a sacred law that the election of Pope’s ad vitam, it’s good that canon law provides for the possibility of waiver in cases of extreme gravity, such as exile, persecution or other grave cause. In this sense, the waiver provided for in Canon 332 of the CDC is like a door emergency exit, and it is convenient to have both so I helped Benedict XVI to flee from the threat hanging over his person and the Church, even though he was aware, especially with the heroic example of his predecessor, that the papal election ad vitam is and is not negotiable, nor can they be negotiable clauses.
          In addition, there is an additional element of pressure to say that Benedict XVI’s resignation was invalid, and the evidence that the decree read by Pope did not exist any legitimate waiver due to a bug in Latin.
          In Declaratio the “resignation” of Pope Benedict XVI, as was officially released by the Vatican and published in L’Osservatore Romano, a very obvious solecism, i.e, a syntax error is set incorrectly the elements of a sentence.
          At the core of the waiver reads: “I plead ministry Episcopi Romae Successoris Sancti Petri, I mihi per manus Cardinalium die 19 Aprilis MMV commissum renuntiare” (in Spanish: “I hereby resign from the ministry of the Bishop of Rome, successor of St. Peter , which has been entrusted to me by the hands of the Cardinals on April 19, 2005). This sentence is totally unintelligible to contain a grammatical error, because commissum which depends on ministry is complement renuntiare verb and therefore should be in dative, according to him, that is, I should say Commisso.

          Now, in canon law, any legislative writing containing a lack of Latin is null. Since Pope St. Gregory VII (cf. Registrum 1.33) quashed a privilege accorded to a monastery by his predecessor Alexander II, “because of the corruption of the Latin”.

          Another example. In the decretal epistle Ad audientiam, Pope Lucius III, located in the body of canon law (cf. decretals of Gregory IX Epistles of Rescriptis, c. XI) states that “the false latinidad invalidate a papal rescript.” In this decree, the Pope forbade give credit to any papal document “if it contains a clear lack of construction.” The gloss (the official text published by order of Pope Gregory XIII in 1582) explains why a papal decree “must not contain any foul”, and why any errors Latin is such a presumption of invalidity “that any evidence to the contrary can be admitted. ” While some modern canonists say that the 1917 and 1983 codes automatically repealed all previous standards, the care the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Texts Pontifical keeps putting on the matter, casts doubt on this view.
          Claiming that a decree is null not necessarily mean that it is a false document. But if it reveals an error that can be overt or surreptitious, i.e. Pope Benedict XVI could have written carelessly, or covering a real hidden resignation having been made under pressure message. The first is rather unlikely, since presumably such an important text was revised by Pope not once but several times.

          In conclusion, it seems that the error committed by Benedict XVI Latin has been a sloth, but a deliberate purpose, which we would be speaking not only of the absolute nullity of the papal decree, which is a fact, but also the pressure why was motivated, as well as the back door that Pope Benedict wanted to leave open.
          The truth is that, as of March 13, 2013 began to be fulfilled the prophecies that speak of “Two Popes in Rome”, officially retired and another one there acting. Never in the history of the Church has been given this situation, predicted by saints and mystics, and is very difficult to happen again.
          The trouble is that, according to the prophecies and private revelations, when two popes in Rome (may be current or two in the future) there will be a schism in the Church, a division caused by heresy illegitimate Pope and the reaction of true Vicar of Christ, which will raise the voice against apostasy.At that time, there will be a sudden invasion of Russia on Europe, coinciding with the War of Ezekiel (Ez 38), which involves the attack of Russia and Arab countries against Israel. Then, the legitimate Pope be prosecuted and will have to flee Rome for refuge, while the antipope will rule the Church supporting the false peace, unification of religions sacrilegious. That false peace will support the religious world government of the Antichrist. E l antipope betray faith accepting the coalition of all faiths and renouncing the Catholic identity.

          St. Francis of Assisi said: "There will be a pope canonically elected not to cause a great schism". And Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, Augustinian religious, states: "I saw a strong opposition between two popes, and saw how dire the consequences of the false church (…) This will cause the greatest schism that has been seen in the world".
          The Blessed Virgin said explicitly in La Salette: “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.

