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  1. Angel Sullivan
    September 8, 2018 at 10:07 PM

    Although I’m late in finding this blog YES! It’s obvious that Pope Benedict XVI is still the Pope! With the scandals and the abuse perpetrated on Pope Benedict XVI it’s clear he is The real Pope! Pope Benedict XVI resigned because The Church was overtaken by Masonic degenerates! Pope Benedict XVI did what was best for the church, I do believe he did have a mystical experience GOD told him to leave the degenerate infested place and what happens …Lightening strikes The dome of Saint Peter’s,and they install a destroyer who’s an idiot! The media steroids pumped into him have done nothing! Francis is a media creation!
    The election of Pope Francis is not valid! Now Francis the fool won’t hand over documents which prove he was complicit in covering up abuse and reinstalling pedophiles and degenerates!
    The media is defending him! What a sorry joke he is!

    November 5, 2014 at 12:15 PM

    "WE WANT OUR POPE BACK!" is The WILD VOICE created icon that, so far, over 26,000 Catholics have approved from all around the world. It is a call to wake up to the tragic reality of having a false leader as the Head of the Catholic and Apostolic Church of Rome.
    Please, know that the one whom is known as POPE FRANCIS I is NOT the Pope.
    We rebuke him. We refuse his doctrine. We separate ourselves from his heresies.

    Here is the page where you can find some of his controversial statements and actions: Putting Pope Francis Into Perspective
    PLEASE, know that Pope Benedict XVI has never ceased being the Vicar of Christ; he is still the only valid Pope in the world today.
    PLEASE, know that Pope Benedict XVI was forcefully ousted by the infiltrated sects within the Vatican, the Mason forces which entered the Church long ago —
    PLEASE, read this page and know that what seems to be fiction is ever more real than any reality you and I have ever lived: They intend to oust Pope Benedict XVI from the Seat of Peter using devious means

    In that message, you will also read the following statement: "The changes will begin in the Holy Eucharist itself. You will soon be told that Holy Communion, My True Presence is, in fact, something else. You will be told it means different things. But this is a terrible lie."
    On February 28, 2014, here is indeed what TONY PALMER declares what the Eucharist is according to POPE FRANCIS:
    "What is striking is that he awakens us to the fact that the real communion is not the bread, but the brother. When he (pope Francis) uses his story about the brothers of Joseph, because of their hunger, starvation in fact, they were then propelled to Egypt to go find bread to eat. But, they found something MORE THAN BREAD, they found THEIR BROTHER. AND THIS POPE FRANCIS IS SAYING, THIS IS WHAT WE FIND IN TRUE COMMUNION. WE FIND EACH OTHER. WE FIND OUR BROTHERHOOD. We find our brother and our sister that we thought we'd lost. WHEN WE LOOK FOR BREAD, which we think we need, WE ARE GOING TO FIND OUR BROTHER, WHICH IS WHAT WE REALLY NEED. We need to find that we are brothers and sisters again. We, who are not Roman Catholics, are hungry for the bread of communion. But, Pope Francis tells us again that the bread is secondary to brotherhood. The real gift of communion is finding our brother. For those of use who have ears to hear, let us hear, because this is both profound and revolutionary. Pope Francis is calling us into an authentic communion based on the fact that we are brothers and sisters in Christ, not communion through our common traditions. This is a new way forward. And, for many of us, this is the way we have been waiting for. We must seize this moment".

    , brothers and sisters, unite with us in prayer and in the fight against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    PLEASE, know the Truth. The Truth can only be one. The Truth will set us free. The Truth will always win – but it hurts.
    PLEASE, ask God to help you see the Truth and to give you the courage to withstand the attacks of the enemies who will try to take you down the wrong path.

    God Bless you all,
    PAUL J. @ The WILD VOICE +++

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