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Father Linus Clovis on Pope Francis


"There used to be a saying, rhetorical, 'Is the pope Catholic?' That’s no longer funny."

"When a bishop, a Catholic bishop, can applaud sin publicly (referring to Cardinal Dolan), it causes us to tremble. But this is essentially the 'Francis Effect'."

"I don’t think that Pope Francis has done anything other than disconcert us. He has literally pulled the rug from under our feet."

"Obedience is owed to the Pope, but it is the duty of the Pope to give the character of possibility to this obedience. The Pope has to facilitate our obeying him by himself being obedient to the Word of God."

"I came across a quote from someone who knew him (Pope Francis) in Argentina. ‘Apparently, he loves to be loved by all and please everyone, so one day he could make a speech on TV against abortion, and the next day, on the same television show, bless the pro-abortion feminists in the Plaza de Mayo; He can give a wonderful speech against the Masons and, a few hours later, be dining and drinking with them in the Rotary Club.' So, how can you make a decision about a man like this, who is everybody’s friend?"

"We are judging not his person or his office but the results of his actions. And, we're not doing this out of indignation, because what he's doing is the cause of our indignation and it is a threat to our Faith, and it's a threat to the Church, and is a danger to the salvation of souls."

"One of the effects that the Holy Father does is that he takes common prejudices against Catholics, and he uses it against us. So in other words, he’s accepting what is perceived, our position to be, as if it were true."

"We have prominent Cardinals taking an anti-Catholic stance on moral issues, which we thought were settled. We have the Holy Father himself seeming to support them, to give his blessing to them."

"We have now among us, in our own time, Cardinals opposing Cardinals, Bishops opposing Bishops. We saw at the Extraordinary Synod top members of the Church's hierarchy with a few notable exceptions opposing publicly and debating how to get around the very Words of our Lord Jesus Christ so that they can institutionalize the sexual revolution in the Church."

"The Francis Effect is to disarm us."



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