          And there are many other private revelations and announcements of church leaders:

          • Says Padre Paul Kramer, “The apostate antipope and his collaborators will be like, said Sister Lucy, supporters of the devil, those who work for evil without being afraid of anything”

          Unveiled Pope St. Pius X: “I had a vision awful.. did not know if it will be me or one of my successors, but saw a Pope fleeing Rome among the corpses of his brothers he took refuge disguise somewhere and after a short time die a cruel death ”

          Juan de Rocapartida “Approaching the End Times, the Pope and his cardinals will have to flee Rome in tragic consequences to a place where they will not be recognized, and the Pope will suffer a cruel death in exile.”

          Nicolas de Fluh ” The Pope with his cardinals will have to flee Rome in dire situation to a place where they will be unknown. Pope die atrociously during his exile. Sufferings of the Church will be greater than any historical moment before “.

          Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser, founder societies secular clergy in the eighteenth century: “God will allow a great evil against His Church: come suddenly and unexpectedly bursting while bishops and priests are asleep will enter Italy and devastate Rome, burn churches and destroy everything.”.

          • The revelation received by Mother Elena Aiello, famous stigmatized it was often consulted by Pope Pius XII: “Italy will be shaken by a great revolution (…) Russia will be imposed on the nations, and especially on Italy, and will raise the red flag on the dome of St. Peter. ”

          John’s words of Vitiguero: “When the world be disturbed, Pope change of residence”.

          Elena Leonardi, power spiritual Padre Pio: “The Vatican will be invaded by revolutionary .. Communists betrayed the pope Italy will suffer a major revolt and be cleansed by a great revolution Russia march on Rome and the Pope will be severely endangered. “.

          Alocci Enzo: “Pope temporarily disappear and this will occur when there is a revolution in Italy “.

          Ana María Taigi Blessed “. religion will be persecuted and massacred priests, the Holy Father will be forced to leave Rome.”

          Mystical Mary Steiner: “The Holy Church will be persecuted, Roma will be without a shepherd.”

          • The disclosures in Garabandal. “Pope may not be in Rome, you have to chase and hide”

          Al P. Stefano Gobbi, mystic and founder of the Marian Movement of Priests, Our Lady confided: “The Masonic forces have entered the church and hides in a disguised form, and established his headquarters in the same place where he lives and works the Vicar of my Son Jesus. doing is being as is contained in the third part of my message, which has not yet been revealed, but it has already become clear by the same events that are living. ”

          Pope Paul VI: “The smoke of Satan has entered through the cracks of the Church” (Homily of June 29, 1972).

          According to St. Paul, the Antichrist will be revealed just after the Pope be cast aside: “Just out of the way with him who holds it, then the wicked be revealed” (2 Thessalonians 2: 6-8) .

          Canon Rock wrote excommunicated Enlightenment who helped infiltration against the Church: “In its current form, the papacy will disappear, the new social order will be implemented from Rome but outside of Rome, not Rome, although Rome against Roma . And this new church though perhaps I should not keep anything of scholastic discipline and rudimentary form of the ancient Church of Rome however receive consecration and canonical jurisdiction. ”

          The new church will support the unification of religions and false peace, fulfilled which was spoken by Jesus Christ in the sense that even the elect will be deceived.

          Cardinal Karol Wojtyla was very clear when he declared, before the Eucharistic Congress in Pennsylvania in 1977. “We are facing the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever had We are at the final contest between the Church and the anti-Church, the Gospel and the anti-Gospel. This confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence and is a challenge that the whole Church has to accept. ”

          If Benedict’s resignation was void for lack, the Conclave was invalid because there was never vacant.That raises a pressing question: would not Benedict XVI will continue to be the Vicar of Christ in the eyes of God? Is not Benedict XVI who have to flee Rome in the midst of persecution? These are questions that will be resolved over time.

          In 1917 they were revealed to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, the revelation that had Pope St. Pius X a few years ago, only in an even more precise: “We saw a bishop dressed in white, we had a feeling out the Holy Father, flee a city trembling unsteadily and ruins. ”

          Fatima’s version further suggests that it could be a Pope who resigned, Benedict XVI, and explain the phrase “We saw a bishop dressed in white, we had a feeling it was the Holy Father.” If it had been evident that it was the reigning pope, they would have said so undeniable. Instead, they saw a “bishop dressed in white”. They could never imagine the issue of “waiver” so that they only had “a feeling”.

          The second element is even more precise and revealing: they saw fleeing “trembling with halting step,” which may be due to old age.

          A third element is also revealing: of the same bishop dressed in white who are fleeing before Rome after state, when it is killed on a hill, it was the “Holy Father”.

