Pentecost Message from God the Father to a Messenger


Just as done with other seers' messages, there is no need for introductions or explanations as the messages speak for themselves and resonate in as many ways as the number of hearts beating on earth today. The only information we were asked to release is that the person who received this message wishes to keep her identity hidden. She started experiencing locutions and visions over fifteen years ago, while being in her twenties. It was God the Father's direct request that the Wild Voice publish His Words.

GOD THE FATHER – Pentecost Message
May 24, 2015

letter D2


I, God the Father, speak now to give voice to the times that are soon to come.
The Church, the True Church, will be a small flock. I have called and I have chosen those who are already part of it now. Only the ones who are faithful to My Word and who are faithful to My Law shall be saved. They will be saved from the Evil One. But those who are part of the Apostate Church will not be able to save themselves because they will have allowed their souls to be inveigled by this world's allures.
The false Church is made of those souls that have erected a god in their own image, a god without law, a god of false mercy: a mercy entirely human, a love entirely human, a god entirely human. This is the deceit of Satan and nothing more. His confusion generates discords as his battle takes place in confoundment, but only those who tie themselves to the doctrine of always will not be confused.
The True and faithful Church will be made of the elect, meaning those who are in the Truth. I will give charisms and the sufferings will be many. Now it's only the beginning, but I have a plan. I will shorten the birth pains. The Sweet Mother will protect the faithful and will make them victorious. Therefore do not be fearful.

All must be fulfilled.

The iniquitous man will soon be revealed. Rejoice because soon you shall see what you have been looking forward to for long. The Church will perform miracles as a demonstration of My Victory upon the evil in the world. Trust completely in Me and you will be in peace even when in darkness, because the great test will take place in the obscurity of the soul: just as the Son Felt it on the Cross, the Church will go through its Calvary until its death on the Cross and on the third day of darkness it will resurrect to new life! Pray, therefore, for the Church. Pray for the poor sinners who do not convert.
Two are the sons: Abel and Cain. Now it is either My children or Satan's children.

The Saints of the latter-day will perform great miracles like never before because I will pour out My Graces in them and because the fight will be the final one.

I love you, and I ask you to follow Me because I have a place for you. I do not promise you the joy of the world, but if you will remain faithful to Me in Christ Jesus, you will have the Beatitude. Now it is the time to say "no" to the world and to follow Jesus.

Rejoice and ask for the final perseverance that I, your Father, grant to you with joy if you will be faithful to Me as I am faithful to you.

I Bless you.
I Love you.


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