          Following the flight of the legitimate pope, antipope in Rome will lead the “new church”, supporting the union apostate religions. It is the “abomination of desolation” foretold since ancient times by the prophet Daniel, established in the holy place.

          In the words of Cardinal Luigi Ciappi, personal theologian to Pope John Paul II: “The Third Secret refers to the loss of faith in the Church, ie, apostasy, will leave the top of the Church.

          Only two things are certain at this point: for the first time in history there are two Popes in Rome, and Benedict is more present than ever. Suffice it to recall some of his last words while still in the See of Peter: “You will be with me, even though to the world remains hidden”: Benedict XVI, Address to the Roman Clergy, February 14, 2013.

  30. Nannette Villaruz
    January 22, 2015 at 6:28 AM

    I am truly worried and confused. Some of the pope's statements is contrary to the church teachings. In his recent visit to the Philippines he said "catholics must not breed like rabbits". Does this mean he advocates birth control and its forerunner, abortion? Is this not against the church teachings (pro-life) and is therefore, sin? On the other hand, didn't Jesus, Himself , say "Never criticize or condemn — or it will come back on you. Go easy on others; then they will do the same or you." Luke 6:7.

    • Kibs
      February 1, 2015 at 4:30 AM

      If "Catholics must not breed like rabbits…" it doe not mean only to use contraceptives, birth control, and abortion. He maybe asking us to have discipline, to delve in the meaning of having a child is continuing the plan of God for Mankind though our own bodies, and/or "Catholics must breed like Human Beings…"
      So you "Never criticize or condemn [Pope Francis]–or it will come back to you. Go easy on others; then they will do the same or you."

  31. Marcel De Marcellier
    January 22, 2015 at 4:51 AM

    The Pontiff has brought more souls into the fold of the church than his predecessors. He has not drifted from the teachings of our Lord either. If you want a church that only serves the righteous and closes her doors to the sinners and the poor and outcasts those who are in most need of salvation then what good is there in a church that is purposeless? Jesus searched the sinners, Fed the hungry, clothed the naked. He did not go around judging the prostitutes or divorcees. He embraced them and walked with them. So if the pope is so wrong for showing compassion on the homosexuals or prostitutes or divorcees then what kind of Jesus did they taught you in Catholic schools? One thing is for sure. Jesus hates the hypocrites and the selfrighteous.

    • Alicia
      January 22, 2015 at 8:35 AM

      Our Lord walked with sinners to convert them, not to turn his head the other way and let them keep sinning. he didn't say, who am I to judge? If he, that is the Father don't correct them, then who will? That is his role, to correct the children of God, and show them the road to Heaven. Letting them commit sins, is not the way to heaven.

      • IamCatholic
        January 30, 2015 at 9:11 PM

        The Lord our God, The Lord is One; Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind",
        "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."

        We must love the Lord Our God first before we could love others. We must do all things for God's greater glory. We help the poor because of the love for God. Many Popes were judged by their actions, it gives me the impression that some of you belittle the other Popes to pave way for Francis. It doesn't matter how many people the reigning Pope brought back in the Church. If they keep on sinning and not repent the sins they have done. I understand some of these people were confuse of the changes Francis have done in the Church, for many years many Bishops, Priests, Cardinals and even Popes were against of the idea of giving communion to the sinners (especially those who have grave faults). It is just right for the laity to voice out their concerns. We are the Church, we welcome the doors to all the sinners, but it would never be right to welcome their sins. For me, I will still hold the traditions of the OLD TESTAMENT and the NEW TESTAMENT! Without our traditions we won't enjoy the benefits we have now in the Church like the Sacraments, the Rosaries , the Commandments and so on. Bergoglio is breaking the traditions we have now piece by piece. I know because I am attending the Tridentine Mass here… because of Pope Benedict's help, the Church was open and is freely serving the people using the Traditional Old Mass, however, the priest is scared because he received an information that Bergoglio would close it down, anytime soon. How it saddens our priest. How it breaks my heart… Where is the Freedom of the Church? We must receive the Lord Jesus Christ with full respect and love and not passed Him around using our dirty hands, or put Him inside a plastic Cup! If we are Truly Catholic, then we should be Firm and love our Tradition…

        • Kibs
          February 1, 2015 at 4:20 AM

          As I remember, Jesus Christ did not posed so much guidelines in Celebrating Mass and Communion with God; instead, he posed guidelines in "dealing with one another" in accordance to our very own good. The way Jews and Christians celebrate with God has changed many times and there is no distinct format of "being" with God.

          Whom do you love and follow, Jesus Christ or the traditions of Catholic Church?

          Catholic Mass has evolved scholarly, those who did not undergone so much training will be lost to be Catholics. We have depended so much on written documents and numerous laws of man even God has just said that we are to love others.

        • renv
          February 1, 2015 at 2:56 PM

          The church are composed of people and not buildings. Plus have you read the whole bible especially the new testament? On how Jesus deal with sinners. On how he welcome the two criminals beside Him in the cross in heaven with just a little conversation? Please read the Bible and you shall understand why the Pope is doing those things.

          P.S. why did God chose Paul- the killers of the apostles to be the one to deliver the Good news to Rome?

          Certainly the Roman catholic must be originated from Paul, but it is the work of God.

          So please before you post comments, not only you but all must have to open their Bible and understand.

          And please comment in social media with compassion and uplifting hearts. We are more attached to it nowadays- more that we leave scars to those who were affected.

        • kuno schlauch
          February 8, 2015 at 10:29 PM

          Dear brother with regards to tradition i believe we own to be more careful. Why our Lord and His Father Yahweh warned us before Traditions, But where shall we listen to? Not to the Pharisees or priests if they are wrong, but he guide us back to Moses. I came first to understand trough the reminder given from St. Paul the Apostle who advised us to become like the Bereans, for he called them Nobel. For what reason? They did not believe Him right away but opened the scripture the torah in order to proof if he is speaking the truth. So do we own to deal with the Holy Scripture to read day and night and ask the Holy spirit to answer us. So in doing so I found out after more then 30 Years of founding my faith in Catholicism, to check out if it is the truth what Priests, Bishops and the Church leader are teaching. And sorry to say i got many doubts and searched deeper and deeper. In this way I found out that many words and sentence in the Bible were totally wrong translated or skipped out or changed and added. Satan had done grate work. It was said that only Greek version of New Testament were available but there was Hebrew version found and then the understanding became very interesting. and different. I study now since 14-15 months intensive on this changes and on the true Catholic and World History. As it was from God the father said that Satan will deceive the whole world it has happen. I state not 50% or 75% all are deceived so we cannot exclude us we are belonging to this World and we are deceived. This Pope Francis is a total master, but the other 2 Popes before was preparing His way the way of the Petrus Romanus already. And before they know all and tell wonderful lies to keep the followers in contempt. It started practically after St. John the Apostle was dead that a going away from the truth was happening, with the Council of Nicea under the so called first Christian Emperor Constantine the Great, Who never became a Christian but remained to be a Pagan. It was sealed and the Roman – Greek – Babylonian- Culture was meldet with an Christian Culture. The Sabbath, and the real fies'ts or appointments of the Father Abba disappeared, and were replaced with fiests of the Gentile Babylon. Satan makes a perfect work. See Constantine, Christianity Mithraism and Osiris. After finding out how serious the Vatican sees the story of Alien and they know and believe that Alien will come here and indeed was here. The most modern Observatory with the best and farthest reaching Camera stays in USA and is called LUCIFER Device. Why? I will not answer they want to let the people even know that we may have to Rewrite the Gospel. And actually our Pope do it allready. Jesus is not anymore needed to release saving power. (check it out, Vatican's man says Aliens exist & describes them) There are so many things came upon me that i now have to reorganize my life according to the will of God Yahweh. Remember He God also said nothing is happening on this earth without informing us trough His Prophets. Anyone who say that is not so and that Man can deceide or an Organization like our beloved Church is wrong and is a liar. Prophets are easy to detect. If a prophecie comes true we know the Prophet is true if not He is fake. So I advice be a Berean do not believe any thing and anyone but check it out with a true Bible like The nHalleluYAH Scripture or the Hebrew Root Bible. Those have a direct translation from the Hebrew to the English. Shalom.

    • Virginia Nicolas
      January 22, 2015 at 6:53 PM

      I totally agree with you, Marcel De Marcellier…thank you for expressing it better than I could…I am just amazed how people misquote and misunderstand…there must be a language barrier somewhere…

      • Marcel De Marcellier
        January 22, 2015 at 7:40 PM

        Thank you Virginia. Though I don't think that there is a language barrier here. There are just people who close their minds in favor of traditionalism. they want a glorified church full of men clothed in embroided vestments and adorned with jewels. They are scandalized by the wounds of Christ and dare not embrace the suffering Christ on the wood of the cross. How can you teach people to love God if you don't show them love? they expect conversion by simply teaching them the commandments.

        • Mariette
          January 26, 2015 at 3:20 AM

          There can be no love without the Commandments. It's a given. Without the commandments, you are simply enabling people to live in darkness. Condemning people to eternal darkness. Research this: There is a difference between freedom and license.

          Go and study the Catholic faith some more. You are gravely misinformed. When the Lord Jesus comes again [read Revelation], He will be riding a white horse and wearing a RED cappa magna.

          You think those vestments that priests wear are nothing but their own fashion sense? No, not at all. They wear those IN OBEDIENCE to the Church, the Bride of Christ.

          They wear those as symbols of Christ's Office – He is King, Christ the King, and He wears kingly vestments.

          The papal red shoes symbolize the blood of the martyrs. Because Pope Francis refuses to wear red shoes, it shows that he desecrates the blood of martyrs. What a shame.

          • IamCatholic
            January 30, 2015 at 9:15 PM

            I am surprised that you call yourself "CATHOLICS" yet, you don't even know the garments our Priests and other Sacred Servants of God wears… please conduct a research before you belittle Our Holiness' garments.

            Thank you Mariette…at least you educate them about our traditions…

            • The WILDVOICE
              January 31, 2015 at 5:15 PM

              Hello IamCatholic,

              God Bless you and thank you for the words +++

          • Kibs
            February 1, 2015 at 4:11 AM

            Symbolism are made to fill out what we mean, not the meaning of Jesus' words.

            If we are to follow Jesus as he was still physically present, he was simple, denied riches on his hands, but used what is just necessary to bring people back to God. Pope Francis was much modeling after Jesus' simplicity, and charity.

    • Leo
      January 23, 2015 at 2:26 AM


      Some new statistics I saw stated the opposite: under Francis people are not only confused and leaving the faith, but no one is joining the Catholic Church. They all think that God is so merciful, no one needs redemption through the sacraments he never speaks of.
      These are the fruits of his deceiving papacy.

      God Bless.

      • L.M,
        January 23, 2015 at 3:10 PM

        Exactly Leo; unfortunately our church has become the church of nice…and anything goes I guess; well I'm sorry, I'm not old and I believe in the way Jesus taught us 2000 years ago. We are not saying that we can't be compassionate to anyone no matter what the circumstances are, BUT we are not to change the Church laws that God put there, no matter how sorry you feel for someone, and giving communion to a divorced who remarried outside of the Catholic church is wrong. These are our Church's laws; my question is: why do they want to be Catholic if they don't want to follow our faith the way is was given to us?
        As for Francis, all he's doing is feeding the crowds of people to make them feel better while widening the road; well, God said the road to heaven is very narrow, so everyone should think and check what our Lord is saying, and it doesn't matter that we live in the 2015 – God's rules DON'T change.

        • IamCatholic
          January 30, 2015 at 9:19 PM

          I'll say AMEN brothers, no Priests, no bishops nor Cardinals or EvEn POPES can change what God laid down in HIS COMMANDMENTS! How dare us DEFY GOD'S LAWS! FOLLOW JESUS NOT THE FALSE PROPHET!

          I hope and pray for your enlightenment dears sisters. Please pray for us, too. Because it was hard and confusing for us the new teachings of the false prophet! Dear God have mercy on us!

        • renv
          February 1, 2015 at 3:02 PM

          The Pope opens the Church for the sinners. That's exactly what Jesus came here for 2000 years ago: to save the sinners. Plus, please read the Bible and you shall understand.

          • The WILDVOICE
            February 7, 2015 at 5:20 PM

            The false "pope" opens the Church to the secular world. That is exactly what Jesus DID NOT come here for 2,000 years ago: to DESTROY HIS FATHER'S LAWS. Plus, please read the Bible and you shall understand. But do NOT JUST SAY IT: READ IT.

    • Mariette
      January 26, 2015 at 3:09 AM

      When did Pope Francis say "Go and sin no more?" Did he ever say that in welcoming atheists, muslims, protestants, adulterers? Or is he enabling them to continue living in darkness? Without correction, there is no love.

      • Anonymous
        January 30, 2015 at 9:06 AM

        iam olga from tiaong quezon philippines iam not good in english so i use my mother language to better express my self alam nyo po lahat nman po tau ay makasalanan at walang matuwid sa paningin ng diyos dahil lahat tau ay makasalanan ngunit napawi lan to ng tau ay tubusin ni cristo at bilang isang katoliko noong tau ay binyagan noong bata pa itinuturo na sa atin ang mga turo ni hesus magmula sa syay ipinako hanggang sa nabuhay at umakyatss langit ngunit hanggang dito na lan ba ang kaalaman natin mga kapatid sa pananampalataya kay kristo hesus si hesus ay di pumunta dito sa mundo para sa mga banal kundi para sa mga makasalan opo sa mga makasalanan katulad ng mga mamatay tao mga magnanakaw mga nakikiapid etc.dahil mang banal ay banal na wala ng dapat pang

        • Anonymous
          January 30, 2015 at 9:25 AM

          Muli si kristo ay pumunta dito sa lupa hindi para sa mga banal kundi para sa mga makasalanan dahil ang banal ay banal na at silay malinis na ngunit tayoy mga taong makasalanan ang nangangailangan ng psglilinis dahil tayoy marurumi sa isip salita at gawa ang lahat ng gawain ito ay ang bunga ay ang kasalanan kaya hinanap ni hesus upang linisin linisin ang puso at kalooban at higit sa lahat ang ating kaluluwa na siyang haharap sa diyos pag dumating na ang paghuhusga kaya nga tau ay ipinastol ni kristo patungo sa kaharian ng diyos at alalahaninn din natin na ang mga apostol na pinili ni hesus ay puro mga makasalanan pagpapakita lan nito na ang diyos ay mapagbigay at mapagpatawad sa lahat at handa nyang ts s

          • Kibs
            February 1, 2015 at 3:58 AM

            Translation of your first statement:
            "Again, Jesus Christ come here on Earth not for the holy but for the sinner,s because Holy are already Holy and clean; but we, who are sinners, and needing for [spiritual] cleansing because we are unclean in our words and actions."

        • GuardiansOfGod
          February 10, 2015 at 1:34 AM

          You see Olga, that is why 'The Wild Voice' came here to us, not only to express the truth but from what the BIBLE says. I am a catholic, i am also a filipino like you. You see the reality but you can't understand how it would affect the people's belief about catholicism across the world. Tama ka, wala nga matuwid sa mundong ito pero maaari natin ituwid ang mga pagkakamaling iyan kung susunod tayo sa tagubilin ng mga salita ng DIOS at hindi sa nagliligaw nito. Basahin mo ito upang maliwanagan ka rin. 2 Corinthians 4:2 'But we have renounced disgraceful, underhanded ways. We refuse to practice cunning or to tamper with God's word, but by the open statement of the truth we would commend ourselves to everyone's conscience in the sight of God.' You don't see how the 'POPE' destroys the foundation of GOD itself. Nagsasalita siya ng mga bagay na hindi saklaw ng BIBLIA. Kinokondena niya ang salita ng DIOS. DI na ba sapat iyan para sa iyo upang manindigan ka sa kung ano nakasaad sa BIBLIA at hindi sa isang pari lamang?

      • Kibs
        February 1, 2015 at 4:05 AM

        Remember Jesus did not founded Christianity but to reform the Jews. Evangilization is to reach out for those who did not believe yet. And the New Testament is a proof of the renewal of God's Covenant to us: we are already forgiven by God, we are those who do not forgive.

        • Mariette
          February 1, 2015 at 4:46 PM

          Kibs, you have to work out your salvation, too, in union with the redemption offered to us by Christ. We have to participate in His work.

          Read Saint Paul's Letter to the Philippians 2:12: "Continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling," and the Lord Jesus' Christ's conditions to those who would be His disciples: [Matthew 16:24]: "If you want to be my disciple, you must deny yourself, TAKE UP YOUR CROSS and follow me." That means you have to HELP work out your own salvation – in union with Christ's salvific work.

          Christ did not suffer, die, and resurrected for the Jews alone – He did that all for you. So you must cooperate. The Gospel of St. John's preamble says, "He came to His own and His own received Him not." [That means the Jews refused to believe in Him.] "But to the many that received Him, He gave them the power to become children of God."[That's us.]

          Okay? Study your religion. Study your Bible. It's a beautiful, healing thing. God bless.

  32. renato a codera
    January 22, 2015 at 3:37 AM

    Pope Francis accomplished what John XXIII begin to fulfill what Revelation 18 spoke about. So, we are living now in Revelation.

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